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Vintage (pre 1954) Indian items only please
(Crocker, Henderson and other obscure marques are kinda ok, but there are lots of other places to advertize your harley)

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For Sale: I have for sale a front wheel and rear wheel for a 1916 Indian Powerplus 1900.00 cdn.  NS, Canada  (6.03 2012)
For Sale: I have for sale a very interesting little Indian one of only six built in 1961 by Lenaerts of Belgium with a working 49cc petrol engine and chain drive. Lenaerts built Indian Motorcycles for fairground roundabout rides from 1951 to 1966, these are relativly common, estimated to be about 500 worldwide, but they only ever made 6 powered ridable Little Indians and this is the only one I have ever seen or found on the internet. It was ridden daily as part of a Circus act that travelled Europe right up until 1984. I bought it in 1991, displayed it in my office for a couple of years and have had it in storage ever since. To give an idea of scale it's 40inches long, is in very good unrestored condition, paint is outstanding (though a little dusty) with no rust, engine turns and runs and it rides well. It has electric lights but I've never had them working. Due to a house move it along with a lot of my other valued treasures has to go. Email for further information and photos. I'm in Oxfordshire England. UK  (5.20 2012)
For Sale: For1948-1953 Chief. Used electric starter conversion kit. Made by Tom Fusco. Some wear on sprag gear. Recent battery. Complete except for 12 volt generator. $750 or best offer. 1948-1953 Chief used tanks in great condition. $450. CA, USA (5.20 2012)
For Sale: Indian Chief  74" parts. Gear cluster and complete gearbox, repaired fuel tanks, primary chaincase, crank and connecting rods set, cams set, oil pump...  Brussels, Belgium  (5.20 2012)
For Sale: Various documents from 1925-1940 from the Indian Motorcycle Co, including private correspondence between E. Paul DuPont and Indian dealers. Some will be listed on ebay You may email or call 515 447 5290. Thanks, Mike IA, USA (4.01 2012)
For Sale: I am selling: Indian 101 Scout 1928, original, without documents, under restoration. Inheritance. Good condition. Offer your price please. Biggest offer wins. Transport the responsibility of buyer. After your approximate offer we can agree on sending pictures and visit. Location Mlada Boleslav Czech Republic  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: 1930's Indian Scout Jr motor and trans. MI, USA  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: I have a late 1939-early 1940 Corbin made Indian 130 mph speedometer in original working condition.  CT, USA  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: Indian Chief parts for sale: 1946 & 1947 Speedometer w/light & bracket, restored $1000. Front brake shoes, restored $130. Rear brake shoes, restored $85. 1937 to 1939 Chief complete rear wheel w/brake, tire, axle & adjusters, restored $1450. Chief front motor mounts, plated $80 pair. Connecting rod rebuilt sets, 74" $390, 80" $450. Headlight bracket original powder coated $95. Rear brake drum w/studs & sprocket, restored. Chief front cylinder head nice shape $170. Clutch sprocket $100. Clutch hub $45. Clutch Spring plate $20. Clutch pressure plate $70. 1938 to '47 oil pumps rebuilt and plated complete $400. 1946 to '47 oil pump assy. $115. 1938 to '47 Generator complete w/bracket, restored $750. 1938 to '53 Distributor complete w/brackets, restored $375. NOS Chief cams & lifters STD. $450. Carburetor Bonneville completely restored $700. Chief cam cover NOS $260. Chief tranny case $350. Chief tranny case top assy., complete $200. Tranny main shaft 1940 to '53 $130. Speedometer faces new $80. Chief piston set complete $100. Regulators for generators NOS $225 Reproduction $100. Two, 1933 NOS tail light lenses w/six wiring clips. $70. 1946 front brake lever assy. (at brake plate) complete $100. Side car brake linkage equalizer assy. $90. Tail light asst. complete w/license bracket. $80. Original Indian Wing embroidered patch $50. Indian fishing reel #80 $90. Jar of Indian hand cleaner original $50. Can of Indian polish & preservative $300. Leather riding pants brown, size 32" waist. $100.  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: Chief cams and shafts out of 1937 Chief and one extra cam, also Chummee seat pan, $300 OBO for all. CA, USA  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: Front fork off a 1935 Indian Chief. This fork is not in working condition and needs welding work, however it is all in one piece and has clean threads. Very difficult to find, I looked for over a year for a replacement instead of repairing these but I cant weld. $1200 NY, USA  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: 1913 Thor model U. Unrestored, roller. Has spark and compression. Fenders are Pope.. Has 1913 title. N CA, USA  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: Vintage 1948 Indian Chief replica model. Make offer. TX, USA  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: Fender set for Scout 1920 to 1923, new repro, with stays, have it stored for 15 years, primer painted, can ship anywhere, Set Euro 390. Germany  (3.04 2012)
For Sale: Parts. One new chromed Chief kick starter lever  $300. One NOS 741 or scout kick starter lever  $300. Chief tanks, very good condition. need to be sealed $600. 18 inch pre-46 chief wheel, rusty $250. Chief crash bars, old chrome $100. 1930's Chief front fork spring legs (between the leaf spring and rockers) chrome, with rocker studs $150. 18 inch Scout front wheel and brake $300. Pre-40 chief rear brake backing plate $150. NOS 741 and scout generator $300. Nice leather 40-later chief saddle bags -not Indian- lots of tooling - $500. Chief cylinder $250. Will post more prices and parts later. MT, USA (2.06 2012)
For Sale: 1953 Chief Roadmaster. Restored correctly in the mid-eighties and ridden 607 kms since. It is an export model, has been in climate-controlled display for many years. I can send photos by email. $30,000 firm. ME, USA (2.06 2012)
For Sale: 1917 Indian board track racer 1000cc, 45000€  - and a 1920 Haley-Davidson 1200cc with sidecar, 45000€. They're totaly restored and can't run (?? Moen) France (2.06 2012)
For Sale:  1930 Indian Silver-Arrow outboard motor:. Original condition (unrestored). Turns over. Has compression. Fully functioning throttle lever. Missing aluminum name plate. $5,000 USD.  TX, USA (2.06 2012)
For Sale: Crocker parts and memorabilia. For over 15 years I have collected many items in my show case. Now I have decided to sell some of the items. Please phone me at 1-416-833-1374. Thank you. Toronto, Canada (2.06 2012)
For Sale: Indian Hedstrom & PP parts. REPLICA. Canada (2.06 2012)
For Sale: Indian-1941-46 original Hoyt ammeter. Good working condition. Will send pics. Make offer. MI, USA (2.06 2012)
For Sale: Grandpa's motorcycle home movies on DVD. 1937-1940 ridin', racin, & rallyin. 2 full hours. Awesome footage!  NC, USA (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 1951 Indian Chief 80 CI motor haves 50 miles since overhaul. Two tone brown all original except paint. Have original saddle bags and hardware for two piece windshild. $30,000 VA, USA (11.07 2011)
For Sale: I have a 1931 Indian Scout 101. It's in pieces in my basement. Was going to restore it but just dont have the time, and I have been getting sick. What I have is the complete frame, front forks, both wheels and seat. I also have a 1 cylinder and also a 2-cylinder engine. Will need to be rebulit due they have been sitting 25 years. I also have many other parts, looking to sell the whole lot or seperate parts. If interested please email me and I will send pics and we can work out a price. NY, USA  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: Indian 1914 pedal start assembly with clutch and compensating sprocket. Nice condition. Pictures available.  MI, USA (11.07 2011)
For Sale: Original 1911/1912 Indian Twin left side pedal crank $350.00. 1915/1916 ratcheting kick star gear $150.00, Excellent condition. Email Pictures on request. KS, USA  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: I have A 1918 Indian Model O engine. Missing the carb and intake manifold, all else there. Numbers on the case # 34K124. The engine rolls over just fine.  FL, USA  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: Vintage very rare Mesinger motorcycle saddle. Patent date stamped in leather: November 21st, 1916.  WA, USA  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: Indian Powerplus 1918 parts. Complete handlebar with twisters. Transmision cover, most of the parts to the gearbox. A complete clutch and handbrake lever with the frame bracket for the wire.foot brake pedal and clutch pedal. nd a very nice (like new) complete Mesinger seat with brackets and springs. Mail me for prices and pictures  Sweden  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 1928 Husqvarna 180A Sport model 550cc v-twin - extremely rare even in Sweden, maybe the only one left ? Old bike with nice patina. Maybe trade for Indian basket case Cheif, Sport Scout, Ace, or? Robb. Sweden  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 1926 and later Ace cylinder with perfect fins. I will trade for a 1923-25 Ace cylinder. NY, USA (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 741 Linkertcarb for military scout. All rebuilt, fresh bead blasted, new Rubber Duck float, new nozzle with 2 needle valves, one is Viton tip, the other is stainless. The bowl cleaned up nicely on the outside, but pitted inside. Overall it's in very good condition. Asking $400.00  MI, USA (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 1952 Indian Brave, $2500 OBO - not running, needs restoration, crankcase cover missing.  CA, USA (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 1942 Indian 841. less than 700 miles.Restored. Very nice example and a good runner. Dr Jerry Schreiber.,  Asking $29750 (11.07 2011)
For Sale: Indian Motorcycle clutch back plate Pt# 74144. This is for the small and early V-twins. I made several sets of cylinder base nuts in 303 stainless new for the V-twins. I have a lot of Indian parts for ACE, Indian V-Twins, Indian Four, and some Henderson. If you send me an email I will send you the list of parts that I have. IN, USA  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 1938-39 Indian 4 Schebler DLX 113 carb perfect condition, was on some type of old non-Indian motor, took off bowl carefully to make sure it was complete; everything there, float stuck but did not force, been sitting for years, maybe trade for Scout or 741 complete front end with wheel and brake or 1200 dollars. CA, USA  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: Aluminum oil pump and matching cam case cover, 16" Chrome Dunlop rims, (.343" sized nipple holes), 2 Goodyear Super Eagle 100's 5X16 tires, 2 Avon MK II 5x16 tires. LA, CA, USA  (11.07 2011)
For Sale: 1930 Indian 4. Great looking and running. A # 2 bike. Red. US$40K obo CA, USA (11.07 2011)
For Sale: Support putting an Indian Motorycle streamliner into the AMA record books by buying a new white cotton T-shirt for Dream Catcher Bonneville Crew. Comes with a 40's style grayscale image of an Indian streamliner on the dry lakes. $25 *Free shipping worldwide*

Vintage Sam Pierce Indian T-shirts, exactly as his originals. $20 plus shipping, your purchase will help an indianmotocycle uprising at BUB 2009. PA, USA

Check out the Dream Catcher website  and please give any support you can - if ever there was a worthy cause in this hobby of ours, this must be it. Moen   Update December 30, 2008: New Dream Catcher story on the VI

For Sale: Scout 101 Kit. New reproduction rolling chassis + the major parts to build a 750cc/45" stroker engine and transmission (basically all the parts that you wouldn't replace with new ones in the course of a rebuild). Worldwide shipping no problem.  Denmark (5.16 2011)
For Sale:  1952 Indian Brave, complete, engine needs rebuild, all sheet metal recently refurbished. $3000 OBO, trades considered.  CA, USA (5.16 2011)
For Sale: Custom Crocker 38-61-30  Hemi head all rebuilt, offers considered. Photos on request. Canada (3.27 2011)
For Sale: 1930 Excelsior Super X. 99.5 point bike. Just beautiful. Steve Huntzinger did the resto for way more than the asking price. $33,000 US.  CA, USA (3.27 2011)
For Sale: Indian 101 1928, 37", beautiful bike, restored. Info  Poland (3.27 2011)
For Sale: Indian Motorcycle clutch back plate Pt# 74144. This is for the small and early V-twins. I made several sets of cylinder base nuts in 303 stainless new for the V-twins. I have a lot of Indian parts for ACE, Indian V-Twins, Indian Four, and some Henderson. If you send me an email at , I will send you the list of parts that I have. IN, USA  (3.27 2011)
For Sale: I have a Goulding Rocket, complete. I just got it, I need to research it. I think its a big (wonder) chassis. Will have pictures Saturday. Right now I am thinking 5200$ but I need to research. It is pretty clean.  OH, USA  (3.27 2011)
For Sale: 1938 Sport Scout, drive train,rebuilt, wheels, forks, paint, gen. carb., new horn, exhaust, amp gauge. The kinks have been worked out, needs break-in miles. E-mail for pictures. Thanks.  VA, USA  (3.27 2011)
For Trade: Looking to trade NOS 1938 Indian Chief rear cylinder for a 1937 Indian Chief rear Cylinder. Exchange based on condition.  MN, USA  (3.27 2011)
For Sale: NOS. Fuel filters still in original military boxes. Original OD green paint. I only have a small supply $150.00 each. Email enquiries to  MS, USA (3.27 2011)
For Trade: Schebler DLX-50 and DLX-63 carburator for Indian Scout 101 600cc, 1928 and 1929 .What I need is a new (welded) Chief 1947 fuel tank.  Finland. (2.06 2011)
For Sale: Lower triple tree for 1946 to 1948 Chief girder forks.  USA (2.06 2011)
For Sale: 1909 Hedstrom/Indian Motor: -engine # 10A8xx -complete w/ carb -engine turns over but not completely (maybe valves stuck) Gary.  CA, USA (2.06 2011)
For Sale: Chief "Chum-me" dual seat spring bracket + springs + 2 brackets to the frame: 90 €. Simo.  Finland (2.06 2011)
For Sale: Indian Motorcycle clutch back plate Pt# 74144. This is for the small and early V-twins. I made several sets of cylinder base nuts in 303 stainless new for the V-twins. I have a lot of Indian parts for ACE, Indian V-Twins, Indian Four, and some Henderson. If you send me an email at , I will send you the list of parts that I have. IN, USA (1.10 2011)
For Sale: 1200cc 1934 engine for an Indian motorcycle and an original 1936 Indian motorcycle in excellent condition. Serious inquiries only.  NY, USA (1.10 2011)
For Sale: 1911 Indian Big Twin. This bike runs, and is titled. 1911 is the year that Indian won the Isle of Man TT races, with sweeping, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place victories.  Be a part of this history, and join in the festivities of the 100th Anniversary of this most significant event. This bike is real. The only aftermarket part on it is the luggage rack. For serious inquiries only contact;  CA, USA (1.10 2011)
For Sale: Set of Chief rods. Or trade for Sport Scout rods.  TX, USA (1.10 2011)

For Trade Only: 1936 Indian 4 upper case in perfect condition no welds or previous repairs, want to trade for 1939 Indian 4 case in the same condition. Please email particuliars. Thanks  WA, USA (1.10 2011)
For Sale: 1958 Royal Enfield Indian Trailblazer 700. Very nicely chromed out with windshield and bags. I know it isn't a pre 1953 but it is cool and rare. Drop me line if interested. Matt  DC metro area, USA  (1.10 2011)
For Sale: Side car body, Indian Chief 1930.  Belgium (1.10 2011)
For Sale: A rare Indian Princess side car, all complete with brackets, in good original condition. 5000€   France (12.13 2010)
For Trade: Indian Corbin speedo, special for 340 chief (CAV), in nice original working condition, complete with cable and drive. Trade for Corbin (100mph), same condition. France (12.13 2010)
For Sale: 1946 Indian Chief Bonneville basket case with Matching Numbers! $15,000 OBO or trade. email any inquiries to  MS, USA (12.13 2010)
For Sale: Rear spoked 24 inch rim with Corbin duplex, lever, cover, pads, axle, and 2 sprockets with bearings. Not bent, missing 2 spokes. $400.  NH, USA(12.13 2010)
For Sale: 1953 80 cu in Chief. Matching numbers. In barn for 30 years. Good compression. No aftermarket parts. NOS speedo with 7 miles. All missing parts, and more comes in a box with the bike. Call Walt at Supercycle at 718 979 4442. NY, USA  (11.28 2010)
For Sale: 1949 Indian Arrow parts bike. Missing cylinder and head. Can send images. Best offer.  WI, USA (11.28 2010)
For Sale: Indian sidecar, left side, was on an 1946 Chief. Can send pics. Euro 5200.   Sweden (11.28 2010)
For Sale: 1916 Henderson engine. Rebuilt, complete with mag and carb. Euro 15000.  Germany (11.28 2010)
For Sale: 741 with numerous modern upgrades. 37 cu. in. King clutch, rebuilt generator with Podtronics regulator, solid state ignition, PEEK seals, etc. $18K USD.  Canada (11.28 2010)
For Sale: 1930 Indian Silver Arrow outboard motor, number DO1249.  MA, USA (10.10 2010)
For Sale: Dispatch-Tow box. An EXACT reproduction of the 1936 through 1942 Indian Dispatch-Tow Box is now available at . USA (10.10 2010)
For Sale: Indian early 1920's primary cover with "Hendee Manufacturing Co" text: EUR290. 741B luggage carrier, solid, used: EUR90. 741B mudguards (civilian taillight), both with brackets EUR180. Simo.  Finland (9.20 2010)
For Sale: 1938 Indian Scout Jr. motor for sale $1200.00 obo. Cases, 3 valves, 1 cam gear, cylinders, heads, flywheel, crank, pistons, oil pump, intake manifold, motor mounts. Prior owner blasted and painted. Been oiling and turning by hand last 5 years. Too many projects. Bubba 210-445-5366. Buyer will have to pick up or figure out shipping. San Antonio, TX, USA   (9.20 2010)
For Sale: 1926 Indian Prince. 3000 miles. Belonged to Grandpa, now aunt ready to sell. All stock, no rust. Asking price minimum $16500, please bid.  AZ, USA (9.12 2010)
For Sale: 1939 Indian Sport Scout, restored and ready to ride. The motor is stroked and its a rocket. Nothing left untouched, new paint, motor, tires, the works. $23,000 firm. I will ship overseas and within the USA. Photos can be seen here at , CA, USA (9.12 2010)
For Sale: Hedstrom carburetor patent date 1909 found in my fathers garage.  It seems to be in excellent condition.  Looks like it is for a 2 cylinder engine.  Nice chrome.  I believe the patent date is January 28 1909.  It saysHedstrom improved carburetor. Hendee MFG. Co. Springfield Mass, U.S.A.  According to the interenet it may be for a very early Indian motorcycle with a big V twin engine. Just curious if anyone could put a value on something like this?  Thank you, Joe  NH, USA  (9.12 2010)
For Sale: I have the nicest matching numbers 1938 Indian "4" with sidecar that you have ever seen. Pictures upon request. The powerplant is a Ken Young senior restore.  This bike is perfect and very original. The speedo and switches are real. This bike is expensive and I have turned down $85,000 many times. 100k will buy it. Let me know if you want pics.  IN, USA (9.12 2010)
For Sale: Indian Brave parts, British manufacture. Suspension, cylinder, cylinder head, wheel hubs, speedometer holder, batery box, handlebars, engine cover, brakes. Good price for the whole package, email me for pics. Please do not email me for internet frauds (yes, maybe it helps to just ask politely! Moen). I speak English. Portugal (9.12 2010)
For Sale: Original 1940 Indian Sidecar CAV, 18 inch wheel, complete. I can send photos, 5000 euros. Enrique Akerreta.. Navarra (North of Spain) (9.12 2010)
For Sale: Scout 101 short frame 1928 600cc/37". Complete unrestored barn find, good condition. Worldwide shipping no problem. Price 14200 EUR.  Germany (7.31 2010)
For Sale: Linkert carb off my 46 Chief. This is an M88. Just rebuilt and ready to run. Email for pics. $450.00. Len.  MN, USA  (7.31 2010)
For Sale: 1949 Scout. $6500.00. Never ran it. Email for pics.  FL, USA  (7.31 2010)
For Sale: Assorted Indian parts. Davenport AMCA swap meet is coming up soon, September 2-3-4 2010. Let us know what you are looking for so we can bring it for you. WA, USA  (7.31 2010)
For Sale: 1939 Jr. Scout. Beautiful condition. $13,000.  VA, USA (7.11 2010)
For Sale: Teens Indian or Excelsior side car. Tub it is solid and has the frame. Offers around $2000.  Canada (7.11 2010)
For Sale: The book that chronicles the life of one of the most interesting people involved in Indian motorcycling is now available. Includes stories and photos from seven decades of motorcycling history. Even though he never turned pro, Max has been inducted into seven motorcycling Halls of Fame. From racing Indians in the California desert in the 30’s to riding cross country on antiques in the 21st century, Max’s story is a slice of contemporary history well worth reading. The book runs over 200 pages and includes lots of photos. Inquiries can be made at . CA, USA (4.18 2010)
For Sale: Oley AMCA swap meet special. All Indian reproduction fuel tanks $50.00 off normal retail price. Cash only. April 22-25, 2010 at the swap meet. Stock on hand only. Soldered or welded steel tanks. 1920 -1953 Indian Scout or Chief, 101 Scout,  Jr Scout and 741. WA, USA (4.18 2010)
For Sale: One set of original paint (Seafoam Blue) 1948 Chief gas tanks with original emblems in excellent condition. $800 Canadian funds. Canada (4.11 2010)
For Sale: 1951 indian Scout bicycle. All original, no seat or tire pump in working condition, one spoke on front tire missing. Some surface rust on the handle bars, and the hand grips are worn. A few drops of yellow paint got onto frame but it can be removed. Fender has original Indian Scout decal, as well as the Indian decal down the frame under the seat. Black in color, with both fenders and back reflector. The shifter does say 4 on it, however everything I have read says three speed. Very nice bike if someone can get the original missing parts.  CT, USA (4.11 2010)
For Sale -or trade: 1912 Indian boadtracker, ported single, original paint. Email for good photos and more info (see also ad below).  CA, USA (4.11 2010
For Sale: Ex Steve McQueen Indian Daytona racer with Flexi sidecar. Green and white, pictured in many Indian books, still has the original boardtrack tires on it. I have all Steve Mc Queen paperwork. Email for photos and more info. Also have Steve McQueen's green and white 1914 single Boardtracker for sale.  CA, USA (3.22 2010)
For Sale: 1948 Indian Chief original complete set of sheetmetal includes, front and rear fenders, gas tanks, chainguard, belt guard and tool box. Fenders have been restored and gas tanks are solid. $1500.00. Thanks, Mark.  Canada (3.22 2010)
For Sale: My friend's dad bought this Indian Cheif in 1949. Left to him when dad passed on. It's blue, been overhauled. 600 miles on meter. Make me an offer.  MO, USA (3.22 2010)
For Sale: Pair of front Sport Scout (1940-42) valve rockers will trade for a pair of rear. Sweden (3.22 2010)
For Sale: Used carburator for Indian 741. I send photos. Enrique Akerreta - Navarra (Spain). (3.22 2010)
For Sale: Indian Big Chief 1924 1200cc, complete, color red, frame no. 92X209.  Nederland (3.02 2010)
For Sale: Indian side car, left side. Euro 4800, email for pics.  Sweden (3.02 2010)
For Sale: Scout 741, 1939 Sport Scout look. Red + black with gold stripes. Fully restored, engine and gearbox overhauled, big pistons, new tyres. Euro 11500  Germany (2.15 2010)
For Sale: 1946 Chief, matching numbers, 80 stroker, cams, Carrillo rods, 12 volts, electronic ignition, windshield, etc. Canada (2.07 2010)
For Sale: Carbide lamp for sale, used on old model Indians. Interested email me. Only serious buyer.  India (2.07 2010)
For Sale: 640 B Rear rack original patina OD green $200. Tail light, military, like new $80. 640 B Chain guard, both pieces NOS $250. Will trade for proper speedo drive, pinion, cable and 50 tooth hub gear for 1940 Sport Scout. Also need rear crash bars. Atascadero CA, USA (2.07 2010)
For Sale: I have a 1949 Indian Scout,  excellent condition. I also have parts, cylinders, heads etc. Looking to sell the '49 my dad had this since I was 10 and (I am 50 years old now). Asking 7000.00 or b/o. Email for pics. NJ, USA (1.25 2010)
For Sale: 1929 Indian 101 Scout 45" project bike, missing tank, lights, dash, generator- chain- and belt guards, and some small items. All missing items are available from venders. Bike sat in a barn for many years. Good project. $8950   MT, USA (1.04 2010
For Sale: 1952-53 Chief BSC speedo, 82 miles, looks new $1100.00. 1939-40 130 mph Corbin, 1200 miles $1100.00. 1928-31 4-cylinderl fuel tank, real nice, $2000 or best offer. NOS 1929 Chief fork. 1934 Sterling siren for rigid Chief. 101 wide tank original paint.  NH, USA (1.04 2010)
For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief bobber. Absolutely perfect inside and outside, former AMCA calender bike. Bike is in Lincoln NE. Price is $20,000. Reluctant sale. NE, USA (1.04 2010)
For Sale: 1911 Indian Toolbox. Good Conition. Make Offer.  CA, USA (1.04 2010)
For Sale: We just opened up a barn fresh pile of used original Indian Sport Scout and 101 Scout parts.some hd parts also several original seats, speedo and other dash components, Sport Scout mufflers, an 101 engine, 101 and 30's  fenders  and military Scout parts also, along with many other aged/patined original parts. Call or e mail with requests. Also watch our web page under "Specials" as we will be listing several used individal items daily for sale on line.  WA, USA (11.30 2009)
For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief, rolling frame. Scout look-alike front end. 200 rear tire, front disc brake. Some engine parts. Set of 6061 billet Chief crankcases with S&S 5" stroke fltwheels and billet rods. Can send pictures on request. $3800  KY, USA (11.23 2009)
For Sale: 1958 Royal Enfield Indian. Trailblazer, I think. Basket case. $1750.00.  NM, USA (11.23 2009)
For Sale: Indian Motorcycle clutch back plate Pt# 74144. This is for the small and early V-twins. I made several sets of cylinder base nuts in 303 stainless new for the V-twins. I have a lot of Indian parts for ACE, Indian V-Twins, Indian Four, and some Henderson. If you send me an email, I will send you the list of parts that I have. IN, USA (11.23 2009)
For Sale: Used original Indian 101 era parts. 1931 only front wheel and backing plate with guts surface rust $750.00. 1929-30 front wheel bare $500.00. 1931 cam cover and oil pump $550.00. 101 45" rear cylinder low bore $600.00. Also many New reproduction 101 scout parts available. .WA, USA (11.23 2009)
For Sale:  1913 Excelsior motor and Indian motors. It was taken complete out of the bike many of moons ago to be put in and stand in order to run farm equipment. The Schebler carb and Bosch mag are intackt and it looks like it would run. It even has the original Champion spark plug in it! Thanx, K.C. OH, USA (11.23 2009)
For Sale: I have the nicest 1938 Indian Four with sidecar you have ever seen. Motor was done by Ken Young Senior. No disappointments. This bike is expensive. Email for pics.  IN, USA  (10.08 2009)
For Sale: Indian 4 cylinder generator support bracket. The bracket that mounts to the front cylinder base nuts on the left side then attaches to the front cylinder head, allows you to adjust & move the generator up and down for belt tension. Original & nickel plated.  IA, USA (10.08 2009)
For Sale: 1941 bobber741 with 39 Sport Scout front frame and 40> Sport Scout engine fitted. Engine built on the 741 cases so has matching numbers, has new Flathead Power cylinders, stainless valves, new bearings and shafts etc. Done around 3000 miles. Very reliable and fast!  Offers around £8000 GBP. UK (10.08 2009)
For Sale: Halogen headlight and tail light bulbs for your Indian or harley 6 or 12 volt available. These fit directly into your Motolamp or Cycle Ray head lamp reflector (no modification required). Much brighter than stock $25.00 each +s/h. Tail lamp bulbs replace the 1157 or 1154 tail lamp bulb $20.00 each. .WA, USA (10.08 2009)
For Sale: Parts for 1930 Indian 101 Scout. Complete transmission w/complete clutch, Inner and outer primary case w/generator drive. Generator w/mount. Short block No. EGP1261, rear hub and brakes. Dash panel w/light switch, foot board, front fork, front fender (rough), misc box of parts. Sell in lot only. . AL, USA (10.08 2009)
For Sale: Indian 1926, Big Chief 74 and Princess Side Car. Engine No 81-V-797. 1200 cc. Chassis No BC-11968, and Princess Side Car. Plate number B-26459. Bought by a carpenter in 1945, the motorcycle was in the same family ever since. It has remained in the garage until 3 years ago when we restored it. It starts and runs good. The sidecar is in very good conditions for restoring. We have the original catalog of the time. Photos and price on request. Pablo Coma-Cros . Spain (09.28 2009)
For Sale: 1954 Indian Brave 250. Very good condition, runs good, looks good. Earlier yellow paint. VIN S10021 $6500 or British trade. Also have 1967 BSA 441 Shooting Star $3900, and 1960 BSA Bantam Super D-7 $3500. Joe D. Decatur, AL, USA (09.28 2009)

I'm going to let the BSAs slide by this time (as they are being accompanied by the little British Indian, but it is not an invitation to send more ads for non-Indians. Moen
For Sale:
Indian 1920? primary drive cover 20D-2 with Hendee Manufacturing Co-text; 480 Euro. Scout 101 gearbox top cover 180 Euro. Top cover + handshift 350 Euro. Indian 741B original mudguards with brackets 200 Euro. 741B luggage carrier 100 Euro. 741B frame 1500 Euro (instrument panel and seat bar front brackets missing. Finland (09.21 2009)
For Sale: 1939 Sport Scout racer, factory Bonnie motor runs good. Newer 1940 heads and cylinders, 1941 Scout carb, basically as raced, had wrong swap space numbers in last ad. So if interested, email for pictures and price. Thanks, Mel.  WI, USA  (09.14 2009)
For Sale: May sell at Davenport 2009, a 1939 Sport Scout dirt track racer, engine number FCIXXX. First time at a swap meet for this bike. Many laps around the half mile for this 70 year old veteran. Mostly as raced, some new parts, {old parts included}. Spaces FF4-EE4. Thanks, Mel.  WI, USA  (08.23 2009)
For Sale: Indian Powerplus1916. In first class condition with original 1916 engine/gearbox with superb cylinders and 95% of the tinware is original. A lot of the work was carried out by world class restoration professional. On ebay uk as well if you want to see more.. Offers please. Also need a saddle, timing cover screws and the rear brake band... if anyone can help. Thanks. UK (08.16 2009)
For Sale: Trying to sell off my father's collection of 1949 Indian 249 Scout Parts. There's over 100 parts in total. Multiple incomplete engines/transmissions, frames, tanks, wheels, forks, etc. I will be posting it on Ebay in the next 2-3 weeks, but send me an email before then if you want anything. -Sean P.S.- selling collection to finance 1909 Indian build. MA, USA (08.09 2009)
For Sale: Vertical parts, rolling chassis, stock wheels brakes forks $475. Tranny $200. Primaries $150 for both, Arrow engine parts and Scout engine parts barrels, heads, cases.  MT, USA (08.09 2009)
For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief. Completely restored 4 years ago. 700 miles on restoration. Excellent runner. $18,000 firm. Email for photos. Bike located on Massachusetts/Rhode Island line.  MA, USA(08.09 2009)
For Sale: Original Indian 36' Four Cylinder upper crankcase. Excellent used condition. Some repair work done but very nice. Just out of a running engine. $4000 USD

Will send internationally and will get shipping price on request.  NSW, Australia (08.09 2009)
For Sale: 741 Scout rear rigid frame section $750. 1940 Sport Scout cylinders nice fins small bore $950. 1940 Sport Scout cases (FDO) with flywheels, cams and cam cover $950. Tranny case and primaries with main shaft and clutch drum $600. Heads $250 - or $2500 for everything.. NH, USA  (08.09 2009)
For Sale: 1909-17 Indian replica parts. Shipping extra. Ship everywhere.  Ontario, Canada (07.11 2009)
For Sale: Set of 1925 Scout cylinders and heads. No cracks, no score marks in the bore but approx 0.040" oversize. Heads have a few missing fins, otherwise great condition, threads are fine. Can send photos. $400 the lot or I may consider seperate sale. Will post anywhere. Paypal, money orders or cash acceptable. Feel free to ask any questions.  Sydney, AU (06.28 2009)
For Sale: Our own manufacture Indian Chief welded steel gas tanks (Sport Scout and 741 will be available soon). Several in stock ready to ship today. 1937-1950

$600.00 + s/h. We also have soldered tanks 1920-1950 available $500.00-900.00 per pair.  WA, USA (06.28 2009)
For Sale: New Beck hand grips. Black, white or gray, fit all Indian handlebar controls. $100 including shipping in USA, Foreign buyers add $5 for shipping. PA, USA (06.28 2009)
For Sale: Indian 1920 gearbox. Australia (06.28 2009)
For Sale: 1935 Indian brake drum. Good, has 2-1/2 inch center bearing, bearing compartment threads very good. Has good felt and washer. Surface turned. Has 6 lugs, all threads very good. Has correct hollow axle, but threaded area damaged. $285.00  Austin, TX, USA (06.07 2009)
For Sale: New Parts for Old Indians at Indian Parts Europe! - As some of you may know that is what I do when I don't have my VI hat on. The IPE website recently had a total overhaul ("Repair and Overhaul"? Never mind...) . Denmark/Worldwide (05.18 2009)
For Sale: Indian bolt kits and several other parts. Electronic Ignition kits, Chief Overdrive Transmissions. Check new web site for more info and prices. NY, USA (05.18 2009)
For Sale: Oil pan for Indian 1938-42 4cyl motor. Been worked, but holds oil. Email for pics $250.00. Also Indian Military 841 left side fuel tank. Very nice shape. Solid $200.00 Email for pics.  MI, USA (05.10 2009)
For Sale: Knucklehead? OK, not really an Indian - but the owner has seen the light and now has two Chiefs, so he has to find a new home for the knuckle that has been the love of his life for so long (until he came out of the desert...), so I guess this ad is OK. Moen ;-) Not absolutely correct for any particular year, but all Knuckle and a great running bike, built the right way with only the best parts.. Worldwide shipping no problem.  Denmark
(04.30 2009)
For Sale: Speedometer for Military Chief or Scout, 110 mph, lighted, no reset, no trip mileage line. Rebuilt and zeroed, missing light. $850. . IA, USA  (04.30 2009)
For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief cases, $750, email me for pics if interested at  MN, USA (04.21 2009)
For Sale: Original Oil Tank for 841 Indian. Cap has rare dipstick $150.00. Email for photos  OR, USA (04.13 2009)
For Sale: Oley AMCA swap meet special - Indian gas tank prices: April 23-26th only at the swap meet. All 1938-1950 soldered Indian gas tanks will be $450.00 cash for the weekend only. 741 $450.00. 38-42 Sport Scout, no emblem mounts $450.00. 38-44 Chief, no emblem mounts $450.00. 44-46 Chief with emblem mounts $450.00. 47-50 Chief $450.00. 38-42 4 cylinder, no emblem mounts $450.00. All these tanks in stock and often several sets available. Why wait 3 months or more for fuel tanks, we can supply you today. Normal pricing $500.00 now $550.00 per set. See you at Oley PA!  WA, USA  (04.13 2009)
For Sale: Indian oil gauge to fit 1928-1942 Indian fours, excellent replacement, comes with mounting bracket and pressure pipe.  Exact duplicate of the original except heavy duty internals. $525.00 plus shipping.  World wide shipping no problem. Can be seen on Email  NJ, USA  (04.13 2009)

For Sale: 1925 Indian Prince, original paint and in unmolested, very complete condition. Excellent compression.  Runs.  Missing only a few items (headlight glass, tail light glass, a few nuts and bolts).  Has original sheetmetal that is in excellent condition, Schebler carburetor, inflated Firestone tires, and the Mesinger seat in perfect condition.  This bike has had just two owners and has been carefully stored for many years.  Open to offers. . CO, USA (03.30 2009)
For Sale: 1941 Indian 45 Sport Scout bobber racer project. Rebuilt engine, trans, magneto. 18 inch wheels. Missing cables, grips, lites, small stuff. NOS cases 741 rear section, typical for flattracking ground clearance. $9800.00.  NH, USA  (03.10 2009)
For Sale: 1915 Indian complete rebuilt front and rear wheels with tires and a messinger seat flat spring model. Edison Splitdorf twin mag. complete with base and gears. E-mail for pictures.  WA, USA (03.01 2009)
For Sale: 1913-1919 Corbin Brown Speedometer, complete and in original full working order, 0-80mph, only damage is glass lens is cracked.  UK (02.15 2009)
For Sale: For Indian Chief: New repro front and rear new mudguards, both 600 euros each 350 euros, new chain guard 120 euros, new complete toolbox 70 euros, used dynamo belt guard 25 euros, new handlebar controls 50 euros both, sealed beam head light 200 euros, cluth arm 30 euros and more litle used parts, also for Harley Panhead, light chrome, 100 euros and switches horn and light both 30 euros. Enrique Akerreta, Navarra, North of Spain.  (02.15 2009)
For Sale: Original Indian watch fobs, pins, badges sign, toys catalogs and more. WV, USA (02.15 2009)
For Sale: New rotors for all Edison Splitdorf RM2 and RM 4 magnetos. Duplicated from a NOS original to allow the Indian Salt Tribe to compete at BUB 2009 this year. Lets put Edison magnetos back on Indians. $40 per rotor, $4 shipping in US, $8 shipping overseas. PA, USA (02.05 2009)
For Sale: I have to sell my Dad's 1947 Indian Chief. Front brakes are Harley. My Dad said couldn't ride with those brakes. It needs to be restored, it was running good! But has not been started in awhile. It's a great bike! and great investment! 18,000.00 OBO. Only serious buyers please! My email address is . CA, USA (02.05 2009)
For Sale: 1930 101 Scout. Amateur restoration several years ago. I bought it just to ride. I am not an Indian Expert but it has all the important parts with a few small things not original. I am into the "other" brand and need to make space. Running, titled, licensed. Asking $18,500. E-mail for pics   KY USA (02.05 2009)
For Sale: Indian 741 proper exhaust systems, exact as original. Includes header, muffler and 2 clamps. Bare steel to be painted. $500.00+s/h. In stock, ready for shipment..WA, USA (02.05 2009)
For Sale: 1953 Chief Roadmaster, complete original low mileage (3692 miles). Tangerine Chief. Dual seat, original paint and original tires. One of the last of the assembly line in 1953, a true collectors piece. This was in the Harrah's Museum in Las Vegas until recently. Bike was on display at the AMCA Dixon and Davenport meets. Owner is motivated to sell. Originally asking $50,000, will consider any serious offer. E-mail me for pics:  SoCal, USA (01.18 2009)
For Sale: Indian Rear Brake Shoes #76249. New Bonded shoes. Fits 1944-1953. $65.00 per pair. shipping no more than 10.00.  "Roadmaster" emblems #160007. New repops with studs like the originals $50.00 a pair. Buy here for less. NY USA (01.18 2009)
For Sale: Indian Gauge Company now has a website to view the gauges we manufacture, plus a listing of available ammeter and oil gauge parts.  International shipping no problem. "The Gauges Hendee Would Be Proud Of" NJ, USA (01.18 2009)
For Sale or Trade: Indian 1909-15 Hedstrom & Powerplus parts. All replica. Will Charge for shipping. Ziggy  Canada (01.08 2009)
For Sale: 1950 Indian Chief, complete running bike with an older restoration. Same owner for twenty five years. Nice rider, $22,000. PA, USA  (01.08 2009)
For Sale: "Beck" Rubber hand grips for all Indian and harley handlebars using the OEM spirals. Available in red, black, blue or any color you wish. New exact reproductions in medium soft rubber, not hard plastic, has BECK logo on them as orginal. $100 a pair plus shipping, buyers have their name added to the contribution page for LSR attempt with Dream Catcher.  PA, USA (01.04 2009)
For Sale: Safety guard assembly "crash bars" for military Indian 640.  These bars were mistakenly purchased for a model 741 (I'm still looking for a set if you have them), but the off-set bar shown was designed for the sidecar of a 640.  I've been told that these bars are correct for the civilian 641 & 642 models (short of the original olive drab paint) too.  This set includes (2) side pieces plus mounting bracket with (2) "u" bolts, lock washers, and nuts.  The "U" bolt designed to hold the plate to the frame of the bike is not included.  The olive drab paint is original but worn in various locations.  The bars are in very good overall condition and do not show signs of any accidental bending. Price: $150 plus $20 shipping.  MA, USA  (12.30 2008)

For Sale: Must sell!!! 1948 Indian Chief. Was rebuilt 4 years ago and the original owner blew the engine with 300 miles on the engine. It is all black and has everything you could get with saddle bags and all the goodies. $15000. Must sell due to loss of job.  TX, USA (12.30 2008)
For Sale: In stock ready for immediate shipment several Indian Chief 12 volt electric starters with kick starter. Kits $1950.00+s/h  WA, USA (12.30 2008)

For Sale: Mr. Tony Gibson please contact me. Tried to contact you but no answer. Erik Klinger, Germany (12.30 2008)
For Sale: 1942 Indian 741B Scout. 90% Restored Frame-Up. All Fresh Paint, Chrome, Powdercoat. 90% NOS Parts Never Started Complete Rebuilt Motor and Transmission. Missing Only Muffler and Speedometer. $18,000 OBO Serious Inquires ONLY. Pictures on request.  MI, USA (12.30 2008
For Sale: 1936-1953 Indian tail light mirror reflector. A must to help be seen driving at  night with a 6 volt system. Great on 12 volt I'm told also! This is not a chunk of foil but a full 3 1/4'' inch Diameter, the .020 thick ridged plate is of a flexable aluminum type stock. A polished and coated mirror material that was used in the automotive field for prototype tail light reflection. I was told it had a reflection value of over 98.6%. This precision cut piece will easily drop into your tail light bucket with the removable of the lux lens and bulb. Remove its scratch potective blue film, align slot and install. Be seen at night, ride safe. $13 postpaid and insured, $10 each additional piece.  MI, USA (11.30 2008)
For Sale: Indian ammeter for 1923-26 in good original working condition. Tested. Very nice face. Pictures available. $275.00 plus shipping. Worldwide shipping available. NJ, USA (11.14 2008)
For Sale:1914 Indian overhead valve single. Older restoration. Acetylene headlight and taillight. 3spd transmission. Rebuilt motor by Kenny Edminston. E-mail for photos and price. 1934 Indian Chief heads $400 for 3. Indian Corbin speedo 100mph head and cable. $1,200. Power Plus luggage rack orig. $375.  CA, USA (11.14 2008)
For Sale: New modern reproduction fuel proof foam floats, tested and proven. Fit all Linkert M carburators, $40.00 + s/h. Also PEEK  molded manifold seals for indian Chief and Scout. WA, USA (11.14 2008)
For Sale: Power Flow compensator nuts for the Southern Products aftermarket compensator which fits Indian Chief. There are new manufacture. The cost is $45.00 each plus $7.00 shipping. Picture available. Also have a few complete compensators at $275.00 each. NJ, USA (11.14 2008)
For Sale: Matched set excellent condition 1940 Indian Chief crankcases with timing cover ( not matching). Cases are "magneto" and come with unaltered original numbers and their original Ontario, Canada Registration (title) US$1200. (11.14 2008)
For Sale:For Sale: 1936 Indian Chief. Restored by Swedish Indian dealer Grevbo Engineering. Original and beautiful. Great runner.$US40000. Worldwide shipping no problem.  Norway (10.19 2008)
For Sale: Indian Sport Scout Generator has cut-out reg and gear $250.00. Junior Scout rear cylinder$125.00. 1 set of Indian Black Hawk passenger foot pegs $150.00. Corbin rear Indian speedo drive $150.00. Pair of 1928 H-D model 45 RL cylinders (small port manifold) with front head. Repro Indian Four s-bar, clevis and Chief front side car mount.   Ontario, Canada (10.19 2008)
For Sale: 1923 Indian Scout, original paint except tank, runs good, needs tlc or new owner $16K. Call Walt at Supercycle. NYC, USA (10.19 2008)
For Sale: 1922 Indian Scout - complete, matching numbers, older body restoration, but engine and gearbox has been completely overhauled, as new and done professionally  (costly) - video and pictures of restoration + history + parts goes with bike. Pictures of bike on request - open to fair market offers Bike comes from Australia.j Hawaii (10.19 2008)
For Sale: New reproduction as original soldered fuel tanks $500.00 per pair + s/h. On the shelf  available for immediate Delivery - NO waiting ..... 741, 38-42 Sport Scout, 4 cylinder and 38-51 Chief are in stock. Also 1920-1928 Scout, 28/31-101 tanks and Jr Scout/racer gas tanks available for $900.00 per set WA, USA (10.19 2008)
For Sale: 1928-1942 Indian Four oil gauges, exact replacement except stronger intgernals. Chrome bezel, black cup, black pressure gauge bracket, as original. Includes oil gauge (part VF2293), presure gauge bracket (VF2293), and pressure gauge pipe (VF2292 - plated). Pressure tested, excellent gauge, all American made using US Gauge bourdon tubes as original. Don't settle for cheap import look alikes that don't look alike! $525.00 + shipping. Will ship worldwide. Contact me for pictures or questions. "The Gauges Hendee would be Proud Of". Kevin  NJ, USA (10.19 2008)
For Sale: Will be completing a batch of exact replacement ammeters for the 1928-1934 "101" Scouts, Chiefs and Fours. Type BT, as original, current loop on back, as original. Nickel or Chrome bezels available. These are 100% American made, as originals! Pictures available at Price-$180.00, shipping additional. Don't buy cheap imports, have an exact replacement. INDIAN FOUR oil gauges available, exact duplicate, includes mounting bracket and oil feed tube. Pictures available for all year gauges.  "The Gauges Hendee would be Proud Of".t NJ, USA (09.22 2008)
For Sale: 1935-1937 Indian ammeter, exact duplicate of original now available. Thin cup, correct insulating plate with "PATENT PENDING" etched on it, as original.  Exact duplicate needle, face, and bezel. The only gauge for a 100 point bike, don't buy cheap imports - all American made since 1983. Email for pictures - Price $175.00 plus shipping. Another first from the Indian Gauge Co.  NJ, USA (09.22 2008)
For Sale: 1949 Indian, vertical twin, factory prototype racer. This bike is as found. Original paint, parked inside since last raced in 1960. Comes with the original title and trophys in original owners name. Nice display bike, perfect for your museum $2500. GA, USA (09.15 2008)
For Sale: PEEK Indian Chief and Sport Scout scout injection molded intake manifold seals. $40.00 per pair + s/h. Wa, USA (09.15 2008)
For Sale: 1941 4 cyl. $100,000.00  Ca, USA (09.02 2008)
For Sale: Indian 841 ammo can and scabbord brackets. Also air cleaners. These are new accurate reprodictions. Ziggy  Wa, USA (09.02 2008)
For Sale: Front and rear fenders for 1952/3 Indian Chief; Telescopic (Aerodraulic) front fork assembly and front wheel/brake drum for 1952/53 Indian Chief; Indian skirted sidecar fender (needs work, inner braces have been removed).  Canada (08.18 2008)
For Sale: Red Kote tank sealer is an aviation grade product that remains flexible for life (won't crack). Pin hole leaks in old soldered tanks are easily sealed. Even in new tanks, condensation  can create a fine rust powder that will fill your filter/carb.  Unlimited shelf life. Buy the kit ($35) or send me your tank for a professional job. 100% satisfaction to date. Richard FL, USA (08.18 2008)
For Sale: 1934 Indian Sport Scout. First year of the Sport Scout. Has most of the hard to find '34 only pieces: tanks (original paint?), front end, brakes/hubs/wheels, original front fender, re-pop rear, toolbox, primary covers, correct carb. In pretty good condition. Frame and Engine numbers both 1934 Sport Scout, non-matching. Motor trans empty, but have all major correct components. I WILL DELIVER TO THE DAVENPORT AMCA MEET FOR FREE. NE, USA  (08.18 2008)
For Sale: Front and rear fenders and chain guard from a 1944 Indian Chief. These will fit all War-Time Chiefs (1940-45). These are the darned-hard-to-find open fenders (non-skirted). Both fenders are in very good condition, requiring little prep work prior to painting. The chain guard is in perfect condition. These parts are in Colorado, USA and we ship internationally. Digital pictures available upon request. CO, USA (08.06 2008)
For Sale: 1929 Indian outboard motor, good Condition, good Compression, complete except for carb. Make offer.  CA, USA (08.05 2008)
For Sale: Power Plus 1916, overhead valve conversion, frame and fenders, Pierce 4 engine, Texas motorcycle license plate, motorcycle and parts. Do contact Mr. Tony Gibson for pricing and other details at:  NY, USA  (08.05 2008)
For Sale: 1929 and 1930 101 Scout projects. New current photos now on our web page. Also New project photos: 1937 84" Chief and matching numbers 1938 Sport Scout projects.. WA, USA  (07.20 2008)
For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief Project for sale or trade. Numbers do not match, front end complete. Engine and trans cases in good shape as well as heads. Asking $8000 or offer, trade for something complete.  MD, USA  (07.08 2008)
Announcement: Evergreen chapter AMCA Tenino motorcycle swap meet. August 16 & 17 2008 Tenino, Washington, USA. 
For Sale: Two complete and correct 16 inch wheels in excellent condition (no drums) 1940-up for Four and Chief 400.-- Euro. Ask for pictures:  Netherlands 
(07.08 2008)
For Sale:  I have a 1913 Indian twin engine without mag. The engine is stuck and I dont know the condition but the case and the cylinders and heads look ok from the outside.  GA, USA  (06.22 2008)

Please get in touch with me - someone has been trying to contact you without success. Moen

For Sale: Chief 1946. Great bike with full equipment, engine sounds strong, but needs cleaning and checking. Engine number is 1940. Bike has registration papers from Austria with pictures. Lack of time and money is forcing sale. Price is fixed at Euro 16700.  Germany (05.01 2008)
For Sale:  Indian Chief 40's 3 speed tranny, complete with clucth hub and drive sprocket. Trans is in very good condition. $2500 obo. OR, USA  (05.01 2008)
For Sale:  Early Indian sidecar from the teens. I'm looking for a sidevan chassis for my 1938 Chief and would prefer to trade, but I will sell my sidecar outright. Thank you!   MT, USA (04.05 2008)

For Sale: 1919 Indian Chief Power Plus. The bike is complete except for the horn and sidecar, its made mechanically sound, respoked wheels, repaired rims, bushings, and anything broken. It is not painted. Last time the bike ran was in the 1950's poured sinch lube into motor was started and shut off, has not been started since. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to see any pictures. It also has the original title. Robert CA, USA (04.05 2008)
For Sale: Kick start gear set (2" Dia,) used on 1915 Hedstrom and Powerplus Models. These gears are excellent and have some original nickel plating may possibly be NOS??? US $350.00. Call 816 550 6770 with questions.  KS, USA (04.05 2008)

For Sale: Indian Four engine and Chief parts. Email with your needs. I have everything to do a 4cyl engine in NOS and correct repro parts.  IN, USA  (03.09 2008) 
For Sale: ACE bevel gear set. NEW. US$1,392 plus postage. Please ask for photos.  New Zealand (03.09 2008)

For Sale: 1941 Indian Four carb Linkert M441 in good order. Can send good photos. US$2100.  New Zealand (03.09 2008)

For Sale: Carburator Schebler DLX 130 for Indian Chief year 1940. Original finish, used, very good shape. 450 Euros. Enrique Akerreta, Navarra (North Spain) (03.09 2008)

For Sale: Just dug out several more basket case project motorcycles. Looks like 2 x 101 Scouts, a matching number 1938 Sport Scout, a 1941 Sport Scout and a 1940 640. Photos will be available soon. under project bikes.  WA, USA (02.25 2008) 
For Sale: 1946 Indian Chiefout of long storage. Missing carb, non-matching numbers. Texas title. Supposed to be a Bonnie engine but haven't confirmed that. Nice start for a restoration or would make a good rider project. Also 1948 Chief rolling basket $14500. $16500  or call  FL, USA (02.25 2008)

Cliff, let me know if I got the ad right, I was a litle confused by the two bikes/prices, Moen

For Sale: Indian Scout 101. Watch auction and pictures on, auction no (#141002939), ending 28th Feb 08.  New Zealand (02.25 2008)
For Sale: 1953 Indian Chief project, CS61144. Original sheetmetal, correct tanks, engine rebuilt by previous owner but never run. See pics at $22000. Also 1953 unrestored powerplant cs61117, $8000.  TX, USA  (02.03 2008
For Sale: Original Indian CAV wheel bolts. 15 euros. Part of 1940 center stand, 5 euros. Engine bolt made by hand with nuts and spacer 10 euros. Lamp, Harley 100 euros (Complete, with bulb 6 volt). Parts for horn (supports made by hand near originals) 10 euros. Grommet from kickstart 1940 CAV. 10 euros (Did the second world war). Switches Harley (good for Indian) 30 euros both. Indian luggage carrier 50 euros (aluminium with Indian script). Support made by hand like original for ammeter and switch, 10 euros. Tool box from Starklite Cycle, complete, new, the best quality. 70 euros. Oil line 10 euros. I can send photos. Enrique Akerreta - Navarra (North Spain)  Spain (01.27 2008) 
For Trade: Have a 1917-1919 Indian bicycle with an early Evans Cyclemotor motorbike factory bolt-on kit from 1919. All ready to restore like new. I want to trade for complete Indian Chief motor and tranny. I will also throw in an incomplete 1917 Indian model O engine. Photos available contact Steve in Virginia. (01.27 2008)

For Sale: 1953 Indian Roadmaster Chief with sidecar fully complete. Some pictures available now alot more soon.  IN, USA  (01.27 2008) 
For Sale: 1915 Indian Twin. Original paint. Bike missing parts, engine partially apart. No rear wheel or headlight. Needs complete resto. Great bike to start with. $7500.00 obo. t CT, USA  (01.27 2008)

For Sale: 1920 Indian Powerplus all there except for seat and shifter linkage $10,000 or trade. Also have 1909 single and a 1910 twin $15,000 each, 1926 Henderson delux partially restored $22,000.  CA, USA (01.27 2008)

For Sale: 1940 Indian Chief with sidecar, matching numbers, older restoration, featured in Old Bike Magazine in the early 1990s. $36500 obo  MT, USA (11.18 2007)

For Sale: 1948 Indian Scout with SNOW SKIS. One of a kind bike. All original paint and chrome that is in very good condition for its age. No rust. Have the original solo seat and the dual seat with pegs. 1,800 original miles. Have the original bill of sales, the original warranty with the free oil changes stubs, original intstruction book and the original inspection tag off the assembly line. Also have magazine ads to go with it. NY, USA  (11.18 2007)
For Sale: 1937 Indian Junior Scout. Nice running original motorcycle, jumps out of 3rd gear, otherwise everything works as it should, ridden less than 100 miles in the last 9 years. $10000 obo.  WA, USA  (11.12 2007)

For Sale: We have an Vintage Indian bicycle (not motorcycle) from the early 50's. We must sell due to cancer bills - it is complete and in fair condition, just some tiny rust dots - any one know its value?  IL, USA (11.12 2007)
For Sale: 1933 Indian Custom Chief, all Indian, runs perfect, good investment, asking 26,000.00 call Jim after 6pm 760-2523877. CA, USA  (11.04 2007)

For Sale: Perfer to trade for 33/34 Chief parts, but have complete 1940-1942 rear brake assy for Chief/Four. Includes backing plate with shoes, nice drum with bearings and hollow axle, etc.  AL, USA (11.04 2007)
For Sale: Head gaskets for Indian Sport Scout, 1940's early 1950's, American version. All new. I have several sets. Each gasket: $19.99.   Thank you. PA, USA (11.04 2007)

For Sale: 1928 Indian 101 45" Scout Project. I've lost interest and would like to pursue other projects. Please E-mail me and I can forward you some information and pictures. At present the bike is located in Northeast Ohio. Thanks  (10.28 2007)
For Sale:´'40 SS. Under 200 miles on older resto. Not a nut-and-bolt, go-for-points type resto, just a good solid street bike with a great running .010" over motor. I was the first to open it. Not matching numbers. Can send pics. If you're really interested, email or call 610-469-6042. Cash or $50,000 Nigerian checks accepted. Charlie  PA, USA (10.28 2007)
For Sale/trade: I have a 1948 Chief and a 1966 Harley FLH im looking to trade towards a earlier ridgid Indian. Both are complete bikes w/ compression and should run with minor effort (I havent tried, I would rebuild rather than blow up!!).  NC, USA (09.30 2007)

For Sale: Do you need your Scout, 4 or Chief brake drums ground to a smooth radius? Do you need oversize linings professionally ground to match your newly surfaced drums? Media blasting and etching primer availbable, as well as inside of drums detailed. I can do drums while still laced to rims or with tires on.  PA, USA (09.02 2007)
For Sale: 1948 Chief - Complete professional rebuild, zero miles on a non-matching numbers Seafoam Blue beauty. King clutch, electronic ignition, wide whitewall tires and more.

2. 1948 Chief - Complete professional rebuild, 300 miles on a matching numbers Indian Red example, fitted with 1953 telescopic forks and an 80 inch engine with compensating engine sprocket, Amal carb, Bonneville Cams, King clutch, electronic ignition and more. Easy starting with effortless performance.
3. 1953 Chief - Complete professional rebuild, zero miles on an 80 inch Indian Red late production Chief - serial number CS6-125X - Engine cases are 1953 NOS and un-numbered. Fitted with compensating engine sprocket, Amal carb, Bonneville cams, King clutch, electronic ignition and more. A plus for use in Europe or Canada, it has a stock metric speedometer with a maximum hand. Effortless.
4. 1948 Chief - Just starting the comprehensive professional rebuild of a non-matching numbers Chief. Act now and have your choice of color, mechanical specifications and accessories.
5. 1948 Chief - An unrestored non-matching numbers Chief with awful paint just obtained after almost 50 years in dry storage. The engine is stuck, the bike a little battered generally and the changuard and generator belt guard are missing. When did you last come across one? Would consider selling prior to rebuilding for a realistic price.
All but #5 abouve have current Ontario, Canada registrations in my name and can be easily registered in Canada or exported to USA or beyond.
E-Mail - some photos available on request, or phone at 613 722-9315. Regret poor health forces sale. (09.02 2007
For Sale: Sale 1948 Chief project. Frame (w/title), fenders, new wheels & bearings, new rear shock, front brake drum, forks complete (still needs cleaning), many new parts, engine block, transmission. Still needs most of enging and gas tanks, and no seat. $5,000 call NV, USA (09.02 2007)
For Sale: My last 15 bikes are for sale. These are my best bikes and they are expensive. Email me for prices and pictures. 1939 Crocker in perfect condition, 1928Ace in perfect condition, 2 quanity 1938 Fours to be sold last out of these 15 bikes, 1912 Harley single belt drive-good rider and a very real bike, 1915 Harley twin in perfect condition, 1916HD twin in excellent condition and good rider, 1913 Reading twin-nicest one I have ever seen, 1914 Pope single with over head valve-a very real older restored bike, 1937 Chief in perfect condition, 1938 Chief, 1939 Indian Traffic Car in perfect condition, 1906 Indian Camel Back, 1914 Henderson 4 cylinder, 1940 Junior. IN, USA (08.26 2007)
For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief. Everything new or rebuild. US$21000 obo. WV, USA   (08.26 2007)

For Sale: 1949 Indian, vertical twin, factory prototype racer. This bike is as found. Original paint, parked inside since last raced in 1960. Comes with the original title and trophys in original owners name. Nice display bike, perfect for your museum. $6,500. Located in its birth place (Springfield, Massachusetts). MA, USA (08.19 2007)
For Sale:  I read an ad and note that people complain about spammers. One simple way is to insert an extra bit into your email address and remind people to remove this when emailing so the scanning devices etc wont get a valid address unless they physically enter it. Graeme.

For Sale: Indian chief parts for sale. 08.19 2007)
For Sale: Crocker speedway gas tank, original, make a ridiculous high offer somewhere over $7500 for this rarity. Ontario, Canada  (08.19 2007)
For Sale: Original Crocker steering damper for a 1938 to 1942 Four or Chief. Not a repro. Never mounted. New old stock. $1000 plus shipping. . Ontario, Canada (08.19 2007)
For Sale: Original saddle for vertical models, fair condition, would look ok on an unrestored original bike or daily rider. $100 plus shipping. Ontario, Canada  (08.19 2007)

For Sale: 1937 Indian Chief. Very original.. Front and rear fenders and chain guard from a 1944 Indian Chief. These will fit all War-Time Chiefs (1940-45). These are the darned-hard-to-find open fenders (non-skirted) . Both fenders are in very good condition, requiring little prep work prior to painting. The chain guard is in perfect condition. These parts are in Colorado, USA and I can ship internationallly. Digital pictures available upon request. (08.04 2007)
For Sale: 1940 Indian framebest offer around $400  Eastern Canada (08.04 2007)
For Sale: Pair of Indian chief skirted steel fenders repops, $450 pair  Indian chummee seat repop, nice $275  Schebler dlx 45 carb works, later float $275 Indian scout tanks 38? $325 1935 Indian chief crankcases $325   MT, USA (08.04 2007
For Sale: Indian parts, '27 scout trans great shape 400.00 --sport scout cams (excellent) 200.00 pair,-- oil pump, sump, pickup tube off of '37( very good) 200.00--'28-'31  101 scout primary, w/ gen drive, clutch basket, gear. (fair) 100.00   IL, USA (08.04 2007)
For Sale: 3 Indian Linkert 344 carbs, all rebuilt. Also a 741 Linkert carb, also rebuilt. TX, USA (08.04 2007)
For Sale: New manufactured special crank pins to use HD xl rods in Indian Chief or Scout flywheels. Ideal for strokers $100 (see VI Blueprints for more info. Moen)  East Coast, USA  (08.04 2007
For Sale: 1913 Indian Standard 61' this bike has been fully restored. Ridden on the Pioneer Run has Pioneer Certicicate.  England (08.04 2007)

For Sale: Single cylinder engine and transmission for a Cleveland motorcycle no carb, I do have pics, rod and piston is stuck in cylinder but tranny seems to turn very nice broken tab where the cylinder case meets the tranny case also seems to have been broken off where the tranny would join the connecting rod, if you know these motors you will see it in the pics this is a heavy box. I would prefer to sell it here in the u.s. I do not need any trades $3000 will take this rare piece of american motorcyling history when was the last time you saw this stuff for sale?   (08.04 2007)
For Sale: Front cylinder for 1918 Indian Powerplus, $200.  KS, USA (08.04 2007)
For Sale: "Beware. 1 advert placed here = 10+ bogus enquiries, spam per day"  writes JMW. Yes, I am aware of this (maybe not as bad as you say, but still). I don't know what to do about it, though. Should we just drop these ads and post our wants and haves on the mailing list? Carry on with the ads and learn to live with the scammers & spammers?? Suggestions welcome.  Moen.

For Sale: in upcoming months, 46 Chief, new flawless paint by top professionnal, complete new engine by pro: S&S 80ci flywheels, carillo rods, new 4 speed tranny, new heads, hot cams, new chrome, new wiring. All is better than new on this bike. Being reassembled presently. Asking 28000US, or best offer not rebuilt. Qc, Canada (08.04 2007)
For Sale: Excelsion Super-X, nice condition but for restoration; needs only kickstarter & chainguard to be 100% complete.
  Belgium (03.04 2007)
For Sale: Indian Powerplus 1917, total restoration, extremely nice condition, will consider part exchange
. Belgium (03.04 2007)
For Sale: New reproduction 648 Big base scout racer engine cases. very accurate and stronger than original cases $1800.00 with most races included.  WA, USA (02.26 2007)
For Sale: New reproduction Sport Scout cylinder heads as original. 35-39 trench heads = $600.00 pr. 40-42 std compression = $700.00 pr on hand available now. WA, USA (02.26 2007)
For Sale: Indian Four engine case, Schebler AMX 13 racing carb. Engine upper case serial# starts DDA... Rods smashed housing, has been welded. No flywheel or tranny cracks. Make offer before it goes on ebay. Pictures on request. Schebler AMX-13 barrel draft racing carburetor is currently on ebay. Germany (02.26 2007)
For Sale: Indian Powerplus. Perfect restoration. Comes with original optional gas-headlamp and mechanical horn. Very beautiful. Belgium (02.19 2007)
For Sale: 1941 4 cyl with factory sidecar all#'s match, original paint-red. AMCA 1'st club calendar cover bike, e-mail for photos and info.  NY, USA (02.19 2007)
For Sale: Set of fenders for a 1938 Chief or 4? Old paint can be seen. Cut out for siren.  CA, USA (02.19 2007)

For Sale: 101 Scout fenders, pair of 101 tranny covers, late 30's Chief generator bracket, 1914 rear electrical lamp. Or trade for 1913 Hedstrom parts.  Norway (02.19 2007)

For Sale: Indian engine 45 cubic inch (no year), all Indian parts except: hot cams, heavy duty lifters w/Chief rollers, bonneville heads, pistons, heavy base cyclinders. Two bent fins, easy fix. No carburetor, oil pump and no ignition on this one. Motor has 30 miles on it $5,000. Can e mail pics. CA, USA (02.19 2007)
For Sale: 1936 Indian Scout ex racer, 57 cubic inch stroker, Jr Scout frame, engine near new, hot cams and bonneville lifters, Jr Scout replica tank, ARD magneto w/ electronic advance and retard. All new trans parts including gears. $15,000.  CA, USA (02.19 2007)
For Sale: New production indian 1928-1937 dash lights # 28w120x (lipstick light) chrome plated $120.00+s/h. WA, USA (01.29 2007)
For Sale: Indian Brave, 1950 in very good shape, send me an e-mail for photos.  Houston, TX, USA (01.21 2007)

For Sale: 1932 Roadmaster bike. It's been sitting in my Dad's basement for 50 years. Some rust spots on the chrome. All original parts. .com USA (01.21 2007)

For Sale: Southern Products compensator sprocket for pre-1950 Chiefs, fits in stock primary, no modification necessary, missing lock nut, new manufacture spring, original copy installation instructions included. $250.00.  NJ, USA (01.10 2007)

For Sale: Great Henderson 18/19 project in fair original paint . USA (12.28 2006)

BUYERS BEWARE  A warning about two British chaps who cheated me on 741 engine and trans parts. Kieran Newson and Patrick Fitzpatrick of Poole promised to send me part of a basket case. They sent me some of the parts but not several of the most important ones. They now refuse to answer my emails. Do not buy anything from them unless you have the parts in hand.  (12.28 2006)
For Sale: Set of fendersfor a 1938 Chief or 4? Old paint can be seen. Cut out for siren. Can send Pic.$1000.00  plus Shipping. NH, USA (12.28 2006)

For Sale: Indian 4 speedo. Lighted. Nice shape. Original. $2,000. LA, CA, USA (12.28 2006)

For Sale: For Sale or trade:1965 HD Electraglide. Excellent running original. New Holiday Red & Birch White paint. New wiring harness. New clutch. New repo engine and rear safety bars. $19,500 or partial trade for Indian bobber project.  AZ, USA  (12.28 2006)
For Sale: Front and rear fenders and chain guard from a 1944 Indian Chief. These will fit all War-Time Chiefs (1940-45). These are the darned-hard-to-find open fenders (non-skirted) . Both fenders are in very good condition, requiring little prep work prior to painting. The chain guard is in perfect condition. These parts are in Colorado, USA and we ship internationallly. Digital pictures available upon request. CO, USA (12.28 2006)

For Sale: 1952 Indian Chief from New York City Police Department. This 1952 Indian Chief is the only known, original paint Chief from the New York Police Department (PDNYC # 163). Here are some details about the bike: * Matching frame and engine numbers (CS6069). * 28,166 original miles are on the odometer. * Complete ownership history of the 5 owners from delivery to the NYCPD through today will be provided to the new owner. CO, USA (12.28 2006)
For Sale: 1940 Scout flywheel, rods and engine case, number side only, dynamo all used in good cond asking US$1000. Cairo, Egypt (11.12 2006
For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief Project. this motorcycle was taken apart and stored in a shed for 0ver 40 years, needs total restoration, frame is untouched original, motor and trans are apart, (frame and motor have matching numbers), missing parts, sheet metal is not original. No paper work, Sold as is for parts. This project is not for the faint at heart. $4900. MA, USA (11.12 2006)
For Sale: 1946 Indian Chief. Not running, but complete except for speedo. Asking $13,500 US. Call or email for details. NB, Canada  (10.30 2006)

For Sale: 1920-1927 Indian throttle/spark control sleves and block and pins. Pre 32 short foot boards. New reproduction Dispatch Tow and sidecar hub caps. As original $125.00 each or $200.00 pair. WA, USA (10.15 2006)

For Sale: 1948 Chief cases with flywheels, rods, shafts, bearings and retainers, front & rear cylinders, pinion gear, good set of cams - no shafts, front head and brand new pair of sleeves. US$2500 or best offer. CA, USA (10.15 2006)
For Sale: For sale or trade, Hedstrom replica parts. Front forks, handlebars, linkage, motorparts and more. Also I do have some Powerplus parts. Ontario Canada (10.15 2006)
For Sale: 1952 Indian Chief - the last ORIGINAL PAINT Chief from the NYCPD. Very complete and correct. Full ownership history since Springfield factory. Many extras included. Runs great. Email for more information, pictures, pricing, etc. CO, USA (10.15 2006)
For Sale: Checking the interest level out there.... I currently offer correct rear safetybars for the 1938-39 fours and the 1932-39 Chiefs. Currently working on a limited run of 1940 only Sport Scout and 1934-39 Sport Scout bars. Is there anyone out there interested in either type bar?? Thanks, Tom. WI, USA (09.24 2006)
For Sale: 4cyl Push Rods!!!!!   Hey all. Just letting it be known that I just recently finished correctly made 1936-37 and 1938-42 four cyl intake push rods.  I am adding these to my previously correctly made intake and exhaust tappet adjusters and locking nuts and intake/exhaust valve springs.  Also offer correct tappets and locking nuts and intake and exhaust valve springs for ACE thru 1935 four. Complete or individual gasket sets ACE thru 1942 4cyl. Thanks, Tom.  WI, USA (09.24 2006)
For Sale: 1947 Indian deluxe sidecar, 90-95% complete, apart and needs restortion, $6200 as is. Photo file available.  VA, USA (09.24 2006)
For Sale: Indian-ACE or ACE / a pair of original vintage Footboards with original Rubbers in good shape. Ask me for Fotos.  Germany (09.24 2006)
For Sale: Indianammeter 1922-1926 Scout or Chief. Original and very well. It moves nicely and is calibrated. Not a replica. 250 Euros. Portugal (09.17 2006)
For Sale: New reproduction accurate 741 rear stands, part # 86683 new batch - cosmetically correct. $130.00+s/h. WA, USA  (09.10 2006)
For Sale: Many original Indian items and literature: ask for single request. I can also trade for a bike because I'm looking for an original and unrestored Scout.  Italy  (08.27 2006)
For Sale: 1916 Power plus engine and trans (61 ci), 1917 frame, later wheels and tires, weld-on hard tail, old dirt track bike, new tank and hardware, rom Germany, project bike, sell,  trade or need parts to finish. Davenport AMCA meet spots GGE-FFE, 2006 far west side.  Central WI, USA  (08.27 2006)
Anouncement: Antique motorcycle swap meet - Saturday/Sunday Aug 19-20 Tenino WA. Evergreen chapter AMCA regional meet - 80 miles south of Seattle, just east of I-5, or 80 miles north of Portland OR. Free admission. WA, USA  (08.19 2006)

For Sale: Indian Chief side car made by Goulding. Frame disassembled, blasted, painted, reassembled. Tub has new floor where needed. Tub in primer. Has all connectors including the cross bar for the bike tubes, seat springs, wheel, hubcap. $2000. Central FL, USA  (08.19 2006)
For Sale or Trade: Restored 1926 Indian Prince in excellent condition. $17,000 or best offer.   NJ, USA (08.19 2006)
For Sale or Trade: 1942 Indian 841. $20,000 or will consider running late 1930's Sport Scout for trade. Unrestored original in good shape with early post-war paint job.  Missing VERY few parts- does not have rear crash bars, saddle bag plates, speedometer. Front fender is bobbed but same contour as 640 military rear fender. There are a few other minor missing items with this bike but the hard to find stuff is there... Engine is free but one cylinder has no compression. Ask the other people working on basket cases how hard it is to find an 841 this complete. Sale includes a few parts picked up and original 841 Parts and Technical Manuals...MD, USA (08.06 2006)
For Sale: 1946 Indian Chief. original paint (two tone blue), matching numbers, engine was rebuilt, but never put back in the frame. Easy restoration project. $16,000  MA, USA (08.06 2006)
For Sale: Original very rare Crocker speedway racing gas tank US$7500.00 or trade for full Flexi sidecar.Canada (08.06 2006)
For Sale: 6 new Indian project motorcycles to our web page. Restored 101 scout, project bikes: 640 military, several 741 militarys a 34 SS and a 35 SS. More to come soon.  WA, USA  (08.06 2006)
For Sale: 6 Indian military motorcycle projects.1 x 344 Chief, 1 x 640 Scout, 2 x 741 Scouts, (these first 4 are rolling projects that look like military motorcycles) also 1 x 340 Chief and 1 x 841 starter kit, these are partial basket cases. Will sell as a 6 project pile or individualy.. Photos soon under projects bikes on our web page. Other motorcycle projects also available WA, USA  (08.06 2006)
For Sale: 1940 741 fully rebuilt with many new parts, want to go to Thailand need money. Can send photos. PS: Bike is nearly ready to start. New Zealand (07.19 2006)
For Sale: Now in stock: Mesenger # 3 reproduction seats on 1/2 pan. Very nice $360.00 + s/h. New reproduction Linkert carb float bowls, proper for 41-53 Indians $80.00 +s/h. WA, USA  (07.19 2006)

For Sale: For wartime Chiefs: front fender, rear fender, chainguard...all in very good condition. Fenders will require minimal metal work. These are the hard-to-find OPEN, NON-SKIRTED FENDERS!!! Digital pictures available upon request. USA  (06.25 2006)
For Sale: Indian Brave 1955 made by the Brockhouse Company in England. 250cc, complete in basket case condition. Everything is there; carburator, headlamp mudguards, engine, gear box and many extra parts including restored Smiths speedometer .Email for price and pictures. Portugal  (06.11 2006)
For Sale: Hello, I'm Guillermo from Montevideo, Uruguay. I have for sale an Indian Scout 1928 totaly restored with original parts. It looks perfect. Pics available. U$S15.000. Uruguay  (06.11 2006)
For Sale: The (original?) drawing of a '17 Henderson that is only to be seen in brochures, but never on a real bike. Netherlands (06.11 2006)
For Sale: A pair cylinder heads for Chief 1929-31, the first removable heads in good condition. Please email for pictures. Germany (06.11 2006)
For Sale: Indian Chief Roadmaster 1946. 95% original parts. No reproduction parts! Restored in 1999 with original 6 volt gen, front fender lite, horn and speedometer. PA, USA (05.21 2006)
For Sale: New reproduction 741 exhaust systems header and muffler, looks just like an original Nelson $500.00 per set.  WA, USA (05.21 2006)
For Sale: 1941 Indian Dispatch Tow. Fairly fresh 37" motor. It's been my rider for 2 years. custom passenger carrying box and the original box included. dark blue $22 K soon to go on ebay. FL, USA (05.08.06)
For Sale: Indian side car made by Goulding.frame done,tub stripped $3500 or BO. FL, USA (05.08.06)

For Sale: 48-50 speedometer. needs face and dial. $500 obo.  NH, USA (05.08.06)

For Sale: Dixie 42 degree magneto, with spark, $500. NA (04.26.06)

For Sale: Indian bicycle.  Says scout on the frame. Looks to be a three speed with a headlight/taillight and the generator is located inside the rear wheel hub.  All original.  Does anyone know what year this is?  For sale if anyone is intreasted. GA (04.24.06)

For Sale: 1953 Indian Chief restored by Jim Crocker. This is a truly prime example of what the factory produced in 53. It has the original Dunlop Gold cup tires in excellent condition. This bike has scored 98 3/4 points at the Eustis meet and should do 99 1/2 now. Photos avail. $44,900. AL (04.15.06)

For Sale: Indian motorcycle parts - Oley PA. AMCA swap meet is coming April 28 & 29. What items do you want us to bring for you? Its a long drive & we leave early, so let us know what you are looking for so we can bring it along. WA (04.10.06)

For Sale: Indian repop fender tips for skirted models $100/set. Cast footbard extensions w/black paint $100/set. CA (04.10.06)

For Sale: 1930's vintage Indian motocycle Wakefield adjustable wrench, Worchester, Mass. USA, No.17 on one end, Indian Motocycles, Hendee Manufacturing Co., Springfield, Mass. on opposite end.  In good condition, some use on it. $2,000. CA (04.04.06)

For Sale: New reproduction 1940-1942  45" Sport Scout cylinder heads. First time offered. USA made. $700/pair Std compression, can be modified for bonnie. WA (03.30.06)

For Sale: 1948 Indian Chief Roadmaster, matching numbers, US title,  located south of France, complete full restoration by Timerman 97/98, perfect condition, same owner for 43 years, original leather bags, make serious offer.  France (03.26.06)

For Sale: 1926 Indian Chief. Matching numbers, clear title, barn stored past 50 years, was running when put into storage, engine is free. $8,500/offer. CO (03.16.06)

For Sale: New reproduction 28-37 chrome dash panel light. $150+s/h. P/N #S641 or T641 compression release bracket for 20-23 Scout & 23 Chief $35+s/h. WA (03.05.06)

For Sale: 1940 Indian 30.50 Jr Scout skirted fender complete runs great excellent condition have lots of pics $11,000/offer. MI (03.04.06)

For Sale: Nice military fender mounted toolbox. This box is O.D. Green and was never used it is mint ! best offer. MA (02.10.06)

For Sale:  Indian Excelsior 42 degree Twin Dixie Magneto in superb original condition, Pat.Date 1914, $500. MA (02.09.06)

For Sale: Nickle plated Schebler carb that I think fits the ealy Indian twin. There is no part # on it, says Shebler and pat applied for only. It has a female fine thread in the bore where it would screw onto the manifold. Make a fair offer for it. MA (02.05.06)

For Sale: 1939 Indian dispatch tow trike project. very complete, matching numbers, new tall box. $20,000  WA (01.24.06)

For Sale: 249 Indian Vertical Scout basket case twin. Rigid frame, front end nice and straight, motor #BDI1189 near complete. Engine mounted in frame with original gas tanks, cut rear fender, no other parts. $1,200.  US (01.23.06)

For Sale: 1930 Indian twin cylinder outboard motor. All original survivor with stand included. CA (01.08.06)

For Sale:  Indian motocycle adjustable wrench, 1930's vintage. Wakefield wrench, Worcester, Mass. USA, No.17 on one end, Indian Motocycles, Hendee Manufacturing Co., Springfield, Mass. on opposite end.  In good condition, some use on it. $125.00  NJ (01.06.06)

For Sale: 1928 Henderson in stunning condition. Engine rebuild as original as possible, even restored with the Firestone tires. $45,000  Belgium (12.28.05)

For sale: Indian dealer envelope, speedogram, splitdorf plugs, Indian posters, Henderson NOS instruction manuals, parts manual. Henderson, Indian, H-D, Crocker repro posters. M/C magazines with lots of indian articles (color pics.) and more memorabillia. Europe (12.28.05)

For Sale: 1947 Chief with Goulding sidecar. Original bike and a show winner.  Runs nicely, and a show stopper and an eye popper. Photos on request. $32,500 NJ (12.22.05)

For Sale: 1917 Indian Powerplus project bike.  Reasonably complete.  Leave as original or excellent restoration project.  Engine has compression. Comes with some repop parts.  Photos available upon request.  MN (12.22.05)

For Sale: 1948 Indian Chief project bike. Very complete. $8,900. 1940 Sport Scout (skirted model) complete but needs exhaust and paint. $10,500. MT (12.15.05)

For Sale: Over 40 Indian Chiefs and Sport Scouts. Complete basket cases. Many will run with little effort, some need complete rebuild. Starting at $4,000. CA (12.08.05)

For Sale:  101 Rear Wheel, $350.  101 Rear Brake with Mount, $250. 101 tank $500. 101 Frame $1,500. 101 Forks $1,300. 101 lower end with tranny $1,400.  101 Hillclimber w/36 motor $9,500.  NOS 47 Chief cases $550.  Later Chief tranny with internals $400.  30s Chief heads $350.  37 Chief cases with primary and cam assembly $500.  39 Chief engine cases $400. 37 Chief frame $2500. Complete 37 Chief motor with tranny, mag or distributor, no carb $5,000. 37 Chief motor w/later top end, no carb or distibutor $4,500. 40 Chief motor with tranny, distributor and later carb $5,000.  Chief, 101 & 841 wheels.  Chief cylinders and heads. 249 Parts.  NY (11.20.05)

For Sale: 1935 Indian Chief frame.  Neck heated and bent back, top tube shortend. Great for bobber $750. Late 30's Chief heads $250 pair. Late 30's Chief cylinder $250. Set of 30's Chief cases nice $350. Set of Scout? tanks, left need repair $300. Repop Chummee seat, nice leather, new, no fringe, no skirt $275.   MT (11.16.05)

For Sale: Indian four cylinder engine parts. New and Used. We also build motors. IN (11.15.05)

For Sale:Crocker parts; original & absolutely no repro. Various items for sale. Canada (11.11.05)

For Sale: 1930 101 stretched frame Indian privateer hillclimber with 1936 motor, nice old running bike, $9500. 1937 Indian Chief, running but missing speedo, horn and a few other pieces, $12,000. 1948 Chief, original seafoam blue paint bike, non matching numbers, running, needs a few things, $11,500.  741 bobber project, $5000. 1945 Indian Chief non matching numbers, being restored, $13,500.  101 Frame $1,100. 101 set of heads $300.  More 101 parts. Two old Wall of Death bikes, short frame Scouts with history $8,900 each. 841 parts Lot: 3 frames, 2 motors, gas tanks, front ends, wheels and alot of extras, $12000. Indian 249 Parts email with needs, have 2 basket cases we are parting out.  More bikes and parts (not all American). Email with needs.  NY (11.11.05)

For Sale: FREE Just printed new reproduction parts catalog & price list for your 1920-53 Indian. Covers most  models including Scout, Dispatch Tow , 741, 841, Chief and Military Indians. Send name and mailing address. WA (10.20.05)

For Sale: 1937 Indian Sport Scout, Older restoration, still looks and runs good, easy restoration or enjoy as is with some work. Pictures available, asking $11,500. If you need any more info, email  MA (10.14.05)

For Sale: Original Crocker parts; Hemi-head, cam, transmission and many other parts. Canada (10.02.05)

For Sale: 1945 Chief frame with papers. Sandblasted to bare metal, one footboard peg missing. Norway (09.29.05)

For Sale: 1944 Indian Chief in beautiful restored correct condition.  Non-skirted fenders, thorough rebuild of engine, tranny, carb and distributor with build sheets, specs and tolerances of rebuild provided. Correct 18" wheels with new tires. CO (09.28.05)

For Sale: 1947Chief with Goulding sidecar. Original bike and runs well. $27,500 pictures available.  NJ (09.28.05)

For Sale: New reproduction Corbin speedo cables (fat ones) $200+s/h. Most applications in stock.  WA (09.22.05)

For Sale: 1941 Indian Sport Scout in very nice condition with rare saddlebags. Very Correct, Excellent Condition. $20,000 Also available: beautiful multiple show winning 1946 sidecar for Chief. Not a scratch.$12,500 USA only. CT (09.22.05)

For Sale: 1944 Indian 841 in beautiful restored military condition with 1,331 miles.  Only 1,060 of these were manufactured.  Includes original leather saddlebags, correct 18" wheels with new Coker tires.  Runs great! $21,000.  CO (09.15.05)

For sale: Splitdorf DU5, clockwise rotation for ACE, Henderson, Indian Four, in good working cond. $600. Klaxon 6 and Klaxon 8C, both in good working cond. $300 each. Norway (09.15.05)

For Sale: Rare 1930-1931? Indian Chief cast aluminum gas and oil tanks. I'm pretty sure (but not certain) that these were used on all 1930 and some 1931 Chiefs. Casting number "35E-176 W" and on the back of the gas tank is "35E-177 W". $1,400 or best offer. TN (09.13.05)

For Sale: Indian Model 340 Chief. Description & pictures  5,300 Euros. France (09.13.05)

For Sale:1939 Indian Sport Scout. Completely restored at my shop. Good runner, approx 1500 miles on engine. This bike is in showroom cond. All cad plated bolts & nuts. Pictures are posted at  Price 39,000 US  Canada (09.07.05)

For Sale: New reproduction crankpins, pinon shafts, driveshafts. Email me for price and other indian parts avail. C.A.C Vintage Motocycle.  MN (09.07.05)

For Sale: Chief transmission, good cases, used but decent gears, clutch sprocket and transmission tower. $1,000  1950's Indian bicycle, English styling, nice original paint, complete with Indian Scout neck badge $400 US (09.03.05)

For Sale: 2 brand new OEM Indian Script tires made by the Armstrong tire Co. Never mounted or used. No dry rot, perfect condition. Pictures on request. $600.00 CA (09.02.05)

For Sale: Globe of Death, used by the brothers Bettoschi and Varanne. Built in Italy in 1905, this is the oldest known sphere in the world. It weights 2000 Kilos, measures 5 meters diameter. Can be ridden if you dare! It would be perfect for a museum, needs restoration if you want serious riding. Pictures at or by email, feel free to ask. I can arrange shipping by cargo or plane. France (08.31.05)

For Sale: Corbin 80mph speedometer $450 needs work  PA (08.30.05)

For Sale: 1948 Chief bobber running with good title, non matching numbers. Non Indian sidecar equipped. Will bring to Jefferson AMCA meet. $9,200.  PA (08.30.05)

For Sale: New Indian transmission cases and gear sets. Also doing full restoration and service work in Minneapolis.  MN (08.30.05)

For Sale: 741 Cylinders. Barn fresh. Pics available. $100 each. TX (08.28.05)

For Sale: 1927 Indian Prince project bike. Very complete,and in excellent restorable condition. Pics available. $6,500  Uruguay (08.28.05)

For Sale: New reproduction Indian 648 big base Scout engine cases. very accurate- limited production - will have at Davenport AMCA swap meet for sale  WA (08.28.05)

For Sale: 1949 Indian 249 Vertical Twin ridgid frame basket case, motor not complete motor, frame, trans, front end. $1,250  MA (08.25.05)

For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief frame, nice straight original condition $850. Chief cylinder set 40-43 no damage, perfect fins, need sleeves $500. MA (08.25.05)

For Sale: Leaving Friday 8/27/05 for Davenport AMCA meet. Email with any parts that you want to look at or buy & I'll bring what you want to space P10-11. WA (08.24.05)

For Sale: Indian Chief Roadmaster 1946. 95% original parts. No reproduction parts! Restored in 1999 with original 6 volt gen, front fender lite, horn and speedometer (needs repair). Imported form So America. $16,000. MA (08.24.05)

For Sale: 1944 Indian Chief wartime model currently being restored mechanically and cosmetically. Same owner for the past 17 years. $21,000 for finished restoration, $19,000 as is. Delivery to Davenport possible.  CO (08.21.05)

For Sale: Indian project bikes. 44 military Chief, several 741 military Scouts, 841 basket, 640 military Scout, 640 skirted Scout, 641 plunger frame Scout, 1927 45" Police short frame basket, 1928 45" short frame Police special, many others. Delivery to davenport possible. WA (08.11.05)

For Sale: 4 Indian basket cases: 2 ea 1947 Chief 95%, 1946 Chief 95% and a 1947 Bonneville 90% complete. All have swedish titles. e-mail for pics and info. Sweden (08.11.05)

For Sale: 1955 AJS 500 single, in running condition with papers. Also have a 1957 without front end. Also some Lucas parts for sale. Pics now avail.. TX (08.08.05)

For Sale: Indian military Chief handlebars from a 1940 CAV. Without controls. 90 Euros. Spain (08.02.05)

For Sale: 1923 Powerplus Standard. Running and roadworthy registered machine. A very rare and correct. Sell or will trade for pre 1915 machine. UK (07.30.05)

For Sale: Crocker Big and Small Tank frames with integrated transmission case included. Exactly as original $5,500 ea. Transmission side covers also available. Many other Crocker parts available. Canada (07.26.05)

For Sale: 1913 Indian motorcycle assembled engine. As is, with good cylinder fins. $5,600. GA (07.24.05)

For Sale: Crocker Parts original transmission, cam, rare original title, casting mold to make brake drums, mold to make timing covers, fender blueprints, and a very rare rear hemi-head. Canada (07.24.05)

For Sale: Reproduction 23-26 and 27-30 (wider) Scout and Chief fuel tanks with caps and fittings $950 pr. WA (07.22.05)

For Sale: 1916 Indian model K feather weight. Only two owners in 87 years. Completely restored with all legal documents. $21,000 Euros. Spain (07.19.05)

For Sale:Posters for H-D, Indian, Henderson and Crocker. Mail for list and pics. US (07.08.05)

For Sale: 641-642 rear hubs, one without reinforcing plate $350, one with reinforcing plate $300 (requires some sprocket nut thread repair). Trades considered. OH (07.02.05)

For Sale: Complete Indian 841 engine. TX (06.22.05)

For Sale: 48 Indian Chief, just had a complete professional restoration with new sheet metal in red, fresh chrome, new Avons, 53 telescopics, engine 80" with compensating sprocket, electronic ignition, King clutch, Amal concentric carb (no clutch brake) Bonnie cams with standard followers, 6 volt alternator. Speedo rebuilt. Tan solo saddle. Starts and runs effortlessly. Current Canadian title. US $27,750. Can arrange shipping USA and international. Canada (05.30.05)

For Sale: Dusting sidecar-package car-older restoration looks good. Left hand or reversable to right hand mounting. Has mounts set up for a 101 Scout. Light weight no brake model. $5,500. WA (05.30.05)

For Sale: 1940 Indian Sport Scout, restored about 5 years ago, motor is rebuilt. May trade for pre-1915 motorcycle stuff. $14,000. WA (05.17.05)

For Sale: 1941 741B Scout, ready to run bike. Engine overhauled by hecker in 2003. Pix available. Germany (05.16.05)

For Sale: 1947 Indian Chief 347, nice and reliable, blue/cream, lead-free, Chumme and solo seat. Germany (05.10.05)

For Sale: Iindian military air cleaner mounting brackets - as original. 741, 340, 344, 640 all are specific to the model. Sport Scout and 741 foot board side straps $175/pair. Scout battery trays, generator backing plates, carb support brackets for SS and 741. WA (05.09.05)

For Sale: 1916 indian power plus motor, 1920 power plus motor, 1917 spring frame, 1920 spring frame, w/front rigid fork, rear frame section, with springs and fender, extra swing arm, extra struts, 1920 tansmission and tanks for a pattern, plus some other small parts and a small Messenger seat with springs. US (05.09.05)

For Sale: 1946/47 Repro Indian horn face, made in Europe from stainless. $60.  NY (04.30.05)

For Sale: Original paper documents from Indian (speedogram, dealer envelope and more). Also, pair of Splitdorf plugs. NH (04.16.05)

For Trade: 48 Chief basket with a 46 engine. I want to trade my 46 engine or the bottom end with someone who has a 48 and needs a 46. Bike is not for sale, I only want to swap engine. NY (04.14.05)

For Sale: 1940 Indian Scout. Charley Mahoney restoration. $18,000 Needs nothing.Canada (04.07.05)

For Sale: Accurate reproduction 1936-37 ignition switches. American made, parts interchange with original, difficult to distinguish from NOS. Magneto or battery style available $275.00. WA (04.06.05)

For Sale: Mid to late 40's Chief cylinders. Will need sleeves but overall in good condition. Seats look good, no broken fins.$450 pr.  DE (03.30.05)

For Sale: Before they go to Oley (April 23-25), one 1941 four cylinder engine and parts. 1920 power plus 61 CI engine vin is 75R instead of 70R. Also 2 early spring frames,with rear cradle springs, and swing arms. Correct era leaf spring front end, and 2 transmissions, one probably a 1915, and the other 1915 to 20. 2 rear fenders, and a gas tank for a pattern. $20,000 for everything, will not split. WI (03.26.05)

For Sale: New parts available: Chief 40-45 skid plates, pre 45 flat brake arms Chief/Scout/Four. 32-37 horn "L" mounting braket. 40-42 SS fork shields. 741 military luggage rack and saddlebag brackets. WA (03.26.05)

For Sale: Indian motor cycle 1901 patch for $5 USD free shipping. CN (03.26.05)

For Sale: Vintage motorcycle movies. I've had these movies professionally transfered to VHS video. Late 30's - early 40's home movies of the guys & gals of the Greensboro, NC M/C Club in action in the good old days! Most are in color. Road Runs, field games, stunt shows & lots of racing, including flat track, T.T. and the 1939 Daytona Beach Race in color! All set to a sound track of big band & popular tune instrumentals. Also included is some 1950's racing action w/ grandpa's commentary identifying the riders, including the 1956 Daytona Beach Race! 2 full hours of unbelievable motorcycle action!   NC (03.08.05)

For Sale: Museum quality 1905 Indian Motorcycle w/rare belt drive! Fully restored in 70's, stored since. CA (02.25.05)

For Sale: New reproduction Indian Chief transmission case. Bare case without tower. $475 with free shipping in US.  NY (02.18.05)

For Sale: Nice 101 Scout frame & fork $3,000. 28/29 101 fuel tank $750. 101 front end $1,500. 741 rear frame section $500. MT (02.15.05)

For Sale: 1907 Indian engine $5,500. 1915 Indian twin (front cylinder blocked off for racing) $3,500. 1920 Power Plus engine with carb & mag $2,500. MT (02.15.05)

For Sale: 1923 Indian Standard/Powerplus 1000cc (Eng No 70V110) with Spring cradle frame and sidecar for restoration. Rare and hard to find unit. 95% complete basket case, all parts have been dissassembled and bead blasted. Some parts reassemled. Australia (02.15.05)

For Sale: Fresh load of Indians just acquired.1936 four project with disassembled engine $28,000. Nice 101 Scout 45 CI project $9,850. 1937 Jr Scout original unrestored $9,850. NOS 741 power plant $3,000. Tons of 101, Sport Scout, Jr Scout and 741 parts for sale too. MT (01.07.05)

For Sale: 1944 Harley Davidson 44WL2384 restored 1998 by Mudfish MC. Orange and black, has been in indoor display and not registered since restored. $13,000. NY (02.04.05)

For Sale: Indian Four engine parts. Email with your needs. I have everthing to do a 4cyl engine in NOS and correct repro parts.IN(01.27.05)

For Sale: Indian Sport Scout projects. several to choose from 1934-41. 1937 and 39 Dispatch Tow projects, several Chiefs and  military bikes. WA (01.23.05)

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