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The ad pages are no longer updated, but I have left them here for historical interest.
If you need (or have for sale) anything Indian, you can join the VI mailing list (see links elsewhere)
and post it there.

Wanted: Hello! This is just to reaffirm your warning about UK scam artists. I must have gotten a dozen emails offering me parts with pictures of really nice bikes they were parting out! One picture was the ebay photo of the bike that I am working on for a customer!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE PEOPLE!!!!!

Just one of several similar messages I have received lately. While I don't think many (any?) of these people are actually in the UK like they often claim (maybe they think it sounds better than where they really are?), there is no denying that this has become a huge problem. I still don't know what to do about it, any suggestions welcome - but bear in mind that this is a free (for the ad-posters) service, based on (my) voluntary work, so it isn't realistic with anything very elaborate, costly and/or work intensive. Moen 

Wanted: 741 or Sport Scout cams and 741 cylinder heads. Thanks, Your "Admaster" xxx@xxx.xx  Denmark (6.03 2012)
Wanted: Pre 1930 replica boardtrack racer. new/used. Prefer H-D (which made me not really want to spend my time posting your ad on this INDIAN site, but what the heck. Moen) but will consider any make and model. Reasonable priced please. Fast reply. Thanks. rockerhub@hotmail.com  WI, USA  (6.03 2012)
Wanted: Any 1918 to 1920 Powerplus parts. I have the frame and the engine. sapaultjordan@hotmail.fr France  (6.03 2012)
Wanted: Indian 101 Scout 1928 to 1931. Please contact Danny, thank you. dannye49@tpg.com.au Australia  (6.03 2012)
Wanted: 1929 101 front end incl forks, wheel, brake, bars. Benpaullawrance@gmail.com Perth, Australia  (6.03 2012)
Wanted: I need a 1948 Texas plate. Please email hellsexile@yahoo.com TX, USA  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: Indian Four 1937 frame #437xxx. Can also swap a 436 frame (top-condition). Overseas inqiries welcome!. Thanx. tbattaglia@swissonline.ch ZH/Switzerland  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: Indian Scout 1939ish primary side engine case, condition not important. Or a title. johneystone1@sbcglobal.net MI, USA  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: I'm looking to trade for for an Indian.  I have a freshly restored 1953 Harley Servicar.  It's been done to a very high level with very few re-pop parts. Runs perfect and does not leak any oil or trans oil!  Worth about $24,000.00.  I will consider any models other than vertical twins.  Call Mike at 734-645-7215 or flatthead45@gmail.com MI, USA   (5.20 2012)
Wanted: Indian 101 Scout for restoration, anything considered. Email me on mervyn.jenkins@me.com Thanks Merv. Wales, UK  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: 1916 Thor tank dacals and footboard rubbers. Also looking for a rear brake. Cheers redtonto@clear.net.nz  New Zealand  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: 841 two piece battery frog. 841 dash lights and steering damper. 841 mufflers and exhaust. Thanks, Marty indianfourdoc@aol.com FL, USA  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: Engine Indian Ace Four. Thanks, Hans van Heesch, Holland brd@planet.nl  Netherlands (5.20 2012)
Wanted: Wanted 1939 Indian Chief parts. RandyM@oxfordsuites.com WA, USA  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: Barn find Chief or unrestored original that I can ride the heck out of and not worry if I hit a little puddle. One that is complete enough to mechanically  restore and ride is fine. Please call Joe at 928 241 1490 hardinj@frontiernet.net AZ, USA  (5.20 2012)
Wanted: Pair of 101 Scout cylinders. vahan@dinihanian.com OR, USA  (4.01 2012)
Wanted: I need a rear brake drum for a 1935-6 Chief or Four. Thanks, Stan. emuburro@cox.net So Cal, USA (4.01 2012)
Wanted: 1930s Indian Jr. Scout (or Pony) transmission and clutch. vegas101indian28@yahoo.com Orange County, CA, USA (3.19 2012)
Wanted: Front crash bar for 1948 Indian, please send photo and price. mbrownmorris@yahoo.com UK (3.19 2012)
Wanted: 1930-40 Indian front brake lever and holder, rusty and pitted is ok. Need to modify to fit my 1909 NSU. Will be at Florida AMCA Meet, camping with Jack Wells. Cell# 330 638 5666 Thanks, Bruce willserv@aol.com OH, USA  (3.04 2012)
Wanted: Indian Jr. Scout. latin57540@aol.com WV, USA  (3.04 2012)
Wanted: I have an electric starter kit from Christian of Indian Electric. The one way bearings are shot and I am looking for more robust replacements.  Thanks.

Contact Clint at diverclint@earthlink.net FL, USA  (3.04 2012)
Wanted: 45ci engine and trans for a 1940-42 Sport Scout. buell1203@hotmail.com FL, USA  (3.04 2012)
Wanted: I am looking for a good front cylinder to fit a 1944 Chief. glenl63@hotmail.com Australia  (3.04 2012)
Wanted: Cherche moteur Big Chief 1930 et reservoir Scout et roues avant arriere. (1930 Chief engine, Scout tank and front and rear wheels, I think. Moen) Merci. France. canovamoreau@bbox.fr  (2.06 2012)
Wanted: 101 45 inch cases, cylinders, heads 1928 or 1929. mm.riders@gmail.com Poland (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Indian Chief frame. samson43341@yahoo.com OK, USA (2.06 2012)
Wanted: 1924 or 1925 Indian Big Chief. Prefer complete original or restored. Cash buyer. srowe@copper.net IA, USA (2.06 2012
Wanted: Indian Dispatch Tow parts, any parts small or large will be helpful, call Wes @ 205 527 4145 newor@hughes.net  AL, USA  (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Looking for cylinders for 1932, 1933, 1934 Chief to buy or trade. Have late 1930's original Four rear fender and some later Chief parts to trade. Any parts for early 1930's Chief considered.. Please contact daytripper48@hotmail.com Canada (2.06 2012)
Wanted: 1940 (EDO) Indian Jr Scout chain guard. This is the piece that runs from the front rear fender and blends into the back of the rear fender. I also need a taillight lense, clutch/shifter linkage that goes below the battery. Have wampum and Indian parts to trade. Also does anyone have any specific information or experience with these critters? All help is appreciated. Email me. Happy New year to all Indian owners! Nastycough@gmail.com CA, USA (2.06 2012)
Wanted: 1920-23 Indian Scout rockers (bell cranks) and connecting rods for push type spring forks. ixnayonthehombre@hotmail.co.uk UK (2.06 2012)
Wanted: For 1926 H-D 345cc: wheel, complete set of,lamps, miss device(?), speedometer, clutch covers, horn. I have frame and engine for 1930 H-D 345 for exchange. zundmotor@gmail.com Lithuania (2.06 2012)  -again a geography-based exception to the no-harleys-here rule. Moen
1913-1915 pedal crank clutch for boardtrack. brousso@cgocable.ca Quebec, Canada (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Looking for a Indian 101 Scout project to work on this winter. Please let me know if you have any leads on one for sale. jdeerecc@aol.com USA (2.06 2012)
Wanted: 1924 Indian Scout parts. Chain guard etc. Magneto. Exhaust. Most motor spares. Headlight. njhawtin@bigpond.net.au Australia (2.06 2012)
Wanted: 1914 Indian forward mounted kick starter pedal assembly and engine sprocket. gwkhama@hotmail.com Australia (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Indian 4 Four engine 1936 upside down engine or any later Four engine. Please!! (mine has busted cases) ivorforward@hotmail.co.uk UK (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Early 40s Indian Chief saddle bags or information on where to buy good reproduction, thanks Gary sosrepairs@hotmail.com Canada (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Original Power Plus tank and paint. Right side for sure. diamondsearch@hotmail.com SC, USA (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Mechanical drawings for late 1930's Chief frame. cyclekid@volcano.net CA, USA (2.06 2012)
Wanted: 1948-50 Indian Chief, all complete but not restored. Anybody want to swap for my WW 1600 trike? Will send photos to anybody interested. scoota@vodafone.net.nz New Zealand (2.06 2012)
Wanted: Magneto and steering dampener for 1941 Indian Chief. jbeery@roadrunner.com CA, USA  (11.07 2011)

Wanted: Indian Powerplus 1917 parts, many required, please let me knowwhat you have. karatesa@gmail.com South Africa (11.07 2011)
Wanted: For 1947 Chief. Front fork blades ,straight and good reusable condition, or complete front end, 1946/47/48. Contact Phil jenset2@gmail.com Australia (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Police siren complete for 1942 10/12 flathead Harley-Davidson. Blue police light lens only, same motorcycle. fpersson@oncology-sa.co.za South Africa (11.07 2011)

(another exception to the no-harleys rule, for the same reason as the Lithuanian one below. So your harley ad *may* be posted here *if* you live in an out-of-the-way kinda place, but that's about the only excuse I can think of; there must be lots of more likely places out there to look for this stuff. Moen)

Wanted: Original ignition switch for an Indian Scout 101 1929. Thanks for giving an answer. h.stebler@kestenholzgruppe.com Switzeland (11.07 2011)
Wanted: 1948 Indian Chief in any condition. glendealy@yahoo.com Sydney, Australia (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Intake manifold for 1951 Indian Chief motorcycle with 80 ci engine. bill.gilmore9583@verizon.net VA, USA  (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Basket case 1916; 1917 or 1918 Indian. My project is to restore it into a WW1 US Army dispatch motorcycle. In your travels have you ever seen a pile of parts for sale that could be used for my project? I need everything. shellshock@ww1history.com KS, USA (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Frame or frame front section for 1950 Vertical Arrow, and for vertical Warrior. I have vertical parts for trade or will pay cash. mp.burns@frontier.com IN, USA (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Schleber carbutettor DLX 65, have parts to trade. katy.vanblaere@telenet.be Belgium (11.07 2011)
Wanted: A Lucas MA-1 magneto, anticlockwise viewed from the drive end. Complete but not necessarily sparking. Jim jim@pt.lu Luxembourg (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Hi Guys, I'm looking for a seat and stays/springs for a 1928 Scout 101 if possible? Kind regards, Ed edbyrn@yahoo.com Dublin, Ireland (11.07 2011)
Wanted: 1917 Indian gearbox and rear trailing arms and any other parts. watsontony53@gmail.com South Africa  (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Crankcase cover for 1952 Brockhouse Brave, also need oil tank, internal engine parts. guillen25jlg@yahoo.com CA, USA (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Indian starburst 'Indian face' horn, 6 volt. shortlandvince@yahoo.co.uk  UK (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Correct solo seat, headlight, and overhead oil line for Indian vertical twin. Also need a 1920s non-brake front wheel hub or complete wheel. I have some vertical and Chief parts to trade, or will buy outright. mp.burns@frontier.com  IN, USA (11.07 2011)
Wanted: For 1941 Chief: Hub, brake backing plates, left shift lever, oil pump, chain guard, belt guard, inner primary cover, brake arm, stands.  Have many Indian parts (nothing before 1930) to trade or pay cash. jackwoolum@earthlink.net  LA, CA, USA (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Parts for 1930 101. looking for gas tank, handlebars, foot boards, and 1933-1937 oil pump complete. wall1@optusnet.com.au Australia (11.07 2011)
Wanted: Please ... Who can help me find a user manual INDIAN BRAVE 250 of 1956 ... now my gratitude, thank you! mbandre56@gmail.com Portugal (11.07 2011)

(there was someone in Portugal with Brave parts for sale - see sale ads date 9.12 2010 - maybe this person could help?, Moen)

Wanted: Looking for parts for Harley-Davidson 345cc B 1926: wheels, lamps, horn, gearbox, front and rear fender. arvydas.obuolys@gmail.com Lithuania (11.07 2011)
(I am making an exception to the no-harleys rule here since these parts can't be easy to find in Lithuania - but people in other places don't get any ideas! Moen)

Wanted: 741 front (centre) frame, must be useable condition, also handlebars (or a repairer) and a distributor. Derek derek@remotor.plus.com UK  (11.07 2011)
Wanted: 1930's Indian Sport Scout, not looking for a project. Cam camstyphoon@yahoo.com AB, Canada (5.16 2011)
Wanted: I am interested in a 1929 Indian Scout to buy. cessnabk@aol.com NV, USA  (5.16 2011)
Wanted: Affordable rider grade Chief, needing engine work ok. Looking for an honest bike at a reasonable price. Thanks, Jeff. teresaandjeff@msn.com CO, USA  (5.16 2011)

Wanted: Parts for 1917 Power Plus: Gas tanks with some original paint. Rear brake pedal and rod. Shift lever and rod. Have tanks to swap. Cape Cod Artie. arth.mac@verizon.net MA, USA (5.16 2011)

Wanted: 1919 Power Plus fuel tanks, or right side only. Linkages. Kick start assembly. Thanks. panhead30040@yahoo.com GA, USA  (5.16 2011)

Wanted: Parts for 1937 Sport Scout, petrol tanks and chain guard, any condition. motofiddle@fsmail.net Northern Ireland  (5.16 2011)

Wanted: Kick start lever for a 1947 Chief. palancia@aol.com RI, USA  (5.16 2011)

Wanted: Parts for 1941 Sport Scout, speedo + drive + cable, horn, headlight, rear light and seat. Any help would be apreciated, thank you, Chris. chrisandrews500@btinternet.com UK  (5.16 2011)
Wanted: 1920s Indian Chief project bike. Thank you all! info@sidecar.it Italy (4.10 2011)
Wanted: 1925 Big Chief gas tank. Can anybody help me? colinriley6@gmail.com Western Australia (4.10 2011)
Wanted: 1925-29 Super-X parts. I need both small and big items for my project. kpou29@gmail.com Denmark (4.10 2011)
Wanted: Old motorcycle,  teens, '20s, '30s, '40s. Indian, harley, any cycle basket. Only need one, it is my dream. 90% OK, would like to have 100% complete. Also looking for a Schebler DLX 67 carb 503-387-3595 swmtv1@gmail.com OR, USA (3.27 2011)
Wanted: 1 Schebler DLX51 Carb for a 101 Scout. hekerangi@xtra.co.nz New Zealand (3.27 2011)
Wanted: Complete center stand with locking lever that mounts on rear fender for a 440. Also horizontal toolbox and mounts for a 440. HDpanman@aol.com NY, USA (3.27 2011)
Wanted: Parts for 1920 Power Plus 74 ci Indian. Need clutch kit, discs and springs. Exhast pipes front and rear. Exhast nuts. Acorn nut for handle bars. Rwilhelm2096@gmail.com MD, USA (3.27 2011)
Wanted: Looking for a step for a Goulding sidecar. Ihave a Rocket, wondering if earlier will fit? sfrizzelll@aol.com MA, USA (3.27 2011)
Wanted: Looking for an Indian Scout Jr or Pony Scout basket case as project for me and my three sons to build, any help would be appreciated. Want to make a bobber out of it, plain and simple not into the flash. Thanks Newman. john.newman40@yahoo.com AZ, USA (3.27 2011)
Wanted: Crank case 741 wanted. bjo.roen@c2i.net Norway (3.27 2011)
Wanted: Indian Scout 1931original parts : Splitdorf DU7, gasoline shut, hand brake lever, complet instrument panel with switch  handlebar (original or repro). Thanks Tomasz from Poland. tomaszsoin@wp.pl (3.27 2011)
Wanted: My name is Gustavo from Ecuador. I am the proud owner of a 1940 Indian Chief, the 1296th one to be assembled for that model year. I am looking for the following parts of the motorcycle. Please email prices and more information if you can help with any of this. Engine, transmission, carburetor, distrubutor. Tail lamp, horn, spark plugs, gas tank emblems, tank caps. Handlebar grips, brake lever and cable, mirror, clutch pedal, foot board rubbers. Complete instrument panel with gauges etc. Rear suspension. Shock absorber. Thank you for any help. gustavovalencia26@yahoo.com Equador. (3.27 2011)
Wanted: I need a front end and other assorted bits for a 1937 Junior Scout build.  Basically started with an engine and have been sourcing the bits. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Gary G. garygrove@gmail.com CA, USA (2.06 2011)
Wanted: Hendee Special tail light to complete bike. Many thanks. ngriffiths@clear.net.nz New Zealand (2.06 2011)
Wanted: 1906 Indian carburetor complete or parts, also gas tank, oil tank, crank arms and handle bars. Any help would be apreciated, thanks Rick. oldcycle@rogers.com Canada (2.06 2011)
For Trade: Schebler DLX-50 and DLX-63 carburator for Indian Scout 101 600cc, 1928 and 1929 .What I need is a new (welded) Chief 1947 fuel tank. tom.englund@multi.fi Finland. (2.06 2011)
Wanted: I am looking for sheet metal for a 1928 Indian Prince. Fenders, tanks, chainguard, primary cover tool box. Plus little bits. My bike has a great engine frame forks, bars trans and wheels, but nothing else. Thanx, Steve. nastycough@gmail.com CA, USA (2.06 2011)
Wanted: I'm looking for a front fork for Indian Chief 1930. I need your help, many thanks. Mario from Germany. mariobuerger@gmx.de (1.10 2011)
Wanted: Fuel tank for 1928 101 Indian Scout, rear chain guard, dash panel. pjo55783@bigpond.net.au Australia (1.10 2011)
Wanted: Fuel bowl for HX-181 or similar size Schebler carb. About 1-13/16" high, sides go straight up to top, no curve inward. Have bowl marked DL4 for trade or buy outright. Thank you. danmargolien@yahoo.com USA (1.10 2011)
Wanted: Texas 1948 Motorcycle Plate. rog_grapevine@yahoo.com TX, USA (1.10 2011)
Wanted: Indian Brave combined contact breaker and auto advance mechanism, speedo and front and rear fenders. mike_0123@hotmail.com Western Australia (1.10 2011)
Wanted: 1935-1939 Indian Chief in original condition (original paint) andi@dolphin60.de Germany (1.10 2011)
Wanted: 1937 Dispatch Tow rear brake band assembly, and chain guard with 2 piece "Y" sheet metal covering rear frame. d*a*n*@*di*gi*claim*dotcom (remove *s). TX, USA  (1.10 2011)
Wanted: 1939 Chief. thedileathers@gmail.com Greece (1.10 2011)
Wanted: Indian 1935 Chief fork blade, any condition but must be repairable. Also Y motor cylinders and heads. arnoldcd@bigpond.net.au Australia (1.10 2011)
Wanted: Corbin speedo, 80 or 100 Mph, complete. gromono@9online.fr France (12.13 2010)
Wanted: Front and/or rear fenders for 1928-30 Scout 101. petemon@frontiernet.net MN, USA (12.13 2010)
Wanted: 1946-49 Indian Chief rolling chassis project restoration. Basically need the front end, chassis, and rear frame slippers. fifftyford@yahoo.com GA, USA (11.28 2010)
Wanted: Engine and trans with primary for a 1942 Sport Scout. chuckwotring@aol.com USA  (11.28 2010)
Wanted: Looking for a 1923 Scout front fork. I have an excellent 1927 Scout fork for sale or for exchange. jan.pestal@centrum.cz Czech Republic (10.18 2010)
Wanted: Indian Standard Scout 1936 or 1937 with title: Project/ basket case/restored?? Possible trade for restored 1938 UH, 1300 cc, Hollywood Green export paint. Simo. rompetori@hotmail.com Finland (10.10 2010)
Wanted: 741 frame. One set of head bolts, one set of valve covers, set (4) of valve springs, entire set of valve keepers (8 halves), set (4) keeper collars, cylinder base nuts (8), carburetor and distributor (- presumably also for 741? Most of these parts are available new from any Indian parts dealer. Moen) danwsmith7@hotmail.com NY, USA (10.10 2010)
Wanted: 1940s Indian Scout. Looking to fix up an old motorcycle. Am not looking for previously restored. mhfoster@vermontlaw.edu VT, USA  (10.10 2010)
Wanted: Front and rear fenders for 1949 Indian Scout. Have extra frame and motor for sale if anyone is interested. r-penrod@sbcglobal.net KS, USA (9.20 2010)
Wanted: A real Linkert M352 carburetor for a 1952/53 Indian PDNYC bike. Also any other Indian Police Bike parts. Robert at CliftonRidgeVet@gmail.com VA, USA  (9.12 2010)
Wanted: I am interested in buying an Indian Four or ACE, or complete collection Indians. Cash payment. 0034609847699 javieralvarezsantana@hotmail.com Spain  (9.12 2010
Wanted: Oil Tank, handelbars, carburator for a Indian Model O 1818. adious@aol.com OK, USA (9.12 2010)
Wanted: Indian Sport Scout heads 1940-42. For Scout 101: rim, tank, seat and rear fender. Could trade items pictured at http://indianmc.zoomin.se/index/94756.html. Thanks. indianmc@zoomin.se Sweden (9.12 2010)
Wanted: Powerplus or similiar bike in original condition and mostly complete. What do you have? rdz69@aol.com Ron 609 851 6704 NJ, USA (9.12 2010)
Wanted: Indians and other American bikes or parts. I have bought some of the largest barn piles of Indian in the world.  If you have a large pile of American made parts or bikes I will buy it for cash. No reproduction parts. I am professional and show up with the cash. Larger the pile the better. email me at joeyidgaf@gmail.com or call at 317 201-7777. IN, USA (9.12 2010)
Wanted: For Excelsior BigX 1920, a Berling magneto. janisvengen@yahoo.se MI, USA (7.31 2010)
Wanted: 1942 741 Scout original handle bars. Please get back to me asap. Thanks, Caleb glassrootssc@yahoo.com CA, USA (7.31 2010)
Wanted: Looking for a variety of parts for a 1918 Indian Power Plus. If anyone can help please send me an email and I can send you a parts list. Thanks. brutonvintage@yahoo.com AL, USA (7.31 2010)
Wanted: My husband is looking for a Indian Scout motorcycle. The older the better. Thanks, the wife. Tonya passarellbennett@hotmail.com MA, USA (7.31 2010)
Wanted: Looking for an Indian 841 or XA to restore. Anywhere. +48 660545379 Peter piotr@ww2vw.com Poland (7.11 2010)
Wanted: Side car. ravichandran911@gmail.com Bangalore, India (7.11 2010)
Wanted: Indian Scout from 1930, 750cc, in good state for restoration. Any offers welcome. Only serious sellers, please. Thanks, Pep Maria. ruizjm_es@yahoo.es Majorca, Spain (7.11 2010)
Wanted: Indian 401/402 from 1930 for restoration. Any offers welcome. Only serious sellers, please. Thanks, Pep Maria. ruizjm_es@yahoo.es Majorca, Spain (7.11 2010)
Wanted: 1916 Indian Powerplus trans and other parts. Email if you have some bits lying around. info@maydaybikes.com Canada (7.11 2010)
Wanted: 1929 101 Scout "runner" - will consider basket case. Best regards, Jeff  317-374-7132 usa_scooters@yahoo.com IN, USA (6.13 2010)
Wanted: Ignition switchfor 33 Chief w/magneto. Rocky. rands@metrocast.net NH, USA (6.13 2010)
Wanted: I just got a 1948 Chief (barnfind) I need... complete: kick starter, clutch linkage, generator pulley (engine part), generator mount for 1948 Chief. I have extra parts I'm willing to trade or buy parts I need. Thanks Randy rmdesign@adams.net IL, USA (6.13 2010)
Wanted: Indian 1939 sidecar. pelaocrema@hotmail.com FL, USA (6.13 2010)
Wanted: Fuel tank to suit 1925 Indian Prince, any condition.Thanks. Bungola@harboursat.com.au Australia (6.13 2010)
Wanted: 1952 Indian Brave exhaust, kickstart lever, shift lever, generator cover. jdeerecc@aol.com IA, USA (6.13 2010)
Wanted: Indian-Ace 1927 generator and rear brake parts any condition. Have some Henderson K and KJ parts to trade. tiri.kankkunen@gmail.com Finland (6.13 2010)
Wanted: Indian Scout 741 to restore. Any offers welcome. Thanks, Pep Maria Ruiz ruizjm_es@yahoo.es Spain (6.13 2010)
Wanted: Indian 101 Scout or 600cc Scout, runner/non runner. ccc2@tinyworld.co.uk UK (5.17 2010)
Wanted: 1936-1937 Indian Chief - Any state of restoration - Thanks. brjwatts@gmail.com Australia (5.17 2010)
Wanted: I have started a 1936 Chief project and have very little so I'm looking for anything '36 Chief. Thanks. bhamster@comcast.net WA, USA (5.02 2010)
Wanted: '47 Indian Chief luggage rack that bolts on front of frame and rear fender bolts. I don't want to drill holes in the fender for the rack. I've seen a few around at shows and now want to get one myself. Would prefer black or chrome plated. Butch profgail@verizon.net PA, USA (5.02 2010)
Wanted: Indian Chief frame. Year doesn't matter. donald.smith123@yahoo.com PA, USA (5.02 2010)
Wanted: Looking for a tool box for a 1949 Indian Scout. danielwmoon@hotmail.com FL, USA (4.11 2010)
Wanted: Indian Chief girder fork lower shackle bolt. I need the one that is hardened to run with roller bearings. Also valve top caps for 1919 big valve Powerplus, any condition. e-mail or cell# 402-910-3275. klzobel@megavision.com NE, USA (4.11 2010)
Wanted: For a high number 1941 Sport Scout, complete rear brake backing plate with speedo drive in it, shoes, etc. Original chain guard also. James L. Francis  402-466-4784 or Vern Goodwin at 402-785-9201. harleyjames@windstream.net NE, USA (4.06 2010)
Wanted: 1923 Chief kick start segment (T4768) to fit a 24T pinion. This segment has 13 teeth. I would be also interested by a rear luggage rack. Thanks. atetu@globetrotter.net QC, Canada (4.06 2010)
Wanted: Buyer requests. The Oley AMCA swap meet is comming up soon, April 23/24/25. What items will you be shopping for? Please let us know in advance so we can bring the proper items to the swap meet for you. www.ziggysmotorworks.com  360 871-8120. WA, USA (4.06 2010)
Wanted: 1940-1953 Indian sidecar. ddgrayson@hotmail.com BC, Canada (4.06 2010
Wanted: I am building a Sammy Pierce replica Sport Scout in a 249 Frame. Can anyone help me with advice? I would rather not re-invent the entire wheel, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance. (2.15 2010)

640B parts are sold. Thanx VI. Any help on deciphering Sammy Pierce engine numbers would be greatly appreciated. Also need a set of Sport Scout wheels complete!
310 381 9689 nastycough@gmail.com CA, USA (3.02 2010)
Wanted: Rear sprocket (36 teeth) for 1939 Junior Scout  480-488-5126 scout39@hotmail.com AZ, USA (3.02 2010)
Wanted: Indian bicycle. Complete or project. Prefer unrestored. Even a 1950s British Indian Scout diamond frame model. wingyourheel@mac.com UK (3.02 2010)
Wanted: Indian Brave head. Interested in all Brave parts but really need a solid head. brentbonz@mail.com Western Mass, USA (3.02 2010)
Wanted: Looking for a 1938 Indian Chief gas tank. shar808@aol.com Hawaii (2.15 2010)
Wanted: Indian Chief frame 1932-53. Good or needing work. Cash or trades. cyclemikel@comcast.net NH, USA (2.07 2010)
Wanted: Complete sidecar plus mounting hardware for plunger style Indian Chief. Should be in reasonable "drivable" condition. Preferably in red. Thanks klaus.stingl@alcan.com Europe (2.07 2010)
Wanted: Indian Big Chief 1923-1929. viliam.slavik@gmail.com Slovakia (2.07 2010)
Wanted: I am looking for a Goulding Rocket sidecar. Frederik Steppe freek49@hotmail.com Holland (2.07 2010)
Wanted: I need the parts manual for a 1926 Cleveland 600ccm, 4 cylinder. You can also offer me the parts. I am also interest in an Indian 4 cylinder 1938-1939. Thank you in advance for your help. patrik1952@seznam.cz Czech Republic (1.25 2010)
Wanted: Pre 1934 Chief helical primary & intermediate gears in very good condition (for motor built to 80"). artistica_uk@hotmail.com UK (1.25 2010)
Wanted: Indian Powerplus twin (1915-24) project bike, any condition, any country by private enthusiast. mark_jaques@sky.com UK (1.25 2010)
Wanted: Splitdorf NS 2 magneto for 101 Scout. Thanks eh! deepwoods23@yahoo.ca AB, Canada (1.25 2010)
Wanted: Looking for an original front fender for a '48 Chief.  Either black or a very dark midnight blue. Dents, rust, and holes OK. Any condition including "nasty" would be appreciated.  Please omit the ##'s from the email address. Thanks much. Lsr##ezin@hotmail.com WI, USA (1.25 2010)
Wanted: 1915 Big Twin - need muffler for original bike, and one or two seat springs. ron@rmattsonconstruction.com CA, USA (1.25 2010)
Wanted: Indian Chief Eighty 1950-53, restored or good running bike. Chief frame 1953. Please send offers with pics to Hans van Heesch Holland. brd@planet.nl (1.25 2010)
Wanted: Flying Merkel parts. Vic vic@aerosuperbatics.com UK (1.04 2010)

Yes, of course you have to have a "Flying" Merkel, Vic! :-) Moen 
1937 Indian 4 engine & 1939 Indian 4 frame. Have trading stock. beverly.corsmeier@cbws.com OH, USA (1.04 2010)
Wanted: 249 parts everything considered. I love these machines - restoring 2 right now - need help. Thanks, Rick. rdgrah@frontiernet.net NY, USA (1.04 2010)
Wanted: Rear mudguard for 1925 Indian Prince, condition not important. chiefchristian@gmail.com Belgium (1.04 2010)
Wanted: I'm looking for a Texas 1951 motorcycle plate. Thanks. artkam55@hotmail.com TX, USA (1.04 2010)
Wanted: Original paint 1934-40 Sport Scout. Will consider older patina bikes. Wanted original paint 1935-39 Chief. Will consider older patina bikes. Front end for 1939 chief, will accept others 1936-39, building a bobber. Remove $$ from email address. Thanks. $indvelow$@hotmail.com VA, USA (1.04 2010)
Wanted: Older Indian Scout, mid to late '30s - what's out there? Condition not too important. Have cash. mtullberg1762@yahoo.com WI, USA  (1.04 2010)
Wanted: Front and rear fenders for 1937 Junior Scout, as well as complete head and taillamps, rubber brake and clutch covers, horn switch. 403 646 3097 eberger@platinum.ca Alberta, Canada (1.04 2010)
Wanted: BEWARE of offers of parts from the U.K. I have received about 15 offers for the parts I advertized for in this forum They are never able to send pictures and the price are suspiciously low.

This is feedback from one user of this page. I am still at a loss over what to do to fight the scammers that haunt ad pages like this. If you get an offer that sounds too good, you might want to ask on the VI mailing list if anyone knows the seller/buyer - someone on the list just might. Just a thought. Moen
I'm looking for a 1923 Indian Chief frame neck, lower bearing race. This race goes in the lower neck. The part number is T1504 or 22B1. Check carefully your inventory and tell me if you have one for sale... Thanks a lot, Alain Atetu@globetrotter.net QC, Canada (1.04 2010)
Wanted: Velorex sidecar tire 350 by 16" rim. jrlawlar@aol.com PA, USA (11.30 2009)
Wanted: I'm looking for the round cover on the trans, right side, has a 1/4" boss for the chain guard, 1932 Indian Four, part #35B811and right side shift lever (maybe part number 85196). Have any other parts for this one? Thanks, Mark Markvarnum@gmail.com CA; USA (11.30 2009)
Wanted:1948 Illinois motorcycle plate. miknormalil@gmail.com  IL, USA (11.23 2009)
Wanted: Seat assembly for '39 Junior Scout. Also looking for original rear stand and a nice set of heads. Any help is appreciated. Thanks odjennings@homegi.com NE, USA (11.23 2009)
Wanted: Sidecar for 1948 Indian Chief. Prefer complete but not afraid of projects. brmac4@cox.net Wichita, KS, USA (11.23 2009)

Wanted: Indian 4 1940 magneto CH-4 74945 Edison or similar. Or instead magneto with distributor. Jan Lund-Joergensen arni@mail.tele.dk Denmark (11.23 2009)
Wanted: I need a set of tool box brackets for my 1940 Sport Scout. Where the heck do you bolt the brackets to? Also I need a complete 1940 SS horn assembly. In addition, I would like to trade or sell my perfect condition 640B front and rear fenders, chain guard and rack (all for a military 640B) For a stock set of 1940 SS fenders, chainguard and rack. Thanx Phone Steve 310 381 9689 nastycough@gmail.com CA, USA (11.23 2009)
Wanted: Indian Chief 1936-39; restored or nearly complete project or basket case with title. Possible trade for my restored 1938 UH. Hollywood Green color. 1300 cc flathead. Pictures avalable. Simo rompetori@hotmail.com Finland (11.23 2009)
Wanted: 1928 Indian Scout 101 in good condition. anthonyperezkhs@yahoo.com Chicago, IL, USA (11.23 2009)

Wanted: 741 cylinders/heads, pre-1932 Scout steering head casting (rusted frame?) 101 seat casting, pre-101 37" pinion shaft, drive shaft, bearings/cages ect... Thanks. sportee@sasktel.net Canada (11.23 2009)
Wanted: 1936 Scout Jr. parts. Need lower fork stem and crown, rear chain guard, fenders and rear stand. wilktoollw@aol.com CA, USA (11.23 2009)
Wanted: 1948-53 Chief frame, any condition 970 884-9811. jgrigs@mydurango.net CO, USA (11.23 2009)
Wanted: 101 wanted by enthisiast - 45 cu in minimum please - what have you got?? Anything considered. Thanks. sidevalvesteve1940@yahoo.com England (10.08 2009)
Wanted: Front cylinder for 1923 1000cc Chief. They have 10 horizontial fins. Have some swaps or cash. janiebones@hotmail.com.nz New Zealand (10.08 2009)
Wanted: Engine cases for a 1948 chief. Looking for late year cases. phone 606-633-1214 or E-mail hartcamp@hotmail.com KY, USA (10.08 2009)
Wanted: Indian Scout 101 frame and springer front end - anything considered. Looking to be a first time Indian owner/builder. Ideally in the UK but willing to have shipped from abroad. No scammers please. wrightdubai@hotmail.com UK/Dubai (09.28 2009)

I hope it helps - politely - asking those pesky scammers to stay away! Moen

Wanted: Service and Maintenance for 1949 Indian 440. Thanks rb@oot.it NY, USA  (09.28 2009)
Wanted: Looking for Scout 741 or Vertical twin 249. Prefer complete running bike. Condition less important to me. Have cash for right bike. Located in Central Coast Ca area. Bike need not be that clean, just running or really close. Would also consider Military. Call Steve 310 381 9689 or send email and pics. Nastycough@gmail.com CA, USA  (09.28 2009)
Wanted: Kick start lever return spring and owner's manual for a 1954 Indian Brockhouse Brave. Also would appreciate any information about this bike, such as parts interchange from earlier models. jdrake3611@charter.net AL, USA  (09.28 2009)
Wanted: 1936 Chief front wheel and hub in restorable condition. Also need handle bars. Thanks all! corkreanj@autonation.com CA, USA (09.28 2009)
Wanted: Crash bars for my Indian 101 Scout 1930 Thanks. Arnt-Eirik.Rian@nordlysnett.no Norway (09.28 2009)
Wanted: Parts for 1940 Sport Scout: Rear wheel sprocket, brake cross shaft and levers, center stand, fork top bearing cone, exhaust header, intake manifold, outer generator chain cover, 741 type front chain guard. jackwoolum@earthlink.net SoCal, USA (09.28 2009)
Wanted: Princess side car with all connections, in finished or restorable condition for 37-39 Chief. With or without brake, but brake preferred. Marty. indianfourdoc@aol.com FL, USA (09.21 2009)
Wanted: Drive side engine case for a 1910-1915 Indian twin. All engine/frame parts to help restore my 1911 7HP twin. Thanks. asphaltbouncer@hotmail.com NE, USA (09.14 2009)

Wanted: Kick start lever for a 1925 Scout, rear wheel or hub for a 741, chain guard for a skirted Chief; torn, dented, or repro OK. kevparker@aol.com MT, USA  (09.14 2009)
Wanted: 1940-53 Indian Chief project or related parts. 403-457-1629. byciukr@yahoo.ca  Alberta, Canada
(09.06 2009)
Wanted: 1950 Chief engine case, engine numbers from CEJ 1001 thru CEJ 1500. menaman53@yahoo.com  AR, USA  (09.06 2009)

Wanted: 401 crankshaft (3 bearing 1928 Indian 4 crank) alastair@ihug.co.nz New Zealand  (08.30 2009)
Wanted: Pre 1950's American motorcycles, parts, rusted basket cases and motorcycle related memorabilia. F.A.M.(Federation of American Motorcyclists), dealer signs, literature,1900-1912 magazines, race cups, brochures, pennants, trophies, medals, awards, posters, board track/motordrome era photos, information,etc. Buy/trade/sell. Thanks, Scott (802)885-6553 cyclespast@vermontel.net VT, USA (08.30 2009)
Wanted: Desperatly in need of 40's Scout 741 parts for my ground up build and restore. If you have anything at all, and you are looking to get rid of it email me at finkneyadam@yahoo.com it would be greatly appreciated. Cheektowaga, NY, USA  (08.23 2009)

See note below... Moen
I am looking to buy a frame for a 1938 Indian Sport Scout, must be in decent condition, this will be my first motorcycle project as well as my first motorcycle. heyeli2000@yahoo.com  KS, USA (08.16 2009)

This ad is first class scam bait. Please be careful with the offers you are no doubt going to get for this (feel free to forward to me for a second opinion if in doubt). Moen

Wanted: Parts for 1928 Indian Scout: Splidorf NS magneto with drive gear. transmission internals, pistons. h.lang@telus.net  BC, Canada (08.16 2009)
Wanted: A source for a set of magnetic drain plugs for a 1936 Four. oldmill@kingston.net  Canada (08.09 2009)
Wanted: 1938 Indian Chief. Send photos and details, along with email and phone number. Paul Lancia PALancia@aol.com RI, USA (08.09 2009)
Wanted: Indian Chief 1946, 1947 or 1948. Just needs to be a roller. Does not need to run or be matching numbers. Need frame, motor, trans, frontend, and wheels (title is a must). pkt_inc@hotmail.com VA, USA (08.09 2009
Wanted: Any Indian from 50's. Will pay top dollar and all shipping costs. dbracey@y7mail.com Australia (08.09 2009)
Wanted: 741 (30 50) front head, oil pump, distributor. jacoby.paul@yahoo.com LA, USA (07.19 2009)
Wanted: Chummee seat for 1947 Indian Chief. mfcmfc12@hotmail.com NJ, USA (07.19 2009)
Wanted: 1935-1939 salvage Indian Chief frame. Need the center post kicker portion. 320-333-7258, gkonz29744@aol.com MN, USA (07.19 2009)
Wanted: Value of a 1954 Amal carburator? jan_lindberg@yahoo.com MN, USA (07.11 2009)
Wanted: 1938 (or late 1930's) Indian Chief rear cylinder. Will buy or trade for recently sleeved 348 Model rear cylinder with nice valve seats. profmed9@yahoo.com TX, USA (07.11 2009)
Wanted: I'm looking for a 1923 Indian Chief frame neck, lower bearing race. This race goes in the lower neck. The part number is T1504 or 22B1. Check carefully your inventory and tell me if you have one for sale... Thanks a lot, Alain. atetu@globetrotter.net Canada (07.11 2009)
Wanted: Cast frame neck for 741. juanmanuel_pretto@yahoo.com Peru (07.11 2009)
Wanted: Any 1926 Indian Prince parts - front wheel. mlsj@bigpond.com Adelaide, Australia (07.11 2009)
Wanted: NOS or good used '46-'53 front Chief cylinder. Used one can be as much as .030" over. wegilman@ymail.com CO, USA (06.28 2009)
Wanted: 1928-31 Indian 101 Scout 45ci. Would prefer older restoration or will also consider a project bike. Location is not overly important as I can always arange to have the bike shipped. I can be contacted on indianchief@aapt.net.au Thanks Jason. Australia (05.10 2009)
Wanted: I am looking for a Schebler DLX 64 carb. for my 1930 Indian 101 Scout. If you have one kicking around that you are willing to sell, or know of someone who does (swap meets), please let me know. Thanks eh!  deepwoods23@yahoo.ca Canada (05.03 2009)
Wanted: Any 30.50", 37" or 45" twin Indian engine. Scout, Sport Scout, 101, 741, 641, Std Scout. Please contact Chad at sportee@sasktel.net Canada (04.30 2009)
Wanted:1948 Washington state motorcycle license plate. Thanks, peterlaplante@yahoo.com WA, USA (04.30 2009)
Wanted: Sport Scout 1937-39. Wish for an original or restored runner with matching numbers and title. A rolling basket assembled to 80-90% might also be of interest. jpengan@hotmail.com OH, USA (04.13 2009)
Wanted: Set of 46 Chief head side profile style gas tank emblems. Contact Bo at drdc4@comcast.net MI, USA (04.13 2009)
Wanted: Looking for a windshield mount to fit 46 Chief. dwuensch@yahoo.com OH, USA (04.13 2009)
Wanted: Chief in pieces or any Chief engine parts. I am trying to build up a Chief one piece at a time with my redundancy payoff... Not concerned about originality, frame, tinware etc, really want to get a Chief engine or parts. In London, UK. simonduvalsmith@hotmail.com(03.30.2009)
Wanted: Indian bobber or Scout runner. I have 1989 BMW 635 CSI I want to trade for an Indian bobber or Scout runner. Last and best year for the famous ‘shark nose’ sports coupes  It is a one owner car before me. It was female owned, not leadfooted male. I have renovated anything that was not considered excellent, I replaced and have $6,000 in repair/restoration receipts by BMW mechanics. This classic BMW luxury sport coupe looks and drives like a dream. Compression is near factory specs and mechanic said no needs here. I bought this for me and if anything wasn’t considered excellent condition, by my standards, I made it so. Ill be happy to scan, email or provide hardcopies receipts for the $6,000 service costs. I also encourage you/your agents to see, drive and appreciate. Additionally I can also give you tel# for the original owner and BMW wrench if you wish to validate outstanding condition.  Also has original rare, tool kit, owners manual, and new Hirschman antenna. Sincerely looking forward to your email response and/or phonecall. Best regards, Chris Fisher. 1-909 912 9706 (Mobile), lungyu88@verizon.net USA  (03.22.2009)
Wanted: Rough Indian Chief to be restored. daviedude@hotmail.com UT, USA (03.22.2009)
Wanted: Clutch for Indian Model O (or any other parts for the Model O!). Three speed transmision and clutch for Power Plus! Thanks. samo.rancigaj@gmail.com Slovenia, EU (03.17.2009)

Wanted: Chain guard for a 1936-37 Indian 4, Thanks, Stan. emuburro@cox.net CA, USA (03.10.2009)
Wanted: Starting device parts for Hendee Special 1914, reproduction is O.K. Email me with what you have, thanks Jan Buis. buis46@hotmail.com Nederland (02.22.2009)
Wanted: Late Chief head bolts with an "N" head marking or "Captains Wheel" head marking. Thanks.esmcsm7304@att.net USA (02.22.2009)
Wanted: Wanted; 2 front fenders for chief, one 48 and one 46-48. Quality reproduction will work. Who makes them? Thanks. tlf@hammercreek.com East coast, USA  (02.15.2009)
Wanted: 1943-45 Chief open fender chainguard. Repro is O.K. Thanks Alain. alainhdube@videotron.ca Oc, Canada (02.05.2009)
Wanted: 741 right case half, crack free. tprjj49707@yahoo.com MI, USA (01.18 2009)
Wanted: 1916 Indian Power Plus parts. I am looking for a fuel tank, oil tank, linkages, front and rear fender. Email me with what you have. Thanks! ppwcanada@yahoo.ca Western Canada (01.18 2009)
Wanted: Looking for a Chief 4 speed gearbox. info@indianteile.eu Germany (01.08 2009)
Wanted: Vard front end and any/all Vard parts/pieces, any condition for a special project. Thank you, Jon. j_g_haprov@hotmail.com CA, USA (01.08 2009)
Wanted: Connecting rods and oil pump for Indian Four 1938-41, or complete engine. romanindian@volny.cz Czech Republic (01.04 2009)
Wanted: 1925-29 Indian Prince handlebars and primary covers. rocky@ironwigwam.com PA, USA (12.30 2008)
Wanted: Head lamp for 1918 Excelsior. marian_m@patagonia.com CA, USA (12.30 2008) 
Wanted: Original chainguard for Junior Scout. Thanks. dksweens@skynetbb.com WA, USA (12.30 2008) 
Wanted: Electric start kit for my 1948 Indian Chief. I'm too old to kick it anymore. Is there an electric start conversion kit out there? Thanks! mtbkcb@aol.com MA, USA (12.30 2008)   (See "For Sale" page. Moen)

Wanted: Engine parts for 1915 Hedstrom motor. Help please! mabw@bigpond.com Hobart, Australia (11.30 2008)
Wanted: A project Scout in trade for a Cleveland Single nearing completion. Call Gary at 440-639-0858 Concord, Ohio (11.30 2008)
Wanted: ACE, early steel type exhaust manifold. Also need a front fender.csymonds@bigpond.com.au Australia (11.30 2008)
Wanted: 1922 Indian Chief motor or cases, also ACE rear frame lugs and gearbox parts, front suspenson. Thank you. bmpodger@tpgi.com.au Australia (11.30 2008)
Wanted: I have a tool kit that once belonged to my grandfather. It consists of two soft pouches, salmon in color with stitched dividers. There are about 15 mostly stamped steel tools and the largest wrench is marked "INDIAN MOTORCYCLES" Is there a source out there with photos or a description of an Indian tool kit to help me to identify if this is a Indian tool kit? My grandfather did own two Indians in the late 50's early 60's.d_hogue@msn.com UT, USA (11.30 2008)
Wanted: ANY info for a 1953 Brave! Need everything except for motor & gearbox. Any literature would also be well appreciated as I'd like to restore her for my wife to enjoy. (Motor still runs but was converted to a stationary motor at some point in its life!). el_hombre@chilli.net.au QLD, Australia (11.14 2008)
Wanted: Front head for a 36 Jr Scout, and front forks. I could use a Scout front end on this! Any help. Thanks Curtis softtail5@hotmail.com AZ, USA (11.14 2008)
Wanted: Front end, front head and other misc bike parts for a 1934 Indian Scout. Thanks Curtis. softtail5@hotmail.com AZ, USA (11.14 2008)
Wanted: Flying Merkel motorwheel for a bicycle, Hans van Heesch Netherlands. brd@planet.nl (11.14 2008)
Wanted: Gearbox for a 1920 Indian scout Twin, Gearbox for a 1918-19 Excellisor V-twin. Contact Dave  pascoe40@hotmail.com  Adelaide Australia (11.14 2008)
Wanted: SS100 Brough Superior, have 1938 hemi head custom Crocker and others to trade. oldmill@rideau.net(11.14 2008)
Wanted: Tried to contact Tony Gibson for the Pierce engine. Please contac me. Erik.klingler@web.de Germany (11.14 2008)
Wanted: Clamps for 1948 Chief muffler previously sold by Starklite. Clamps are 1 3/4" for tailpipe and 2 1/2" for muffler. Also need cover for generator belt on same bike.

Delete * from email address. gofarfast*@gmail.com CO, USA (10.19 2008)
Wanted: I bought the last two NOS valve guides from a vender at Davenport this year and now would like two more to finish my 1940 Sport Scout project.Can anyone help? jjgoodman@inebraska.com NE, USA (10.19 2008)
Wanted: Parts for a 1915 Shaw Motorbike. Looking for hubs ad wheel assembly, clutch assembly and drive, pedal crank assembly. Contact kevin at 973-948-3615, indgaco@ptd.net USA (10.19 2008)
Wanted: Parts for a 1928 Scout. Engine parts, speedo, transmission, etc. indiancollector@comcast.net  MA, USA (10.19 2008)
Wanted: Maintenance and spare parts book. na-ma-1@hotmail.com Egypt (10.19 2008)

(for which model? Moen)
Original operational speedomenter set up for 1928 Scout. palancia@aol.com Finland (10.19 2008)
Wanted: 46 - 53 sidecar windshield and tonneau cover, any condition. A beat up one can be a pattern. tripower8@comcast.net IL, USA (10.19 2008)
Wanted: 1916-18 Indian sidecar door complete with hinges and handle, any condition. Also the long front brace #9048X. Call 440-639-0858 or email fgary@adelphia.net Thank you for your help! Gary OH, USA (10.19 2008)
Wanted: 1938 or 39 Scout needs restoration, 1936 headlight Chief; Indian posters also. Walt supercyc1@aol.com NY, USA (09.22 2008)
Wanted: Foot shift lever for 1951-52 Indian Brave. Have parts to trade. Also looking for source for brake linings and tires 18x300 Dunlops I believe were OME. I also have copies of an original shop manual for sale or trade. Complete with exploded illustrations of every component and step by step engine disassembly and reassembly. ohern@wildblue.net WI, USA (09.22 2008)
Wanted: ASAP- Vintage 1930's Indian horn cover (head and feathers). RK112785@aol.com NJ, USA (09.22 2008)
Wanted: 101 Dispatch Tow or any parts for rear drive. Have many interesting trades (including matching #'s 1939 Indian Four basket) or buy outright. Gordon glr101s@aol.com MI, USA (09.02 2008)
Wanted: Gooodyear Diamond Tread Tire 450x18. henryj@tc3net.com MI, USA (08.18 2008)
Wanted: Looking for an Indian Chief - 1940 or newer. Must be in running condition and under $25K. Lee lcymansky@dca.state.nj.us NJ, USA.(08.18 2008)
Wanted: Leaf Spring Forks for a 1940 Chief. Incomplete or needing work would be fine. ftaddeo@sinectis.com.ar  Argentina (08.18 2008)
Wanted: For an original paint '48 Chief, need one 16" wheel or rim, Kelsey Hayes preferred but not mandatory. Also, need OEM handlebars and left side shifter. These need to be weathered. Used but not abused. Please send descriptions, pics and prices if you have one or more of these! Thanks!! To thwart the rampant scammers, delete the *** from jje100***@earthlink.net. CO, USA (08.06 2008)
Wanted: Red lens/bulb for a Unity spot. Need one or two lenses or complete spots with red bulbs.Contact me with details, pics and price.They will be going on an original paint '52 cop bike so they don't need to be perfect. CO, USA gofarfast@gmail.com (08.06 2008)
Wanted: Oversize pistons up to 2.625" for 1937 Indian Junior Scout. stanver@shaw.ca  BC, Can (08.05 2008)
Wanted: Indian or other American motorcycle to restore, prefer something fairly complete. Hope someone can help me. Kind regards Frederik Hansen frede_oz@hotmail.com Canada (07.20 2008)
Wanted: 1940's-1950's Indian Cheif project bike or basket case. Currently Deployed to Iraq soon to come home in December would like a project to work on with my son. disposable_hero_1979@yahoo.com KS, USA (07.20 2008)
Wanted:Evans Power Cycle. ddevans08@gmail.com MO/AL, USA (07.20 2008)
Wanted: 1914 Indian twin engine and 2-speed transmission. Willing to pay for shipping to Russia. kurt141@rambler.ru Russia (07.08 2008)
Wanted: Looking for Bosch magneto dyno. Any D model, preferably for Indian twin. dandgweiss@gmail.com CA, USA (07.08 2008)
Wanted: 1918 Indian sidecar mounts and door. Also need Cleveland singles for parts, any condition! What have you? Going to Wauseon this year. Can meet there.Gary 440-639-0858 fgary@adelphia.net OH, USA (07.08 2008)
Wanted: 1926-1930 ACE 4 cylinder air cooled Indian motor bike engine, running, complete or partial? What have you got in your shed/workshop? iramoo@bigpond.com Melbourne, Australia (07.08 2008)
Wanted: Sport Scout head stock casting for a 1940 or later frame. Thanks, Jim. fasstjim@aol.com CO, USA (06.22 2008)

Jim is one of the main guys upholding Indian honors on the race track for all of us, so if you have the casting he needs to continue to do so, please help. Moen

Wanted: Princess sidecar for late thirties Chief with sidecar brake. Complete car desired, not necessarily restored. Marty. indianfourdoc@aol.com FL, USA (06.22 2008)
Wanted: Sprockets and chains for Indian Camelback 1906 (all other spare parts for this bike are also wanted). rudyleblon.racing@cityserver.be Belgium (06.22 2008)
Wanted: 4 speed transmission long overdrive for 38 (rigid) Chief. Phone: (+33) 479 54 89 06. For Andrew Blake p.mestelan@parcdesbauges.com France (06.22 2008)
Wanted: 1930's - 1947 Chief, good running condition. Can be minor problems or cosmetics. Send details and photos please. Also interested in a 101 and a late 30's Four project. Best regards all. Paul PALancia@aol.com MA, USA  (06.22 2008)
Wanted: Any parts for 1915 Indian twin. kurt141@rambler.ru Russia (05.15 2008)
Wanted: Old mud flaps preferably with studs for an original paint Chief. Thanks. lsrezin@hotmail.com USA (05.13 2008)
Wanted: For 48 Chief: Excellent rebuildable 1948 Chief wheel hub, 48 speedo, M344 Linkert carb, replatable rear crash bars, original horn, original seat pan. Also need excellent chrome handlebar risers. 386-677-6792 Cliff. clifforddowns@bellsouth.net  FL, USA (Daytona Beach area) (05. 01 2008)
Wanted: Sidevan chassis for 1938 Indian Chief.  I have a teens Princess sidecar for possible trade, if interested.  Otherwise, I'll sell the sidecar outright.  See my ad under stuff for sale.  Thank you, leebridges@montana.com MT, USA (04.05 2008
Wanted: Indian 841 parts. gryphonjewl@hotmail.com Australia (04.05 2008
Wanted: 1948 Texas Motorcycle License Plate in Orignall condition. Thanks and email me at mroquemor@aol.com TX, USA (04.05 2008)
Wanted: Exhaust head pipes for a 1949 Vertical 249. Have H-D and British parts for trade or will buy outright. Need not be in perfect shape. Email me at bonesilhd@comcast.net CO, USA (03.27 2008)
Wanted: Indian Chief frame castings, neck and rear, new or used, front end with brake, rear fender. nordrep@pc.dk Denmark (03.16 2008)
Wanted: 18" or 19" complete wheel assemblies, or at least the hubs for a/to fit a 1941 Chief. You can also page me on 650-377-7112, Tues-Sat 7am to 9 pm. Thank You. xrtt750@yahoo.com West Coast, USA (03.16 2008) 
Wanted: 1956 Indian Scout Bobber pricing. exclusivenancy@aol.com TX, USA (03.16 2008) 
Wanted: 101 Scout transmission case in good, usable bolt on condition (no broken ears etc). I have a NICE junior scout transmission case to trade if needed. Thanks. dksweens@skynetbb.com WA, USA  (03.09 2008) 
Wanted: Any info for 1936 Indian speedo and drive. knoxfam4@bigpond.net.au  Australia (03.09 2008) 
Wanted: Set of front crash/highway bars for a 1947 Chief. cjhh@bas.ac.uk UK (03.09 2008)
Wanted: Parts for Indian Power Plus 1916. Magneto control rod, cluch lever, front foot board bracket.erik.geijer@home.se Sweden (03.09 2008) 
Wanted: Indian Four late model oil gauge casting block.  It is the small rectangle that bolts to the case and feeds oil to the guage.  Also frame for 38-45 Indian Chief. Stevepala1@aol.com CT, USA (03.09 2008)
Wanted: Overhead valve conversion for Indian Sport Scout. thrillrides@cox.net KS, USA  (03.09 2008) 
Wanted: Information on BOSCH ZEV. Specifically the differences between 42 and 45 degree mags. Thanks. motoguy1100@msn.com (02.25 2008)
Wanted: Parts for 1949 Indian Scout 249 Vertical... Air Cleaner, valve cover screws, anything really. dennispeters69@yahoo.com NJ, USA (02.25 2008)

Wanted: I am looking for an Indian Brave cycle. Any condition considered. Thanks. dahljack@yahoo.com ND, USA (02.17 2008)
Wanted: Original forks for a 1938 Indian Chief. No repros please. timmuh@yahoo.com NJ, USA (02.17 2008)
Wanted: Indian bicycles or parts. Paul 562-4942811 USA. Also wanted: bare 1913 Indian fork and complete 1913 Indian gas tank. Have repro eccentric for trade. Thanks, Paul vennepaul@gmail.com CA, USA  (02.17 2008)
Wanted: '27 Chief frame and fenders. flovikholm@hotmail.com Norway (02.03 2008)

Wanted: M344 carb. combsmachine@yahoo.com IL, USA  (02.03 2008) 
Wanted: Sidecar parts for rigid or sprung frame Chief. James Francis, harleyjames@alltel.net NE, USA (02.03 2008) 
Wanted: Cash Paid for genuine Indian Motorcycle parts Teens thru Twenties in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Prefer to buy bulk lots, but individual items will be considered. eyeofthebeholdr@hotmail.com WA, USA  (01.27 2008)

Wanted:Seeking info about conrod centre distances and model year, have bigx but no rods. Cheers, John. e02157@ems.rmit.edu.au Australia  (01.27 2008)

Hi John, If you join the VI mailing list someone there would be sure to have the info you need. Moen

Wanted: Bosch mag/dyno for Indian. I think the models are either a D1 or DAVR. Any advice or knowledge of where to locate a working unit or if you have one for sale. debbieandgary@socal.rr.com CA, USA  (01.27 2008)

Any Bosch D can be converted for Indian use by fitting the correct 42 degree cam ring. The single cylinder version has a hole for a second pickup. Rotation is mainly a question of the correct points assy. Almost all parts for these mags are available new from several European sources. There are two different spindle heights. The tall one fits Indians; you can adapt the other by a simple plate under the mag body. They seem to come up fairly often on www.ebay.de (German eBay). Completely rebuilt units with warranty are available, but not cheap. Hope that helped a little, or write me at info@indianpartseurope.com. Moen

Wanted: I'm newly retired and looking for a project a late 30's thru 53 Indian Chief or skirted Sport Scout. Looking for a barn fresh pretty complete bike with correct numbers and paperwork. Will pickup anywhere on the east coast within 1500 or so miles of Florida. 386-677-6792 Cliff. clifforddowns@bellsouth.net FL, USA (01.27 2008)

Wanted:Looking for a Pierce 4 engine, also carb and mag. Thanks, Erik. itzig1@web.de Germany (01.27 2008)

Wanted: 1946 or later restored, matching numbers, Indian Chief in excellent running order. Willing to pay for fine example. mtbkcb@aol.com MA, USA  (01.27 2008)
Wanted: I would like to know about getting a 1948, Texas motorcycle license plate? Custom or original. To register an antique 1948 motorcycle in Texas? I don't know about the county designation and what the law says but I know with antique motorcycles you can use a plate but it cant be being used obviously and the color has to be correct. I don't know if it has to have the county that it is registered in on the plate. But I know it says that it needs to be approved. Maybe you know? Also I am restoring a police motorcycle 1970 and am looking for the correct license plate for that for shows? Other plates that I may be interested in would be a 1965 also motorcycle, and also Texas. I am building several bikes, 1970 time period bikes and will put period correct plates on them for a film to be produced and would like to find out about what plate will be proper for the 1948-1970 Police. Thank you, JR Flournoy, Historical Productions, Po Box 691962, San Antonio, Texas 78269 historicalproductions@yahoo.com(01.27 2008)
Wanted: 1952 Indian Brave 250cc motor parts. I have extra parts for sale or trade. Contact me at sprockets@dishmail.net. WI, USA (01.27 2008)

Wanted: 1930's Indian 4 cylinder left hand lower sidecar mount. I'm in USA. Thanks. horsead8@aol.com(01.27 2008)

Wanted: Splitdorf NS2-2524 cw rotation, 45 degree firing magneto, or a Bosch ZEV cw rotation 45 degree firing magneto for a '26 SuperX, any condition. Thanks. lynven@yahoo.com  Location ??? (01.27 2008)
Wanted: 1952-53 Chief parts and projects, M352 carb, CS6xxxx frames, tanks need to finish 3 projects. dwells@straussystems.com TX, USA (01.27 2008)

Wanted: Need and willing to buy or trade for 1948 Texas motorcycle license plate. mroquemor@aol.com TX, USA (01.27 2008)
Wanted: Carburettor AMAL 274 and piston for Indian Brave 250cc single. Have 2 spare motor sub assemblies to swop. tonygroger@discoverymail.co.za South Africa (01.27 2008)
Wanted: Any American motorcycles or American parts for any kind of Motorcycle before 1953. No load to big or small. Will buy your whole collection. Have big cash and will travel. Joey at 317 201-7777 or indian@indy.rr.com IN, USA (12.10 2007)

Wanted: Mesinger 1 seat pan in good shape, small pan that measures 14" X 14". Also need horn mounting bracket, tool box,and battery holder for 37 Junior Scout. thanks. dksweens@skynetbb.com WA, USA (12.10 2007)

Wanted: Front and rear guards for 741 Sport Scout. kim_novak2003@yahoo.com.au Australia (12.10 2007)

Wanted: Looking for an original rear 80" head. mreifer@cox.net CA, USA (12.10 2007)

Wanted: A 1947 Maryland motorcycle license plate - any condition is fine. pinkeyedphish7@comcast.net MD, USA (12.10 2007)
Wanted: Any parts for a 1952 Indian Brave. Exhaust, footpegs and shifter. Also carburator side cases for engine. Thanks vandall@att.net MO, USA (11.25 2007)

Wanted: Unrestored running Chief, please send me offers and pictures, Hans van Heesch brd@planet.nl  Holland (11.25 2007)
Wanted: Columbia motorcycle parts (1902-1905), any condition. Thanks  rust2gold@comcast.net MI, USA (11.25 2007)
Wanted: Shop manual for 1929 Henderson Streamline KJ 1000. janeandallen3709@verizon.netPA, USA (11.25 2007)
Wanted: Fenders for mid 20s Indian Chief. Also need a 20 tooth drive sprocket for an Indian vertical. I have Henderson KJ fenders to trade, as well as a few Indian parts. Mike Burns mpburns4749@verizon.net IN, USA (11.18 2007)
Wanted: Indian v-twin restoration project, 1920s-1930s. If possible in Europe. Thanks. bdeveloursprod@noos.fr  Paris, France (11.18 2007)
Wanted: 1947 NJ motorcycle license plate for my '47 Chief - any condition fine. tedtaylor99@comcast.net NJ, USA (11.18 2007)

Wanted: 101 idler gear, inlet manifold, seat & springs. voodoochopper@hotmail.com Australia (11.18 2007)
Wanted: For 1937 Junior Scout: Battery cradle & tray, clutch release rod bell crank, kick start foot piece, kick start rubber, kick start crank stop @ frame, speedo rear drive gear (12 tooth) fiber (meshes with rear sprocket), motor sprocket (2-row w/ belt pulley), primary drive chain (2-row.) glennshriver@sbcglobal.net IL, USA (11.18 2007)

Wanted:  Henderson Deluxe frame, tank, rear fender and wheel, any condition. maximusroar@yahoo.com WI, USA (11.18 2007)
Wanted: Hi, I'm looking for an Indian Prince frame in any condition. nilswks@aol.com MA, USA (11.12 2007)
Wanted: Hedstrom carburetor and manifold for an Indian single. bc1924@jippii.fi Finland (11.12 2007)

Wanted: 1933 and 1934 Chief parts. Need front hub/drum, 3-bolt rear brake, 33 Chief cases, and misc. Have 40-42 parts and 46 parts to trade or? injunwiz@yahoo.com AL, USA (11.04 2007)
Wanted: For Hedstrom1914: Clutch pedal, brake pedal, front and rear fender, front kick pedal with all parts, saddle, exhaust pipes and muffler, electric tail light, oil tank, rear hub (36 spokes). grevbo@yahoo.com Sweden (11.04 2007)

Wanted: Original Tandem Seat (rear-seat/pillionseat) for 1936 Chief. pronkhoek@planet.nl Holland (10.09 2007)
Wanted: 250 Indian Brave any shape. ossakid@hotmail.com MT, USA (10.09 2007)
Wanted: I am looking for a Corbin speedo cable for a 1939 4cyl - or how to fix the one that I have. indian52@maine.rr.com ME, USA (10.09 2007)

Wanted: Shop manual or any parts for Indian Jr, Pony or 30.50 Scout. License plate 1936 Missouri, any condition. 660-434-5356 rustbucket@marktwain.net MO, USA (10.09 2007)

Wanted: Ignition switch and gauges for 1946 Chief. Also, need tank decals, seat, front fender and front brake hub, also belt guard. I also need some front springs for my girder front end. Thanks, hope you can help/ Tim & Bob 512-585-6417 jrsscoots@yahoo.com TX, USA (10.09 2007)
Wanted: Has anybody out there got a tandem seat for a 1942 u model Harley? I need the seat and fittings including the springs for the guard. I have the handle bars and bracket. lacarter13@bigpond.com Australia (10.09 2007)

Wanted: I am looking for parts to restore my 1956 Royal Enfield Trailblazer, exhaust header pipes, mufflers, seat, front fender braces etc. Contact Ted at tjcandi@roadrunner.com PA, USA (09.23 2007)
Wanted: To finish the restauration and start another one I am searching for motor and engine parts for Indian Prince. klaasjan53@hotmail.com The Netherlands (09.23 2007)
Wanted: 1949 Scout Front Forks. atom1@sympatico.ca ON, Canada (09.17 2007)
Wanted: I'm looking a rear brake, rear breake pedal, AUTOLITE gas tank and tool/battery boxes with supports (I'd prefere those reproduced) for the Indian Powrplus 1917. I'm looking for the following parts for the Indian Four 1935: oil pump, one piston rod, Schebler 111. I'm also looking for any Indian Four 1929-1935 complete restored or unrestored conditions engine with carbs and ignition. Feel free to contact me at samo.rancigaj@siol.net Slovenia  (09.17 2007)
Wanted: Leather box (rear) as delivered by factory on new 1913 Indian Single Cylinder that mounts to the rack.  Must be original, unrestored, intact and serviceable. Need one original pedal with rubber. Also looking for any original sales brochures, manuals or other paper for 1913 Indian. Items are for personal use and not for resale. Please email a detailed description, clear images and price to bob@bobsbmw.com. Cheers! MD, USA  (09.17 2007)
Wanted: Generator bracket for mid twenties ACE Four original or quality repro. spydaman@ihug.co.nz New Zealand (09.09 2007)

Wanted: 1947 only Indian Chief oil pump (square shaped housing) and ammeter gauge. Also looking for an ignition switch & aluminum instrument bezel. ron_gto@hotmail.com USA (09.09 2007)
Wanted: Correct carburetor for my 1940 Chief. I am willing to swap the one I have if you have the correct one. Dr Jerry Schreiber. drjerry@aol.com NJ, USA (09.09 2007)

Wanted: 1 or both, Motolamp side stalks for a '30, most any condition. Send photo with price. Xchucknpooh@yahoo.com Hawaii (09.02 2007)
Wanted: for '51 Indian Chief. The trim panel that bolts between the front forks, in the triple tree, sits right behind the headlamp unit.ed.schnurr@astonmartin-lotus.com MA, USA (09.02 2007)

Wanted: Indian Prince engine parts. klaasjan53@hotmail.com Holland (09.02 2007)

Wanted:Magneto before Indian Powerplus 1919, good condition. buis46@hotmail.com Holland (09.02 2007)
Wanted: 50s Indian Vertical Warrior TT motor, speedo, rear wheel, rear sprocket, front hub. Need 20s Power Plus rear wheel complete and lots of small bits. Also looking for pre 1919 project 50-75% complete is ok. tarotplane@aol.com IL. USA (09.02 2007)

Wanted: Indian 1913 gas tank. indian_29@hotmail.com Norway (09.02 2007)

Wanted: Indian Power Plus Transmission (gear box) hgsab@itc.com.ar Argentina (09.02 2007)

Wanted: Complete carburetor Schebler DLX80 or DLX82. flathead74@interia.pl Poland (08.26 2007)
Wanted: ACEframe and or engine.Pat. pswonnell@shaw.ca BC, Canada (08.26 2007)
Wanted: For sale or trade. Excellernt condition 1952 International Harvester 1 1/2 ton stake truck with only!! 2600 (HUNDRED) miles!...completely original..third owner...stored inside..best offer over $26 K...will trade for Indian or Harley Knuckle or UL....or something else rare...810-327-2045. wfdragonslayr@iwarp.netMI, USA (08.19 2007)
Wanted: Leaf spring front end for 39 Chief. 37, 38 or 39 OK. All sheet metal for 39 Chief. Anything 39 Chief . indianfourdoc@aol.com FL, USA  (08.19 2007)
Wanted: 1928 to 1931 101 Scout prefered original, complete, will pay $14K to 16K. Many thanks auburnstrings@bigpond.com Australia (08.19 2007)

Wanted: Indian Power Plus frame and pistons. dog1@dangerdiver.com ID, USA  (08.19 2007)

Wanted: Need engine/trans,pipes. oil tank and many bits to restore 1951 Warrior TT. Good prices paid to top stuff.  George / Chicago area. Will answer all replies fast! tarotplane@aol.com IL, USA  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Original headlightfor 33 Indian...has adjusting screw on the back tip. Thanks. Dksweens@skynetbb.com WA, USA    (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Decent 1936-1941 Junior Scout, Or Sport Scout project, fairly complete, running or non running, solid bike, cosmetics not a main concern, but I will be at Davenport, email me or call (920)627-2163 if you have a project. Dave jcsrestoration@yahoo.com WI, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1939-41 Indian Sport Scout Project, or fairly complete non runner or runner, email me or call (920)627-2163 , thanks.

Dave jcsrestoration@yahoo.com WI, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1929 Indian 101 Scout. Must be in the North East so we can go and look at it. marcell@ncia.net NH, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: G'day. I need a pair of conrods for a 1942 1200cc military Chief also a front brake backing plate with brake shoes for a 1928 101. Thanks. Ian allsure@bigpond.net.au Australia (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Henderson 1916 parts; frame, tank, forks ,etc, thank you. rickyechevarria@yahoo.com(08.04 2007)
Wanted:  Need to find a basketcase Indian Edison RM magneto (needed for parts to fix the one I have) Thanks. pigstye13@aol.com TX, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1951 Texas license plates rocket88@nts-online.net TX, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1929-30 indian Four motor. auburnstrings@bigpond.comAustralia (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 46 Indian parts, Rear chain adjuster. Gear shift knob. Tool box. Kick starter pedal. Would prefer good used or NOS,  Thanks, Drex drex_l@yahoo.com  ID, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1948 Indian Scout. Fully restored, running and in perfect condition. Tourquise with black. Will pay $$$. This bike was sold recently near Denver, Colorado.

This bike was lovingly built and maintained by my deceased brother. Any info. about the destination of this bike is greatly appreciated. Willing to PAY!! amiealexander@sbcglobal.net CA, USA  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1923 Standard 37" Scout magneto, gas tank, front end, half leaf spring (part of front end), and carburator. 1937 30:50 Junior Scout battery box and headlight. asadirect@yahoo.com NC, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: ACE Engine 1920-1924 complete or not. Any Engine or Engine part response appreciated. pernordlund@yahoo.com Sweden (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1915 Indian Big twin battery box. Payment by Western Union money order or cash. Yury, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia kurt141@rambler.ru(08.04 2007)
Wanted: Sources for parts for my 1958 Indian Lance restoration project. Let me know what you have and price.  NOS or used parts or a parts bike and parts & owners manuals are needed. Many Royal Enfield Ensign parts are interchangeable.  Thanks... Greg McClure GMcCriterion@aol.com NE, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1923 Indian chief, handlebars, front wheel hub and rear wheel hub and brakes. I have some 1918 Powerplus stuff that I will swap, or I will buy outright. Regards Ian Donaldson allsure@bigpond.net.au Australia (08.04 2007)
Wanted: frame, front end, or complete chassis for 1938 or 1939 Chief. 1938 cylinders with casting numbers 85996 and 85998. Sheet metal for 38,39 chief.  1938 terminal strip that mounts to rear fender. Marty indianfourdoc@aol.com FL, USA  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1914 Indian electric tail light any condition, will pay cash or trade for other Hedstrom parts. ziggy_kapuscinski@hotmail.com Canada (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1913 1914 Indian powerplus cam cover or cam case, cams and (mag) magneto. Thanks Dom. domr@shaw.ca Ontario, Canada (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 741 Instrument panel surround. Buy or trade. stephensons@talktalk.net England  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Seeking "chief overdrive 4 speed transmission with 19 tooth. Also seeking inline4 1940-1943 hdknuckle@yahoo.com OR, USA   (08.04 2007)
Wanted: The horizontal cross bar that the windshield mounts to on a '48 Chief. Also looking for used long thin fender trim pieces for this original paint bike. Any condition

 lsrezin@hotmail.com Mid West, USA  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 1938 Chief cylinders, heads, frame and forks, or complete chassis, Marty. indianfourdoc@aol.com FL, USA  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: I need a headlight and generator cable for my Indian Scout Bicycle, 1952 I think, it is made in England, also an original seat. hwjbuffalo@aol.com CA, USA   (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Rear stand for jr sports scout or any other bits. dave905@hotmail.com England  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Looking for a complete 38 or 39 Indian Four. Currently restoring a 31 Four and now its at motor running stage its time to find my next project to breath some life back into. The 38/39 was always the bike I wanted so if you've got one I'm interested in hearing from you. spydaman@ihug.co.nz New Zealand   (08.04 2007)
Wanted:  carb for a 26 indian prince. gx2, gx5,gx,11 softtail5@hotmail.com(08.04 2007)
Wanted:  Want to trade. I have a good 39 four Indian basket motor together, want Cleveland parts.. basket four. work1006@earthlink.net CA, USA (08.04 2007)
Wanted: For Trade: No time left. Looking for nice restored thoroughbred motorcycle(s), racer(s) or car in trade. I have a 1938 and a 1940 Indian 4 for trade. Both bikes have been disassembled, work started, very complete, no junk. Trade for vehicle(s) of similar value. Bob at Bob.Pagnutti@Sympatico.ca Canada (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Good original headlamp to Chief -46 for restoration. Like to find original manual too, no reprint. Thanks! eero.knaapi@lusto.fi Finland (08.04 2007)
Wanted: looking for 344 carb.must be complete and rebuildable. panhead666@hotmail.com Canada (08.04 2007)
Wanted: 32-36 Ignition switch for Indian, ammeter for 33 Indian (+-20 amps Contel) looking for originals. thanks. Dave  dksweens@skynetbb.com WA, USA  (08.04 2007)
Wanted: Front and rear wheels and a complete set of handlebars for a 1924 Indian chief. Thanks Ian Donaldson. allsure@bigpond.net.au Australia   (08.04 2007)

Wanted: 1910-1915 Hedstrom motor or any other orginal parts. I will buy or trade. I do have a lot of Hedstrom parts and some Powerplus. ziggy_kapuscinski@hotmail.com Canada (03.26 2007)
Wanted: Workshop manual For 1940 Indian 741 Motorcycle. In particular the clutch assembly, or information on assembling the clutch on an Indian 741. Any info appreciated! douglas@pcconnect.co.nz New Zealand (03.26 2007)
Wanted: Collector seeks vintage 1910-1950 American motorcyle, v twin or four cylinder, anything considered, basket case or complete bike. elemore.3@virgin.net UK  (03.26 2007)
Wanted: Short frame Scout (1920-1928) chainguard. Dixie magneto for 1920 Scout. Thanks. asphaltbouncer@hotmail.com NE, USA (03.18 2007)

Wanted: 1936 Washington state license plate.  Also wanted anything part or whole 1936 Indian Chief, thanks. bhamster@comcast.net WA, USA (03.18 2007)

Wanted: Indian Chief 1946-1948 or 1953 Roadmaster. Not a basket case. Preferably restored bike. Original parts. E-mail with information and pictures. +48 660545379 piotr@ww2vw.com Poland (03.18 2007)
Wanted: 101 Scout frame ONLY for project. The more complete the better. Gas tank a plus. indian101scout@yahoo.com MN, USA (03.18 2007)
Wanted: Brown and Barlow Carb for 1918 Indian Model 'O'. Or may be somebody can restore mine. Also looking for any literature for the same bike. batuva@vsnl.com Bombay, India (03.18 2007)

Wanted: Generator drive gear and cluster gear that it runs off of for vertical twin. dr_zaius__@hotmail.com Canada (03.18 2007)

Wanted: Complete front fork for Indian 1916, or contact information for anyone making good replicas? gerritgroen6@hotmail.com Holland (03.18 2007)

Wanted: Indian Chief rigid frame rear brake backing plate, shoes, brake cam, and curved break arm. Also need 2 used or abused 38 to 47 aluminum dashes. How about one with the chief head covering the speedometer hole? kevparker@aol.com MT, USA (03.04 2007)
Wanted: Original Schunk cams/cam followers for Indian Chief, any literature/advertisements concerning Schunk cams. trustinrust@hotmail.com VA, USA (03.04 2007)
Wanted: 1938 39 Indian four. Please email me if you have any thing for sale. alastair@ihug.co.nz New Zealand (02.26 2007)

Wanted: 1913 and 1915 original Indian Hedstrom frame any conditions will pay cash or trade for other Hedstrom parts. ziggy_kapuscinski@hotmail.com Canada (02.26 2007)
Wanted: M441 carburetor for late Indian Four. Have DLX-65 to swap. May need cash to equalize value. Swap only. b.707@web.de Germany (02.26 2007)

Wanted: Full Skirted front fender for 1941/2/3/4/5 Chief, ignition switch, 12v dynamo, clutch pedal. Martin. smokesignl@hotmail.com The Netherlands (02.19 2007)
Wanted: Looking for a vintage Indian Scout from the 1920's. Would prefer 101 but others considered. Please email if you have something suitable - running machine prefered but restoration projects considered. john.baldwin@lr.org UK (02.19 2007)
Wanted: Any American Motorcycles or American Parts for any kind of Motorcycle before 1953. No load to big or small. Will buy your whole collection of bikes or parts. Have cash and will travel. Joey at 317 201-7777 indian@indy.rr.com IN, USA (02.19 2007)
Wanted: Full skirted front fender and Linkert carburetor 340-345 for '40's Chief. Martin. smokesignl@hotmail.com The Netherlands
(02.19 2007)
Wanted: 1929 Indian Jr Scout Left side gas tank (with no leaks). Mrsoftball4u2nv@hotmail.com MI, USA
(02.19 2007)

Wanted: I am in need of 1937 Scout Handlebars (reproduction or original) to finish my current project. Preferably straight and unchromed, but may consider in other conditions. Email with your price and a photo if possible. I have cash or Scout parts to trade. 701-483-0854. tavis3@excite.com ND, USA (02.19 2007)
Wanted: 1939 Minnesota motorcycle lic. plate. Have 1937 plate to trade. Also need several 1939 Sport Scout parts: tool box, front brake lever, front brake cable, handle bar switches, brake light switch, speedo drive & cable, straight handlebars and mirror. Thanks. samn@jungclausmotorspots.com MN, USA
(02.19 2007)
Wanted: 1948 Washington state motorcycle license plate. peterlaplante@yahoo.com WA, USA
(01.29 2007)
Wanted: Any Warbike - Indian, WLA or BMW. Full or Frames (basket case) for my first project to fully restore (complete or incomplete, running or not).

Willing to pay the price. ejkdewit@gmail.com Spain(01.29 2007)

Wanted: 1913-14 Indian Hedstrom TT kick starter (forward facing) complete kick starter, parts or replica. I really enjoy riding this bike just not that keen on push starting it. Please help! mobilityscooters@xtra.co.nz New Zealand (01.29 2007)

Wanted: Any Indian Four engine parts 1938-1942 in good shape. Good set of motorcases for Indian Four 1938-42, preferrably 1940-on. I am prepaied to pay the price within reason. martindezaaijer@hotmail.com Netherlands (01.21 2007)
Wanted: Looking for heads for my 30 Chief. Even a contact for a possible find will be appreciated, Tom. 319-265-3835 pribyls@mcleodusa.net IA, USA (01.21 2007)

Wanted: 1949-249 Vertical parts needed!! I need a speedo and headlight for my '49 vertical Scout -any leads? Do you know how to find an original color on the verticals? The tank was blasted/primed and I'm only finding black paint spray paint everywhere after tear-down (DUH!-was it black? - what colors did they come in?)... I also need the ignition cap where the key was mounted-mine is there, but rusty. Any help would be appreciated because this 249 has been a bit of a challenge so far engine-wise. Any gaskets available? Rings, ect? Thanks, Freddy overthefence4u@msn.com WI, USA (01.21 2007)
Wanted: For 1929 Indian 4 a rear fender and battery box. Also other early 4 parts for this bike. Thanks Dave Caliremy@ comcast.net NJ, USA (01.21 2007)
Wanted: For my Sport Scout I am looking for a pair cylinders for a Y manifold. Maybe you have them, let me know. Valentine. vs.l@tiscali.nl Holland (01.10.2007)
Wanted: 2 speed Hedstrom gear box, have single speed or 3 speed for trade. rocky@ironwigwam.com PA, USA (01.10.2007)

Wanted: 1939 Sport Scout aluminum rear head. Also, any Scout bits or pieces. Art Delor indianracing12@aol.com (561)750-4501. FL, USA (01.10.2007)
Wanted: Trade, swap or sell: Hedstrom single speed trans w/clutch or Power Plus 3 speed trans for a Hedstrom 2 speed trans. rocky@ironwigwam.com PA, USA (01.10.2007)
Wanted: Rear head valve cover for Franklins 2nd generation EXP OHV Scout engines. rocky@ironwigwam.com PA, USA (01.10.2007)
Wanted: Linkert M-88 complete. drc2000@hotmail.com Brazil (01.10.2007)
Wanted: Rear stand half moon style to fit a 1923 Chief. I have the incorrect later one. Can buy or trade. atetu@globetrotter.net Canada (01.10.2007)

Wanted: Wanted to swap my 1958 Gibson Les Paul custom for 101 Indian Scout. auburnstrings@bigpond.com Australia (01.10.2007)
Wanted: 1936,1937 Four service manual and parts list. Copper head gasket. luke2003@mail.goo.ne.jp Japan (12.28 2006)
Wanted:841 right side exhaust pipe. Need mufflers also. Have many trade items. Mike H. banjomikehashem@aol.com NH, USA (12.28 2006)

Wanted: For trade: I need a 1929 101 Scout Trans complete. Will trade 1927 tranmission complete. Will trade 1927 lower end for 1929 lower end. banjomikehashem@aol.com  NH, USA (12.28 2006)

Wanted: Schebler GX2, GX5 or GX11. Magneto DU-5 (CCW) Splitdorf magneto, this is for my 1926 Indian Prince. Curtis. softtail5@hotmail.com AZ, USA (12.28 2006)
Wanted: Big end pin for my Powerplus 1916. Help. o-jkalla@online.no Norway (12.28 2006)
Wanted: I'm looking for a clamp that wraps around the Splitdorf generator and attaches to the frame bracket for an ACE FOUR. Can anyone help please? Thank you. spydaman@ihug.co.nz New Zealand (12.28 2006)

Wanted: 1935-1939 Chief, complete or incomplete, running or not. Email with info and pix. Thanks. drewehe@verizon.net Tampa, FL, USA (12.28 2006)
Wanted: 1940 ball toggle dimmer switch, 1938 rear fender terminal block and 1938 ignition switch. wetfromwauseon@adelphia.net NY, USA (12.28 2006)
Wanted: Scout or Warrior TT motor/trans along with a TT 2 into 1 exhaust pipe. Also looking for a working mag with a good cap. miken5678@hotmail.com FL, USA  (12.28 2006)

Wanted: Looking for 1939 Indian Chief Engine cases in good condition. Thanks! nicola@indian-motocycle.de Germany (12.28 2006)
Wanted: Crockerspeedway bike or speedway parts. Please let me know if you have this for sale. Thanks, Robert guerain@tiscali.nl The Netherlands (Europe)
(11.19 2006)
Wanted: Looking for 1925 Prince parts, rear brake and hub, fenders, ect. Thanks.alibi73@sbcglobal.net Chicago, IL, USA (11.12 2006)
Wanted: 1913 and 1915 Hedstrom frames any condition. ziggy_kapuscinski@hotmail.com  Ontario, Canada (11.12 2006)
Wanted: I am rebuilding a 1923 61ci Excelsior and need such things as a Bosch magneto, handlebar controls, and all the lever and connection rods for the clutch and brake plus many more bits. Please contact me if you have any parts or clues. Thanks. Ian Donaldson. allsure@bigpond.com.au Australia (11.12 2006)
Wanted:A good set of 401 or 402 Indian Four crank cases. alastair@ihug.co.nz New Zealand (11.12 2006)

Wanted: A copy of "The Indian 4 Experience", 2 part video by Max Bubeck. alastair@ihug.co.nz New Zealand (11.12 2006)
Wanted: Running pre 31 Scout, finish not a priority. timraindle@yahoo.com UK (11.12 2006)
Wanted: I'm looking for a set of Sport Solo handlebars to complete my 1924 ACE. Also where can i get some repro/repop footboard rubbers and handle bar grips for ACE four? Thank you from New Zealand. spydaman@ihug.co.nz (10.30 2006)
Wanted: 1940 Indian Chief Any condition considered. richardedgar@hotmail.com Pittsburgh, PA, USA (10.30 2006)
Wanted: Carb for a 1926 Indian Prince, head light. softtail5@hotmail.com AZ, USA (10.30 2006)
Wanted: Looking for a 46 or 47 Chief steering neck casting to fix my frame. Thanks, Ron. rmc@wabash.net IL, USA (10.15 2006)
Wanted: Exhaust tubes for a 1917 Indian Powerplus. Also need the complete bearing assemblies for the front and rear wheel hubs. dreaminhawaii@defnet.com OH, USA (10.15 2006)
Wanted: 1942 illinois motorcycle plate or 1942 ft.knox motorcycle plate fssf42@yahoo.com IL, USA (10.15 2006)

Wanted: 1920-1940 Indian Scout, Powerplus or 10, Chief, or Sport- or Junior Scout project, Excelsior Super X project, or Harley JD or 45 project. Will consider projects in any condition, email me with what you have, the more complete the better, thanks. Dave jcsrestoration@yahoo.com WI, USA (10.15 2006)

Wanted:Washington State motorcycle license plates for 1930, 1941, and 1947.Thanks Dksweens@skynetbb.com WA, USA (10.15 2006)
Wanted:An old AVON 4 x 18 drag slick. Trade or cash. rocky@ironwigwam.com East Coast, USA (09.24 2006)
Wanted: Looking for an Indian Prince 1926-1928 that is restored or restorable (not missing too many parts!). Cash or trade dksweens@skynetbb.com Seattle, WA, USA (09.24 2006)
Wanted: Looking for Chief engine and transmission 38-46. Need also Chief -25 or -26 any parts. Coming to States, any happening or place to visit in October within 200 miles from Houston? Thanks, Eero finzz25a@hotmail.com Finland (09.24 2006)
Wanted: Looking for a NOS 1940 Corbin (nice would be with max hand speedo and trip master). And I am also looking for a NOS Motolamp. If you own such an item or know who owns such a piece, please Email me at jheidinger@freenet.deThanks for your answer. Jürgen from Germany (09.17 2006)
Wanted: Buying Chiefs, running with title, to export to Europe. Fair prices, but no dreamers. Pick up and Pay. brd@planet.nl Holland (09.17 2006) 
Wanted: I need an upper end for a 1949 249 vertical twin. I need pistons, cylinder barrel, head and pretty much the whole upper half. E mail me at mtnboy1964@aol.com. Thanks. TN, USA (09.10 2006)
Wanted: 1927 Buick magneto. Will pay cash. mightyman13@comcast.net MI, USA (09.10 2006)
Wanted: Any American Motorcycles or American Parts for any kind of Motorcycle before 1953. No load to big or small. Will buy your whole collection. Have cash and will travel. Joey at 317 201-7777 or indian@indy.rr.com IN, USA
(09.10 2006)

Wanted: I need an Indian Powerplus front hub or wheel. Complete or parts. Thanks, Paul loikav@aol.com LA, CA, USA (09.10 2006)

Wanted: Looking for cylinders,heads and engine sprocket for a '48 Chief. A few damaged fins OK. lsrezin@hotmail.com WI, USA (08.27 2006)
Wanted: Copy of the documentary video Indian Summer which came out awhile ago and showed restorers, old footage, etc. E-mail jandmstinson@sympatico.ca ON, Canada (08.19 2006)
Wanted and for trade: Indian motorcycle license plates. Contact crallen@aol.comfor more details. NC, USA (08.19 2006)

Wanted: Indian NOS 741 motor. Please contact me at arielb@prtc.net Puerto Rico (08.06 2006)
Wanted: Chief1945 - 1948 in unrestored original condition wanted. All offers welcome. Matching numbers and original paint or old repaint prefered. piotr@ww2vw.com Poland (08.06 2006)
Wanted: Looking for an early seat for my bike. I need a "Persons Pan Dandy" or a "Messinger Auto Cushion Superba #2". Prefer complete saddle but would concider raw pan and/or parts. Thanks. Tim. dexters@rea-alp.com  MN, USA (07.19 2006)
Wanted: Any American Motorcycles or American Parts for any kind of Motorcycle before 1953. No load to big or small. Will buy your whole collection. Have cash and will travel. Bring your bikes to Davenport and I will bring the CASH. Joey at 317 201-7777 or indian@indy.rr.com  IN, USA (07.19 2006)
Wanted: Older motorcycle license plates (NC?). I have (some) motorcycle plates from all 50 states from 1913 up. Send your want/trade list, and I will do the same, thanks, Charles. Also looking for any 36 knuck parts and harley (wr) parts. I have parts to trade, no Indian parts, sorry. cralllen@aol.com NC, USA (07.09 2006)
Wanted: Scout 45 engine cases/flywheels parts, etc. in nice shape, helical gear primary (1927- 1933 or so). Jon 213-400-1978 cell or jreimanliutaio@hotmail.com IL, USA (07.09 2006)
Wanted: Left side or both gas tanks for my buddy's 47 Chief. piharry@shaw.ca Canada  (07.09 2006)
Wanted: Original "Western" stock handlebars for 1952 Warrior TT, and Motolamp for 149-249 (must be complete and ready to bolt on. rfh-cpa@mindspring.com GA, USA (07.02 2006)
Wanted: Looking for a partner - I've got a 1953 Indian Roadmaster (red + yellow). What can you bring to the party? Danville CA. (my home) has a ton of bike enthusiasts. budstacy@sbcglobal.net CA, USA (06.25 2006)
Wanted: Does anyone know a qualified Indian mechanic near Cincinnati Ohio? craigw4628@aol.com OH, USA (06.25 2006)
Wanted: Used, but in nice usable condition: Handlebars for 1948 Chief + 16" rims or complete wheels for 1948 Chief.gofarfast@gmail.com USA  (06.25 2006)
Wanted: 2 struts that link the front of leaf springs of Chief front suspension to axle. Reproduction or used OK. gofarfast@gmail.com USA  (06.25 2006)

Wanted: Magneto for a 1913 indian twin. 42 degrees. Thanks, Curtis. softtail5@hotmail.com AZ, USA (06.25 2006)
Wanted: For 29 Four: frame, wheels, forks, fenders, magneto, bevel gears.Caliremy@comcast.net Dave 6093974392 NJ, USA (06.25 2006)
Wanted: Indian 1914 electrical starter complete for Hendee special model. pedrojsc@yahoo.com.br Portugal (06.11 2006)
Wanted: Wanted: 1947 Massachusetts Motorcycle License Plate, in good condition. IndianCollector@comcast.net MA, USA (06.11 2006)
Wanted: Any American Motorcycles or American Parts for any kind of Motorcycle before 1953. No load to big or small. Will buy your whole collection. Have cash and will travel. Joey at 317 201-7777 indian@indy.rr.com IN, USA (06.11 2006)
Wanted:  Looking for 1940 era military Indian 74 Chief motorcycle for our museum in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. Would like to find one with a side car if

possible. A.E.Martindale, 604-325-8390 alvi@shaw.ca BC Canada (06.11 2006)
Wanted: 1929 Indian four parts. AA2456 Tank Stickers, T4851YXI Foot Board, T4850YXI Foot Board, AA6872X Wiring harness, AA5660X Magneto drive, N7114Q Generator pulley, AA6791X Battery box, AA860 Oil Pressure gauge, V2458YX Fuel tank tap/shut off, N4716P Kick start crank foot lever, N4728 Kick start crank foot lever rubber, S1392Y Handle bar grips, AA722X Exhaust pipe, King Clutch Kit, AA2164 Release foot clutch lever, AA2160 Release foot clutch lock lever, AA6904X Speedo head bracket right hand, N4046 Wiring harness frame clip, S6820X Tail lamp with bracket, S4386YX Tire pump clip assemble, S4270W Rear brake pedal springm, AA2320 Gear box sprocket, Side stand. Please contact alastair@ihug.co.nzNew Zealand (06.11 2006)
Wanted: 1947 Chief stuff! No reproduction! Front crash bar, horn, fender trim, generator, gas and oil caps, rear view mirror, ampmeter bezel, speedometer. Brand new Chief owner with a whole bunch to learn!! Thanks thunderoad50@yahoo.com  CA, USA (05.29 2006)
Wanted: 1947 Indian chief toolbox!! 1947 Indian Chief generator belt cover!! Both fender tips!! Beat up original fine but no repops!!! Thanks thunderoad50@yahoo.com  CA, USA (05.29 2006)
Wanted: Crash bars and headlight for 1948 Indian chief. kayewithane@yahoo.com  MT, USA (05.29 2006)
Wanted: Manual for 1938 Harley Davidson Servicar. shawn@fine-line-tattoo.com  AB, Canada (05.29 2006)
Wanted: An early set of Chief cams to suit a 1922 Chief. cuttinglen@aapt.net.au  Australia (05.29 2006)
Wanted: Schebler DLX-113 carburetor (1938-39), complete or body. martindezaaijer@hotmail.com Netherlands (05.21 2006)
Wanted: Parts for 1929 D Harley Davidson. Need a lot of parts if you could please help need to may parts to list thanks for your help. 508-954-7840 cbguns@comcast.net MA, USA (05.21 2006)

Wanted:Solo seat with fittings, & original throttle cable for a 1949 Indian Model 249 Vertical Twin Scout. marh@frontiernet.netNY, USA (05.21 2006)

Wanted: Schebler DeLuxe Carburetor model DLX-113 in good condition, complete or body. martinibrahiem@hotmail.com Netherlands (05.21 2006)
Wanted: 1932-1936 Indian Chief in unrestored condition wanted. All offers welcome. Original paint or old repaint prefered. gsol@gmx.at Austria (05.08.06)

Wanted: Any American Motorcyclesor American Parts for any kind of Motorcycle before 1953. No load to big or small. Will buy your whole collection. Have cash and will travel. Joey at 317 201-7777 indian@indy.rr.com IN, USA (05.08.06)

Wanted: Looking for original exhaust pipes & air-bend for a 1918 Excelsior-Henderson, unrestored or not. furyfam04@msn.com NE, USA (05.08.06)
Wanted: Rear wheel for 1920's "ACE". gwnaples@verizon.net CA (04.22.06)

Wanted: Splitdorf Dixie 42 gr magneto for an Indian Powerplus. buis46@hotmail.comNederlands (04.13.06)

Wanted: Spare parts book for 1929 402 model Indian 4 (Copy is fine). Also wanted complete battery box for the same. alastair@ihug.co.nz NZ (03.28.06)

Wanted: I'm in need of two matching front wheel rims, 28 x 3, ~ 1915-1918 drrivah@aol.com DC (03.26.06)

Wanted: License plate for 1948 Motorcycle emperg2000@yahoo.com NY (03.24.06)

Wanted: Front cylinder for 1938 or 1939 Scout or Sport Scout with "Y" intake. Any condition. webmaster@ironwigwam.com PA (03.22.06)

Wanted: Vintage Indian and Ace motorcycle advertising signs in porcelain, neon, tin, or cardboard. Other brands welcome.  chuckspillar@yahoo.com CO (03.21.06)

Wanted: Any photos and parts for a 1951 Indian Brave. mirasintra@gmail.com Portugal (03.21.06)

Wanted: Overhaul and general repair manual for a 1919 Power Plus engine. It does not have to be original. Also would like to have the same for a 1913 Excelsior single belt drive. sdacton@aol.comMO (03.20.06)

Wanted: Crocker speedway bike or other speedway bikes. Let me know what you have for sale. guerain@tiscali.nl Netherlands (03.19.06)

Wanted: Indian Hedstrom engine Small twin 1910 or 11 series 20 and parts for same. Chasgar@sbcglobal.net MO (03.19.06)

Wanted: 1941 Indian Chief. I prefer it to be in need of restoration, a basket case. Prefer complete or nearly complete bike. cslate3@inbox.com NJ (03.19.06)

Wanted: I need Indian 249 vertical parts; transmission, fenders and wheels, also interested in any other vert parts, or basket case projects. james.f.maloney@us.army.mil MA (03.08.06)

Wanted: To trade - I have a Linkert M344 Indian carb and I need a Schebler DLX-77. rfrack8610@aol.com IA (03.08.06)

Wanted: Full flexi sidecar or just chassis or just parts or just patterns, some repops were being made years ago but I can't track them down. oldmill@rideau.netCanada (03.04.06)

Wanted: Looking for a 1946 Illinois motorcycle license plate. fourarush34@yahoo.com IL (03.02.06)

Wanted: Misc. Parts for 841 Seat Bracket, Horseshoe Air Intake and Filter, Rear Brake Shoe Center Post, Luggage Rack, Front Fender, Rear Fender Lower Section to Frame Bracket. tim.callison@busakshamban.com IN (03.01.06)

Wanted: 1925 Indian Prince parts, gearbox/clutch in reasonable condition. klat@hetnet.nl Netherlands (02.18.06)

Wanted: 1947 Indian Chief engine cases parts or complete engine. knoopty@zonnet.nl Netherlands (02.17.06)

Wanted: PowerPlus or 61 ci Chief pistons and rings (3-1/8") atetu@globetrotter.net  Canada (02.03.06)

Wanted: 1937-42 Indian Sport Scout or Scout restoration project.  Will consider all. eyeofthebeholdr@hotmail.com WA (01.30.06)

Wanted: Any info on who can restore Dixie magnetos in U.K. jmw_50@hotmail.com UK (01.23.06)

Wanted: 1951 Texas MC License plate. gre@houston.rr.com TX (01.20.06)

Wanted: 1928-30 101 Indian Scout, basket case, running, non running, any condition considered. vklm@adelphia.netVA (01.20.06)

Wanted: Carburetor, generator, fenders, tank, wheels and speedo for a 741. bastybikes@yahoo.com Romania (01.17.06)

Wanted: Rear hub for 1916 Indian Power Plus and ball bearing for front wheel. erik.geijer@home.se Sweden (01.14.06)

Wanted:Solo seat for Sport Scout. Reproduction pan/re-cover ok. cffrey@mindspring.comPA (01.11.06)

Wanted: 1939 Indian Sport Scout. Running bike or parts. Prefer something close to original and on the west coast but all considered. ereidd@hotmail.com CA (01.08.06)

Wanted: 38 or 39 Indian Four but will consider other years. drewehe@verizon.net FL (01.03.06)

Wanted: a pair of Indian Chief fixed head cylinders, 1913 Indian single intake manifold & valve dome, clutch lever & tank slide. stefan@ecn.net.au Australia (01.03.06)

Wanted: Gear shift rod for 1928 Indian Scout xerxes.cursetji@ritz.edu NY (01.02.06)

Wanted: Rear wheel for 1934-39 Sport Scout. Prefer with good useable original spokes but will consider hub only. motolux@easynet.co.uk UK (12.31.05)

Wanted: I am looking for a pre 1914 Indian project. Let me know what you have. Ronnie.bracke@belgacom.net Belgium (12.31.05)

Wanted: Engine parts for 1910 Indian 2 3/4 HP single:  Oil pump, cam cover, 3 stud cylinder head. bumvivant@hotmail.com CA (12.24.05)

Wanted:  AERO 42 degree magneto, either parts or complete.  Also looking for a Persons Pan Dandy saddledexters@rea-alp.comMN (12.24.05)

Wanted: Early 1930's Indian Four to be placed in Florida Museum. Unrestored or restored. It will be restored as a Police Special and will be in the museum permanently so it does not have to run. lenglish@sparksonline.com FL (12.20.05)

Wanted: 1947 HD knucklehead restored all original or one needing restoration. diahanne@charter.net OR (12.14.05)

Wanted: 1912 Henderson engine in any condition. claudiojankovic@hotmail.com Italy (12.06.05)

Wanted: Paint for Indian Powerplus crankcase. All rear hub parts except shell and complete front wheel. loikav@aol.com CA (11.29.05)

Wanted: 1938 Indian Chief ammeter with gray face. herrkriner1@aol.com OH (11.26.05)

Wanted: 1918 Indian Model O front fork in any condition. l.mootz@t-online.deGermany (11.26.05)

Wanted: 38/39 Indian Four rocker arm, also oil gage casting. Stevepala1@aol.com CT (11.22.05)

Wanted: Parts for a 36 knuck, frame, rear brake drum, air cleaner. I have items to trade including lots of older M/C license plates. cralllen@aol.com NC (11.20.05)

Wanted: 46 Chief sidecar with frame. jeffw3333@aol.com NY (11.16.05)

Wanted: Any American made motorcycles and/or parts. Especially Indian, but not picky. indian@indy.rr.com IN (11.15.05)

Wanted: 1913-14 Indian Hedstrom TT kick starter (forward facing) complete kick starter, parts or replica. mobilityscooters@xtra.co.nzNew Zealand (11.15.05)

Wanted: 1940-42 Indian four cylinder project, basketcase, or parts.  andynowka@gmail.com CA (11.14.05)

Wanted: 1948 Chief parts; frame, complete dash panel with speedo, light etc.. BJONES8286@AOL.COM FL (11.13.05)

Wanted: Schebler HX190 or HX160D for 1926 Scout. louis.de.haas@kabelfoon.nl Netherlands (11.05.05)

Wanted: For 841 - Set of cams, mufflers and horn face. Have many items to tradebanjomikehashem@aol.com NH (11.04.05)

Wanted: Complete front wheel with brakes and internals in for a 1941 Sport Scout rjsimpson@montrose.net CO (11.02.05)

Wanted: E41 Berling magneto and dash panel  for 101 Scout. csymonds@bigpond.com.au Australia (11.01.05)

Wanted: 1948 New York motorcycle license plate in good or restorable shape. duffymt60@aol.com NY (10.30.05)

Wanted: 1953 Indian Chief parts, bench seat & handrail, spotlight mounting brackets, front engine guard top mounting backing plate, Amal carburetor spare parts and info, rebuild kit or replacement Linkert. gre@houston.rr.com TX (10.28.05)

Wanted: Model of a 1940 Indian Motorcycle. DHarrison@lec.edu OH (10.28.05)

Wanted: 1916 Powerplus parts. Seat, intake manifold, rear brake parts, kick start, gearbox internals, goose neck for handlebars, oil/fuel caps. plus other parts. vintage99@xtra.co.nz New Zealand (10.24.05)

Wanted: For trade; I have long Chief control spirals to trade for short Scout ones. cffrey@mindspring.com PA (10.21.05)

Wanted: Looking for a 20's Indian Chief frame. Condition not important. mineral94@aol.com US (10.18.05)

Wanted: Hedstrom mainshafts for samples, any condition, rusty or damaged, 3/4" diameter timing side with integral gear teeth only for copying. To buy or borrow. jmw_50@hotmail.com UK (10.14.05)

Wanted: 1941 or 1942 Sport Scout project bike or parts. pwebster@confidencehomeloan.com MN (10.12.05)

Wanted: 1930 Motolamp side stalks, any condition. chucknpooh@yahoo.com HI (10.10.05)

Wanted: Parts amd information for a 1929 Harley model D. cbguns@comcast.net MA (10.10.05)

Wanted: Looking for any factory information on Indian 101 Dispatch Tow.  Any photos, parts or literature. info@trinitymotorworks.com VT (10.10.05)
Wanted: Splitdorf generator for 1919 Indian Power Plus (was centrifugal cut-out, but converted to conventional cut-out) or good armature. Number 3210 found on shell near binding-post. morris6262n@aol.comIN (10.03.05)

Wanted: For 1932 Scout: headlight, seat, dash light, gear shift rod, Exhaust. For 1925 Prince: Battery Box, taillight lens, Exhaust. For 1921 Power Plus: primary cover (tinware), any clutch parts, and brake linkage. Also need any literature, brochures or manuals for all 3 bikes. talktojon@aol.com NY (10.03.05)

Wanted: 1925 Scout motor or just cases. Also tanks. llwauto@aol.comMN (10.02.05)

Wanted: 1947 Massachusetts motorcycle license plate for my Chief. IndianCollector@comcast.netMA (10.02.05)

Wanted:oil pump for 1911 Hedstrom single and misc. other engine parts. jmsjmsme@yahoo.comMN (09.29.05)

Wanted:Information and photos of Henderson 4 powered midget race cars and supplier of repro 1920's era gas cap & bung to repair old tank. want1937hd@aol.com CT (09.29.05)

Wanted: 42 degree Magneto for Indian Powerplus/Hedstrom jmw_50@hotmail.com UK (09.25.05)

Wanted: 1947 Chief Frame in good condition. ttoups0505@aol.com CA (09.24.05)

Wanted: Nice condition original chain guard for 20-27 Scout ziggy@ziggysmotorworks.com WA (09.22.05)

Wanted: Rear brake assy. for Indian Prince, also some clutch parts. kansaskid777@aol.com US (09.19.05)

Wanted:Parts for a 1929 45" 101 Scout project. I only have frame, big fork, cases, carb, primaries, clutch, so if you have it I probably need it. bdwalker348@yahoo.com TN (09.13.05)

Wanted: Still want to find that unrestored pré 1914 Indian to ride the London to Brighton run. ronnie.bracke@belgacom.net Belgium (09.13.05)

Wanted: Pre 1914 Indian single or twin unrestored preferred. ronnie.bracke@belgacom.net Belgium (09.13.05)

Wanted: Parts and info for Big Valve Powerplus boardtrack streetracer project also 1918 Henderson parts. loikav@aol.comCA (09.13.05)

Wanted: Schebler DLX-45 carb or similar carb with 3-bolt mount for 1929 Harley-Davidson JD Motorcycle that has a three (3) bolt mount. Size is 1 1/4" or 1 1/8" with venturi either 3/4" or 7/8". howiem@bigfoot.com Thailand (09.08.05)

Wanted: Gas and oil tanks for Indian 841.  Also most of engine. joness@wsu.edu WA (09.08.05)

Wanted: Indian 2 speed transmission with clutch still needed. indian_29@hotmail.com Norway (08.30.05)

Wanted: Indian Motorcycles any cond, parts or whole. teamzman@yahoo.com MN (08.30.05)

Wanted: 1937 North Carolina motorcycle license plate westmoore@rtmc.net NC (08.29.05)

Wanted: Chainguard for 42 Chief skirted fender model. vinnym@picknowl.com.auAustralia (08.23.05)

Wanted: Indian dispatch tow. All years considered. Would like original complete unrestored. gunner12@sympatico.ca MI (08.21.05)

Wanted: 1940 to 53 indian sidecar body and fender for 47 Chief. wantedoldmc@aol.com KY (08.21.05)

Wanted: Trade 1920'S Power Plus forks for Chief leaf spring forks. rfurcoat@sbcglobal.net CA (08.21.05)

Wanted: Parts for 1910 single 2-3/4 hp engine.  Head, cam cover, oil pump, DA2 magneto. bumvivant@hotmail.com CA (08.15.05)

Wanted: 1938 or 39 Indian Four, basket, running or rolling. Paul1550@comcast.net RI (08.14.05)

Wanted: 1937 Sport Scout rear brake backing plate and 1938 Chief front cylinder. traderjames@hotmail.com CA (08.14.05)

Wanted: Any Powerflow compensator sprocket parts for 34 and up Chief. Let me know what you have. indianchief1947@hotmail.com Australia (08.07.05)

Wanted: Original 1938 ammeter (white face with red text) and ignition switch. I have original 1939 to trade or cash. martindezaaijer@hotmail.com Netherlands (08.04.05)

Wanted: 1938 Indian Four oil pressure gauge (meter) should be original and in good condition martindezaaijer@hotmail.com Netherlands (08.03.05)

Wanted: Indian 741B basket case. bertw@dodo.com.au Australia (07.31.05)

Wanted: 1947 Chief horn and 1947 Massachusetts motorcycle license plate. PALancia@aol.com MA (07.22.05)

Wanted: 1913 Hedstrom engine and two speed gearbox. indian_29@hotmail.com Norway (07.13.05)

Wanted: Handlebars for 1917 powerplus. buana55@hotmail.comCT (07.08.05)

Wanted: Early police motorcycle radio's, pictures and/or literature. Police motorcycle accessories. buana55@hotmail.com CT (07.08.05)

Wanted: need parts for 249 Indian vertical twin. jimw@saltlakecircuits.com UT (06.27.05)

Wanted: Military Scout 741 speedometer, cable and cable housing. davidberry@zianet.com NM (06.25.05)

Wanted: 1937 sport Scout frame and any other parts that would fit  Also looking for blue prints or dimentions for frame. bronc467@yahoo.com AL (06.24.05)

Wanted: A pair of brake pads for the early Halibrand single piston caliper as used on the rear of scout dry lakes attempts mineral94@aol.com PA (06.19.05)

Wanted: Brackets for saddlebags to fit '46 Chief. prof@hawaiijujitsu.org HI (06.18.05)
Wanted: 1946 Illinois motorcycle license plate. galena22002@yahoo.com IL (06.08.05)

Wanted: Front fender for 1941 four cylinder. NOS or interested in a good used one. dcannavomd@aol.com NY (06.07.05)

Wanted: gas tank and handle bar mount for 48 Indian Chief msaxton@mchsi.comIA (06.05.05)

Wanted: Scout 101, running, rolling or basket case. IndianCollector@comcast.net RI (06.02.05)

Wanted:: Indian dispatch tow rear axle tube (the one with the fatter flange). Also interested in other DT parts. ziggy@ziggysmotorworks.com WA (06.02.05)

Wanted: Need a set of Indian Chief 74 Bonneville cams & lifters. gre@houston.rr.com TX (05.27.05)

Wanted: Stainless body trim for 40's Indian sidecar. mking020@tampabay.rr.com FL (05.26.05)

Wanted: Rear swing arm and links to fit 1915-16 Indian. camascenter@yahoo.com OR (05.10.05)

Wanted: Front cylinder for Indian Chief 1940 (round base) in good shape. roberto.barreiro@pioneer.com IA (05.09.05)

Wanted: Front sprocket chain guard and battery cover for 41 Four cylinder. DALDER5178@AOL.COM MD (05.09.05)

Wanted:  Front fender for 1930 Chief.  Any leads appreciated. paldemo1@hotmail.com US (04.27.05)

Wanted: Chum-me seat pans to use as drift boat driver's seats. eliots@drbott.comOR (04.18.05)

Wanted: Any information on what's the best solder and procedure for rebuiding indian tanks. pa.ind.bldr@comcast.net PA (04.17.05)

Wanted: Information on 1916 package truck box with original paint and decals. Can someone help with a ballpark value or steer me in the right direction? wezfhead1@juno.com NY (04.17.05)

Wanted: Aftermarket grips for 1925 Prince. Need to be 1.25" Diameter. Also looking for round ruber foot pegs. alibi73@earthlink.net Ill (04.07.05)

Wanted: 1937 Nebraska Motorcycle license plate or info on finding one. klzobel@megavision.com NE (04.05.05)

Wanted: Ready to use speedo face & pointer for 741. Should be white on black without script. OLSONWstn@aol.comVT (04.01.05)

Wanted: 1953 Indian Chief 80 with bench seat, orange color.  I owned a bike like this as a senior in HS, and would like to see it again before I'm gone. I saw a picture of it on www.photos.indianmotorbikes.com but have been unable to find out who owns it. Does anyone out there know who owns that bike? Any help would be appreciated. I have pictures of my bike to share. jamesh1935@yahoo.com TX (03.30.05)

Wanted: I have a good set of used high lift Bonneville Chief cams to trade for set of Bonneville lifters gustavohoefs@yahoo.com (03.30.05)

Wanted: Good used fenders and chainguard for 41-45 civilian Chief. ronph1945@yahoo.com AL (03.29.05)
Wanted: Set of Bonneville cams & lifters for a 46 Indian Chief 80CI engine. gre@houston.rr.comTX (03.27.05)

Wanted: 37-42 Indian 4 frame. Please email me if you know of one for sale . dvdsni@aol.com WA (03.27.05)

Wanted: American made motorcycles and parts. Especially Indian, but not picky. Private collector with cash.  indian@indy.rr.com IN (03.26.05)

Wanted: 40-42 Scout front frame and a brake light switch. bowenracing57@yahoo.com NV (03.10.05)

Wanted: Information and parts for 1938 Junior Scout project. Parts needed: Cylinder heads, frame, front fork, transmission, tanks, fenders  biker@famvid.comIll(03.08.05)

Wanted: Old rusty good for nothing plunger frame to be used for jig set-up only. Must be cheap. sassy3@cableone.net OK (03.03.05)

Wanted: 1936-1939 Indian Chief with original paint or old repaint oldmill@rideau.net Canada (02.25.05)

Wanted: Indian 741 frame for pattern to make new ones available. Will consider loaner frame for a new one to you.  The frame only needs to be straight and have all brackets in place for the pattern. sierrapilotx@yahoo.com MA (02.17.05)

Wanted: Henderson KJ parts needed to complete my project. c.willer@antonwiller.de Germany (02.16.05)

Wanted: 28-31 Indian 101 Scout and parts. Anything considered.  vklm@adelphia.net VA (02.15.05)

Wanted: Crank shaft ball bearing and mag drive for OHV Prince. Have mag drive case, need internals ironwigwam2@aol.com PA (02.13.05)

Wanted: For 1920 scout; rear stand, spring pack, front wheel with hub and compression release lever. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. dexters@rea-alp.com MN (02.12.05)

Wanted: Complete gas and oil tank and sprung saddle  for a 1909 to 1915 Indian. Must be original paint or old repaint and be repairable. oldmill@rideau.net Canada (02.11.05)

Wanted: 1927 to 29 Indian Scout /101 frame in any condition. Need this to use as a model for a new fabrication. mgar64@yahoo.comNC (02.10.05)

Wanted:  Original front crash bars for 1947 Chief, suitable for painting. briankel@kent.net Canada (01.07.05)

Wanted to Trade: I have a nice repro cast iron Indian seat bracket 1938-39, for a decent 1940 and later. rfrack8610@aol.comIA (01.07.05)

Wanted: For early Powerplus: cylinders and for late Hedstrom Big Twin: frame, forks & gearbox. jmw_50@hotmail.com UK (02.06.05)

Wanted: Round oil bath air cleaner for a 1941 741B. ivan.swain@xtra.co.nz NZ (02.04.05)

Wanted:841 basket case or complete older restoration. lacarter@uninet.co.mzAustralia (02.03.05)

Wanted: Front leaf spring pack for a Hedstrom bike, original, or a good repro appreciated. oldmill@rideau.net Canada (02.02.05)

Wanted: Four cylinder bikes and parts. Anything 4 cylinder.  Have the cash and will travel. indian@indy.rr.com IN (01.31.05)

Wanted:Servicar or Dispatch Tow project. mfcmfc12@hotmail.com NY (01.31.05)

Wanted: Early Power Plus engine or parts. Any condition cases, barrels, heads etc.. ivan.swain@xtra.co.nz NZ (01.30.05)

Wanted: Henderson Deluxe gear shift lever quadrant and plate, carburetor stove,  full Flexi sidecar , any condition or just parts. Repro ok. Misc. Chief and Scout parts to trade or sell. oldmill@rideau.net Canada (01.30.05)

Wanted: Inner primary and magneto for a 1940 Sport Scout. dehoyos.1@juno.com TX (01.29.05)

Wanted: Information on Vard front forks. Fluid requirements, o-ring sizes. etc. pa.ind.bldr@comcast.net PA (01.29.05)

Wanted: A nice pair of 18" Indian Chief Rims. ricklesliej@charter.net NV (01.28.05)

Wanted: Complete exhaust system for an 841 Indian shaft drive. I have many rare items to trade for Indian, Harley Etc. banjomikehashem@aol.com NH (01.27.05)

Wanted: I am searching for a Powerplus to complete a collection of NYPD motors through time. I would prefer a complete bike in restorable condition. If anyone has interest in forming a club with police motors in New England, I would love to hear from them. buana55@hotmail.comCT (01.22.05)

Wanted: American made motorcycle parts and bikes. Especially Indian, but not picky. Professional private collector with cash.  I will pay a very fair price. indian@indy.rr.com IN (01.21.05)

Wanted:Parts for 1924 Scout - seat assembly complete with springs, complete speedo and drive assembly, drop handlebars, rear contracting brake assembly complete with lever, and toolbox. Any restorable condition. js@jbaviation.com England (01.20.05)

Wanted: Indian 1940 Delco-Remy ignition switch and Indian micro ignitionswitch. Complete or partials. ziggy@ziggysmotorworks.com WA (01.18.05)

Wanted: Motolamp headlight and used exhaust system in any condition for a '38 Chief.lsrezin@hotmail.com WI (01.18.05)

Wanted: 1927-30 Chief or 45" short frame Scout gas tanks these are the wider through the frame type ziggy@ziggysmotorworks.com  WA (01.12.05)

Wanted: 1928-31 Indian 101 Scout. Resorable runner preferred, but all considered. vklm@adelphia.net VA (01.06.05)

Wanted: For an Indian Model "O" opposed twin, carburetor, oil tank & handlebars. Or anything else. adious@aol.com OK (01.05.05)

Wanted: 40's vintage rear Indian Chief Bonneville/80 ci cylinder head. Will consider complete set. smhckid@aol.com NY (01.03.05)

Wanted: Air filter for WWII military Indian ivan.swain@xtra.co.nz New Zealand (12.31.04)

Wanted:Motolamp for 1937-38 Indian, also need float for Schebler DLX-110 carburetor. Have vertical parts to trade. linnflyser@earthlink.net CO (12.29.04)

Wanted: Correct ignition switch for a 1938 Indian Scout. Also need a 741 Indian chain guard, complete, or just the front half. linnflyser@earthlink.net CO (12.29.04)

Wanted: Chief basket case or frame 40-53 knoopty@zonnet.nlNetherlands (12.28.04)

Wanted: Good pair of cylinders and pistons for a 1924 chief 61 cu.in. atetu@globetrotter.net Canada (12.26.04)

Wanted: Set of gas tanks for a 1941 Chief FasstJim@aol.comCO (12.21.04)

Wanted: Ace four early type steel exhaust manifold and rear wheel. csymonds@bigpond.com.au Australia (12.19.04)

Wanted: Original 6 volt horn for 1947 Chief. briankel@kent.net Canada (12.17.04)

Wanted: For Indian Dispatch Tow- the rear pumpkin. Have gears, brake drum, need only the center hub, or complete unit. dixchief@rochester.rr.com NY (12.15.04)

Wanted: 1939 Dispatch Tow motorcycle any condition. lilhyer@msn.com CA (12.07.04)

Wanted: Information on 1925 Prince restoring one now,any information about this uncommon model would be greatly appreciated. alibi73@earthlink.net IL (12.05.04)

Wanted:  Pre 1950 Indian Chief to restore dlbrent@mhtc.net WI (12.05.04)

Wanted: 1928-31 101 Scout. Restorable runner preferred but any considered. vklm@adelphia.net VA (12.04.04)

Wanted: 1939 Indian Four exhaust manifold in good condition. Should be without the two holes for the "riser pipes" as used on 1938 and later models. martindezaaijer@hotmail.com Holland (12.01.04)

Wanted: Good used or new rotor for 1925/27 Scout bettyvqandermeer@wanadoo.nl Holland (11.29.04)

Wanted: Splitdorf NS2-45degree-right hand rotation or Bosch ev-45-right hand rotation mag for 28 Super X. jim@kiesler.net ID (11.29.04)

Wanted: Indian Power Plus 1916 to 1930, or 8 valve Four pre 1930 to purchase please send details ingleburndevelopments@yahoo.co.uk NZ (11.25.04)

Wanted: Good used rear brake drum for a '46 Chief. dehoyos.1@juno.com TX (11.21.04)

Wanted: Information on what years the Indian used the leather covered chumme seats. Possibly pre '49?? I have an old original chumme seat and would like to know what year and model of bike it fits. thorpestephen@yahoo.com VA (11.21.04)

Wanted: Searching for an Indian Powerplus. Complete but doesn't have to run to complete a display of NYPD bikes. If you have or know of someone that does, please write and we will chat. buana55@hotmail.com CT (11.20.04)

Wanted: Servicable front fender for 48 Chief. Have parts to trade, or buy outright. RDOT4850CHIEF@aol.com TX (11.17.04)

Wanted: Sport Scout Parts: 1934 Outer Primary, 1934-35 Shifter, 1934-39 Rear Frame, 1934-35 tanks, Schbler DLX 107 carb essegern@sympatico.ca Canada (11.16.04)

Wanted: 1934 Sport Scout inner and outer primary cases and fuel tanks (360) 871-8120 ziggy@ziggysmotorworks.com  WA (11.13.04)

Wanted: 46-48 front fork for Indian Chief. knuckmoller@hotmail.com Sweden (11.12.04)

Wanted: Complete 101 front end less handle bars and light- have stuff for trade or will buy outright. atocp4u@aol.com CA (10.31.04)

Wanted: Parts for Indian (Royal Enfield) 1958 Trailblazer. Front and rear fender, front fender tip, lucas quick disconnect connectors... indian59@caramail.comFrance (10.25.04)

Wanted: 1930's Indian Chief in need of restoration.  First time bike owner, who has a desire to restore a bike. Interested in 90%+ original. Matt@KNVT.com CA (10.23.04)

Wanted: Parts for 741 Bobber project. Have complete engine and tranny. jlwelch@ci.fairbanks.ak.us AK (10.20.04)

 Wanted:1928-31 101 Scout. Restorable runner preferred but any will be considered. vklm@adelphia.net  VA (10.15.04)

Wanted: Parts and information for the restoration of Excelsior Super X 1925 and 1930. Need rims, ammeter, speedo 160km/h, headlamp (bullet type or 1931 Motolamp), horn, aluminium tanks, 1925 ignition switch and many more small parts....all contacts and information welcome! I have original Indian parts to swap! gsol@gmx.at Europe (10.12.04)

Wanted: A nice pair of 18" Indian Chief wheel rims. ricklesliej@charter.net NV (10.08.04)

Wanted: For a 1925 Indian Scout; DU-5H generator, headlight and Klaxton horn. steven_julia@sbcglobal.net MO (10.05.04)

Wanted: Rear fender for Indian 249, Also looking for dash and related parts. retlt72@yahoo.com MA (10.03.04)

Wanted: Pre 1950 Indian Chief to restore. dlbrent@mhtc.netWI (09.29.04)

Wanted: Schebler DLX 77 carburator for early Indians with 1 inch disks. rfrack8610@aol.comIA (09.26.04)

Wanted: 1937 NY license plate. sales@victorylibrary.com NY (09.26.04)

Wanted: (Trade only) Indian front end with fender and brake backing plate that I was told fits 32-34 Standard Scout, Chief or Four (Not sure), but pix are available. Trade for 101 front end only. atocp4u@aol.com CA (09.24.04)

Wanted: Rear end housing for 1938 servicar tattoodv@aol.com ID (09.24.04)

Wanted: Indian Chief, Scout or Sport Scout. 1930-1951. Must be presentable and reasonably correct. Not an AMCA show bike. aguy239@earthlink.net  NY (09.21.04)

Wanted: 1940 Sport Scout front frame. Must be restorable. Trades possible. oldindian@xl.wp.pl Poland (09.17.04)

Wanted: 37-48 Chief. Reasonably priced rideable or rebuildable for father/son project. Serious, private buyer. (770) 329-7766 bradandchristine@juno.com GA (09.16.04)

Wanted: Front fender tip for Indian (Royal Enfield) trailblazers (1958-1960). indian59@caramail.com France(09.13.04)

Wanted: I have 2 nice condition 42 degreee rotor/cams for Edison RM magnetos, I need to trade for 2 equal condition 45 degree cams for the same mag. Buy or trade. pigstye13@aol.com TX (09.08.04)

Wanted: Frame for a postwar Chief - 1946 to 53. Prefer one with rear springs, battery platform and other little bits. Needed to replace a bent one. Please advise price, condition and location. Philip_Boyes@hotmail.com Canada (09.04.04)

Wanted: pre 1950 Indian Chief Motorcycle not restored. I want to restore.  I will travel to pick up. Price and condition please. dlbrent@mhtc.net WI (08.29.04)

Wanted: Original paint or old repaint matching number 80 inch Chief. Need not run. No "restored" incorrect fasteners and paint  ( base coat, clear coat!) bikes please! oldmill@rideau.net Canada (08.29.04)

Wanted: Sport Scout frame in good condition without previous repairs. zuckes@motomuseum.com France (08.27.04)

Wanted: 1920-1924 ACE engine. Location is not an issue. pernordlund@yahoo.com Sweden (08.24.04)

Wanted: Unrestored Chief or Scout from 40-47 with Matching Numbers. frank.loehler@planet-interkom.deGermany (08.24.04)

Wanted: 1910-1914 unrestored Indian to ride in rallies and to give it a good home. A scruffy bike would be a dream. Ronnie.Bracke@belgacom.net Begium (08.14.04)

Wanted: Case and bezel in good condition for 741 speedo.  I already have internals. timwinterson@yahoo.co.uk Europe (08.09.04)

Wanted: H-D police motorcycle receiver from 36-46 to TRADE for my Indian police motorcycle receiver. circa 32-36 made American-Bosch factory, complete in NOS box. flathead@freemail.hu Hungary (08.03.04)

Wanted: Indian 841 parts, need sidestand, coil mount, wheel hub  with 5/16" stud holes, air cleaner and manifold, carb parts & cylinder heads. redskin@dodo.com.au Austalia (07.23.04)

Wanted: Need a set of front connecting links for my 1937 Chief, part #74114. These go between the rockers and the front of the leaf spring. ricklesliej@charter.net NV (07.22.04)

Wanted: Indian 1912 model. RONNIE.BRACKE@BELGACOM.NET Belgium (07.18.04)

Wanted: 40's military HD WLA or Indian project bike. davemcguire08@yahoo.com KY (07.16.04)

Wanted: Pair of cylinders for 1925 big Chief. scout1930@aol.com FL (07.11.04)

Wanted:Information, pictures, contact with other owners of 1951 NYCPD Special Order Dispatch Tows (FEA101-FEA106?) robg@techie.com WA (07.11.04)

Wanted: Any parts for Indian Brave. robg@techie.com WA (07.11.04)

Wanted: For 438 - Autolite coil, ignition switch (condition of bakelite cover not important). robg@techie.com WA (07.11.04)

Wanted: Leaf springfront end in good condition.  Also looking for a bee hive oil tank and tail light.  Bee hive gas tank?? one_tall_cool_1@hotmail.com KS (07.08.04)

Wanted: Origanalbattery hold down strap for 1940 Indian Four. thudson@egginc.com VA (07.01.04)

Wanted: Right footboard mounting rail for 1940 640B Scout. Also, I'd like to hear from anyone with a 1940 640B military Scout with serial and engine numbers between FDO-1517 and FDO-2067, especially anyone with an unrestored bike. Thanks! dlutman@weckclosure.com NC(06.30.04)

Wanted: Indian Brave foot pegs or NOS rubber foot peg covers and oil pump for same. ironwigwam2@aol.com PA (06.29.04)

Wanted: Corbin Brown Speedometer for indian 101 scout 1929. pedrojsc@hotmail.com Portugal (06.27.04)

Wanted: Front shock for girder (46-48 Chief) front end prefer original & will pay fair price. oldspeed53@yahoo.com NY (06.23.04)

Wanted: Fender trim for 1940 Indian four.  Complete set needed. grizzlywif@aol.com FL (06.13.04)

Wanted: 1939 Indian 130 mph speedo needed. Have 52/53 BSC Indian speedo. Trade or will buy outright. dixchief@rochester.rr.com NY (06.12.04)

Wanted: 1940-41 Indian Four Project or complete motorcyle.  Would also consider complete engine and any parts also. andynowk@hotmail.comNE (06.06.04)

Wanted:Handlebars for a 1907 Indian. Interested in any other parts available as well. CASTLEARMS@COMCAST.NET MA (06.06.04)

Wanted: 1928 45" CGP engine cases. Will buy outright or trade 1927 45" BGP set. Also wanted 1934 sport scout inner and outer primary cases. (360) 871-8120 ziggy@ziggysmotorworks.com WA (05.28.04)

Wanted: For 841 complete exhaust, horn face, front crash bars. Have some trade items. banjomikehashem@aol.com NH(05.27.04)

Wanted:1938 Indian Four or 39 Chief in good original or restored condition (718) 979-4442 supercyc1@aol.com NY (05.27.04)

Wanted: Most any parts for 1953 Indian Brave. Particularly clutch parts, exhaust, seat and any accessory item. itchyacres99@yahoo.com OH (05.21.04)

Wanted: Indian 1938 Four Cylinder rear head. Have a front head, intake manifold and a front cylinder to trade. vanblaere.katy@belgacom.net Belgium (05.20.04)

Wanted: ACE or Indian four parts such as engine or parts of it, frame,wheels,etc antiquemotor2000@yahoo.com CA (05.14.04)

Wanted: Original 41 Indian Sport Scout chain guard. I have an original 46 chief chain guard to trade or I will buy it outright. dixchief@rochester.rr.com NY (05.07.04)
Wanted: 1913 Indian parts, looking for most everything. Also looking for early Ace motor and most everything else. grrrbilly@hotmail.com US (05.04.04)

Wanted: 20's to 30's Scout project. rop47883@mail.telepac.pt Portugal (05.04.04)

Wanted:Cleveland Four Cylinder parts. Let me know what spares you might have. I have several projects I am working on at this time. Also any Fowler Four parts and lower early Henderson frame section. workforbikes@earthlink.net CA (04.29.04)

Wanted: all models of Indians for display, in beautiful condition, for a Concours de Elegance Show, July 25th, in Suburbs of Detroit. Go to www.concoursatcranbrook.com for info and registration. Questions,call Mark (586) 703-8850 (04.29.04)

Wanted: 1940 - 1945 Chief forks. I've got everything else, bike was done till my fork leg snapped and was deemed unrepairable. (714) 972-0980 ali.as@verzon.net CA (04.25.04)

Wanted: 1935 thru 1939 Chief project bike.  Original bike, basket case, or older restoration.  I have the cash and just want to pay an honest price for an honest bike.  I also have a '48 Chief basket, less sheet metal, to trade up or down if interested. djfitz@ocslink.comIll(04.23.04)

Wanted: 48-53 Indian aluminum oil pump. Needed for bobber project. ndnparts@yahoo.com OR (04.19.04)

Wanted: DLX 11 Schebler carb in good condition. I have some other carbs for trade or purchase outright. csymonds@bigpond.com.au Australia (04.13.04)

Wanted: Brake cross over shaft and both pivot levers for a 741. Please mention 741 in the subject line. kevparker@aol.com MT (04.06.04)

Wanted: 1970's 125 Indian dirtbike parts and Manualmfultz1@cinci.rr.com OH (04.04.04)

Wanted: MotoLamp headlight & speedomter for 40 thru 47 Indian Chief joe_luna@sbcglobal.net TX (04.03.04)

Wanted: Indian 1927/28 VF type connecting rods to suit a four motor also looking for Indian four oil pump. csymonds@bigpond.com.au Australia (04.02.04)

Wanted: 1934-1939 Indian Chief. Must be numbers matching and excellant original or correctly restored. Not neccesarily a 100 point bike, but a very nice restored rider. johnlord@webtv.netOH (03.29.04)

Wanted: Indian 841 carb parts (throttle shaft) or an 841 left carburator for parts. rfrack8610@aol.com Iowa (03.14.04)

Wanted: A good set of useable foot boards with the rubber for a 26 Scout prefer crusty but readable to match the barn fresh look of this bike. Also need the external brake band assembly for this export model from Australia, it does not appear to be the same as 101 as it has the cable bracket already attached to the rear outer drum cover this is a dual brake band model. Also need the brake lever assembly  for the handlebars for the same machine. SFRIZZELLL@AOL.COMUS (03.08.04)

Wanted: 1944 to 1947 Chief generator  in working  order with regulator or cutout switch. daystyre@ix.net.au Australia (03.05.04)

Wanted: Looking for a Nimbus motorcycle to ride or build any year or condition. zebulun.mushlin@ge.com MI (03.04.04)

Wanted : Right front fork rocker, clutch pedal, brake pedal, all for a 1940 Chief. Fred France (03.02.04)

Wanted :+.030 pistons with rings for a 741B, would prefer NOS. Fred France (03.02.04)

Wanted: Looking for a Linkert M641 carb. knudandersen@post1.tele.dkDK (02.28.04)

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