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Updated September 2001
Help keep Virtual Indian the best Motocycle web site! Contact the Department Editors if you have a story you'd like to do for VI. Your contributions are appreciated and we will help you through the hard spots!
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Frédéric Dufrêne
Lights and magic. For the French connection. 
Contact Fred by email

Editor in Chief
His current job is to do everything but we're working on having him just do the editorial and the hard stuff so he can get a life! 
Contact Moen by email

Linkert / Proofreader / Writer
Stan Jessup
Besides handling links, Stan will check your article. Email him regarding any exciting new links to add or dead old links to remove.
Contact Stan by email

Technical Editor
If you have a technical article, contact Cotten. He'll also help you if you're struggling with your article.
Contact Cotten by email

CAD / Blueprints Editor 
Dave Clements
Dave organizes the CAD drawings. Contact Dave by email

Events Editor & Writer
Jim Jones
If you have an event, event article or would like to have someone come over for dinner, contact Jim. He'll bring the Kool-Aid! 
Contact Jim by email

Mailing List Support
Perry Ruiter
Sometimes the VI mailing list setup can be a little tricky but Perry is standing by to help.
Contact Perry by email

Writer and anything else..
Mads Herred Johnsen
If the idea is to silly for Tim, dump it on Mads. (Or the other way around).
Contact Mads by email

If you want to be part of the VI Editorial & Production Team, just drop us a note and we'll find a job for you!

Coach / Writer / Proofreader
Bob Kelley
Bob Kelley writes a column about the emotional appeal of riding Indians.
Contact Bob by email

Hack / Coach / Proofreader
Tim Pickering
If you want to write an article but need help, contact Tim. He will hook you up. If you have a silly idea for an article you'd like to see, dump it on Tim.
Contact Tim by email

Racing, Ads & NZ News
Craig Cate
If you have an advert, or an article on racing, contact Craig. He will also be glad to stop by your home, swill your beer and write a story telling the world of the experience!
Contact Craig by email

Lyle Landstrom
For misc. stuff, talk to Lyle
Contact Lyle by email