18" Chief Rims from IPE -  5 Gallon Tanks from Iron Horse Corral -  Engine, Wheel and Steering Head parts from Marc Gunderson -  Titanium Tappets (and other cool engine stuff!) from Rick Abbott 
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Welcome to the third 'edition' of the VI News website. The VI Magazine is very much alive, and there will be a new issue sometime in the beginning of 2002. We will try to stick to a roughly quarterly schedule after that. The grand plan is to use the VI News site to give you brief updates of new developments in Indiandom in a regular and timely fashion. The VI Magazine will continue to contain the heavy philosophy, the in-depth journalistic probes, the mind-melting bike projects and the comprehensive bolt-by-bolt coverage of all things Indian that you've come to expect from the VI site. You will note that the new VI front page also has convenient links to ads, events and other magazine "departments" which are now being updated continuously. If you have any Indian news that belong here (new products, events, pretty much anything "Indian"!) please drop us a note. Thanks. The VI team.

It looks like Indian Parts Europe will have authentic reproduction 18" Chief rims from Hecker101 ready in February or March. Just mentioning this now so you can plan your rebuild. Authentic spokes (in stainless steel) are already available as part of the Kiwi range of quality parts, and IPE aim to be able to build complete wheels for 30's Chiefs to go with our frames and forks. IPE has pre-1931 18" rims (and complete wheels for 101 Scout) and 25" & 26" clincher rims in stock.  [PHOTO]   [PHOTO]
VI Lister Matt Blake, owner of The Iron Horse Corral, announces: "We're trying to let everyone know that we have something I think
those who ride a lot should have. Long Range 5 gallon tanks. We know in this case, bigger is better. I ran a pair down in Death Valley this last October. There was a lot of interest shown in them. Most Chiefs with few exceptions get from 30 to 35 mpg at freeway speeds. With 3 1/2 galllon that barely gets you 100 miles before you're on fumes. With the extra fuel you enjoy the ride much more. Worrying about having to stop after 80 or 90 miles can be a major headache on a long trip. We permanently seal the tanks and prime them with catalyst base primer. They are close to paint ready and will never rust. You can hang your original tanks on the wall."  [PHOTO]
VI Lister Marc Gunderson, owner of The Indian Motorcycle Workshop in Queensland, Australia, announces: "I am about start making Indian bottom end shafts and housings for most models, pre 1946 Chief wheel bearing kits (outer race & inner axle) to recondition your wheels, pre 46 top steering head bearing using taper roller bearing."  [PHOTOS]

VI Lister Rick Abbott, manufacturer of cool parts like improved-ratio transmission gears and modern oil seals for Sport Scouts (if you bought any of Rick's parts, please give him some feedback - and this goes for other manufacturers too- so he knows how you like the parts) announces: "I have just finished rough machining the first and second set of titanium valve tappets for Chief. Tonight I will do a batch of Scouts, then they all go to heat treat and come back home for final grinding.  Don't know a cost yet, won't be cheap like standard parts but I don't think they will be impossible to buy either." Rick is also building some pretty cool engines, and can supply all the parts he is using for these: "I am currently building two 84" motors, one with Kiwi cases, the other with stock 47's, T&O flywheels, Kiwi rods, etc., flat top pistons and stock 74 heads, Chevy inconel racing valves with .341" stems for lightness, NASCAR springs, titanium retainers, special valve guides." Neat stuff! Contact Rick at: abbottmach@aol.com 
Stay tuned for more Indian News soon!